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Gauri Sawant Biography

Most of us live a simple and understanding life whether we are men or women but there is still a gap between this sentence. Here I am talking about the gap that points to the presence of transgenders or the LGBTQ community. Anyone who belongs to the LGBTQ community is not accepted by society usually but we need to think there is nothing wrong and that those people are as normal as we are. 

To break such taboos in society, people like Gauri Sawant were born and become so successful that the world just keeps watching. So here in this Gauri Sawant biography, we will try to figure out all the aspects of her life like Gauri Sawant education, Gauri Sawant career, Gauri Sawant petition, Gauri Sawant family, Gauri Sawant daughter, Gauri Sawant awards, Gauri Sawant web series, and some more other facts about Gauri Sawant.  

Gauri Sawant Biography

Gauri Sawant is a transgender woman, who is known for her social activism for the legal rights of the LGBTQ community and girl children who are born from sex worker mothers. Through her hard efforts, she has helped so many people. To give her a tribute here we are sharing this Gauri Sawant Biography. 

Gauri Sawant Biography

Gauri Sawant was born in the year 1982 in Bhavani Peth, Pune. As per her birth year, Gauri Sawant age is 40 years. Gauri Sawant’s father’s name is Suresh Sawant and he is a police officer. Gauri’s mother left the world when Gauri Sawant age was just 7 years old so her grandmother raised her and took care of her. When she was born her name was Ganesh 

With time Gauri started feeling her sex transition at the age of 9 years which was not acceptable to her family and thus she left home when she was merely about 14 or 15 years old. From here the real journey of Ganesha becoming Gauri started. 

Gauri Sawant Education

There is not much more information available regarding Gauri Sawant education but she has attended Ornellas High School. Today, Gauri ma’am is in a position her education even does not matter. 

Gauri Sawant Career And Struggle

When Gauri Sawant left home she was residing in Mumbai. She left home with only 60 bucks in her pocket. She met her sex worker transgender friend who helped her and provide a place to live there. From here she introduced herself to one of the oldest organizations working for the LGBTQ community, The Humsafar Trust from Mar 1997 – May 2000. The Humsafar Trust was founded by Ashok Row Kavi in 1994 that works for the rights of the members of the LGBTQ community. 

Gauri Sawant Biography

In May 2000, Gauri Sawant founded Sakhi Char Chowgi Trust. This organization was established with the intention to spread awareness of safe sex and they also used to provide counseling to transgender people. Gauri ma’am now serves as a Board member of this organization. 

After this in August 2017, Gauri Sawant founded a non-profit organization named Sai Savli. This organization provided more facilities than Sakhi Char Chowgi and the main objective behind the establishment of this NGO was to help those needy who are not able to survive alone in our society like transgenders, orphaned girl children, abandoned women, and old age people, etc. 

There are two main projects of the Sai Savli NGO – Aaji Cha Ghar and Swayam Siddha.

Aaji Cha Ghar

Aaji Cha Ghar means in Hindi “Nani Ka Ghar” or the “Grandmother’s house”. This project mainly objectifies raising transgenders and little girl children born from sex worker mothers and gives them a completely free and safe environment like a normal child and this responsibility is fulfilled by the old transgenders. That is why the name of the project Aaji Cha Ghar suits it appropriately.

Swayam Siddha

The main motive behind Swayam Siddha is to make able those transgender people who are not in the line of sex work and they beg because they do not have any earning source. So by this project, all transgenders will be self-reliant and could earn by themselves which will ultimately help them to groom their life.

Gauri Sawant Petition

As we have already talked transgender Gauri Sawant was actively supporting person for sex workers. One incident makes her the first transgender mother in India. A woman died because of AIDS and she has a 4-year-old daughter at that time Gauri was there and had an idea that the girls must be pushed into the sex trade and her life will ruin. So she decided to adopt her but being transgender she can not legally adopt her. 

Just to adopt that 4-years-old little girl legally transgender Gauri Sawant filed a petition with the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) in the Supreme Court. Gauri Sawant has already taken responsibility for that girl named Gayatri in the year 2008 when she was only 4 years old. Gayatri became Gauri Sawant daughter and she must be 18 years old now.

In 2014, Supreme Court passed its judgment regarding the Gauri Sawant petition that transgenders will be recognized as the third gender and the fundamental rights of the third gender will be equal to male and female. But there was no legalization recognized regarding transgender marriage, divorce, and adoption. This did not stop Gauri to take care of Gayatri. 

But Gauri Sawant fulfilled the oath that she had taken to protect the rights of the people of her community and to help the orphan girls, and is doing so even today.

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Taali Series

Taali is a series that is a biographical portrayal of the life of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. In this series, Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen will be in the lead role of Shreegauri Sawant. The official trailer of Taali has been released on 7 August and Taali release date is set for 15 August 2023, so you can watch it for absolutely free on Jio Cinema from the 15th of August.

Sushmita Sen shared the Taali series’ first look via her Instagram account on 6 October 2022.

Gauri Sawant Social Media

Transgender activist and the superwoman who broke up taboos of society Gauri Sawant is also available on some social media platforms. Gauri Sawant Instagram profile is @shreegaurisawant. You can follow her on this account, she has 7,623 followers.

Gauri Sawant Ad

Gauri Sawant life story is very inspiring but not everyone knows about her. So Vicks showed her story through its ad campaign Touch of Care. This ad by Vicks showed the very inspiring life story of Gauri Sawant and the daughter of Gauri Sawant, Gayatri Sawant. 

You can watch the Gauri Sawant ad by clicking here

Other Facts About Gauri Sawant

We have tried to cover all the aspects of the life of India’s most recognized, transgender social activist, and TV host Gauri Sawant. But there are some other facts about Gauri Sawant you must know about her. So here in this Gauri Sawant biography, we are sharing some unknown facts about Gauri Sawant.

  • In an interview, Gauri Sawant once thanked God because she never needed to beg.  
  • Her birth name is Ganesh and now Gauri Sawant or Gauri Ganesh Sawant is her identity.
  • Gauri Sawant adopted a 4-year-old girl whose mother died of AIDS and there was talk of forcibly selling that girl into child prostitution.
  • The name of that girl is Gayatri, she is now the daughter of transgender Gauri Sawant. 
  • Gauri Sawant is the first mother transgender in India.
  • Sushmita Sen will portray Gauri Sawant life story in a Voot series titled Taali.

Final Words

Transgenders are also human like every male and female, we should take care of such people and provide them the same opportunities as other members. In this Gauri Sawant biography, we have come to know how difficult life becomes for transgenders, it can be more untangled if simply accept transgenders or the LGBTQ community and see them with affinity, not like something strange.

Hope the information containing Gauri Sawant education, Gauri Sawant career, Gauri Sawant petition, Gauri Sawant family, Gauri Sawant daughter, Gauri Sawant awards, Gauri Sawant film, and some other facts about Gauri Sawant were useful and motivational for you. 


How is Gauri Sawant?

Gauri Sawant is a transgender woman, who is known for her social activism for the legal rights of the LGBTQ community and girl children who are born from sex worker mothers. Gauri Sawant is the founder of Sakhi Char Chowgi Trust and Sai Savli. Sai Savli is a Non-Profit Organization that includes mainly two projects- Aaji Cha Ghar and Swayam Siddha.

Who is Gauri Sawant daughter?

Gauri Sawant daughter is Gayatri. Gayatri was adopted by transgender Shreegauri Sawant when she was on 4-year-old and her mother died of AIDS.

When is the Taali web series release date?

Makers did not announce the Taali web series release date yet but it is expected to be released early in the year 2023.

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