Chinu Kala Biography – From Rs 20/Day to 100 Crore Business Rubans Accessories

Chinu Kala Biography

The true identity of a woman is super rigidness. People think women are so weak and can not do anything by themselves but there are lots of women proving such blackheads wrong and inspiring other women and men to be strong too. Today here we came to share such an inspiring success story Chinu Kala Biography who completely changed her life from a Rs 20/day salary to a 100 Crore Business of her own.

The major topics we are going to cover in this write-up are Chinu Kala education, Chinu Kala success story, Chinu Kala career, Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories, Chinu Kala net worth, Chinu Kala family, Chinu Kala husband, Chinu Kala daughter, Chinu Kala age, Chinu Kala social media, Chinu Kala Shark Tank India, some very lesser known facts about Chinu Kala, etc. So let’s get started.

Chinu Kala Biography

I don’t think anyone else can inspire you like Chinu Kala. In this Chinu Kala biography, we will try to unveil all the life aspects that she suffered from and that can help you to understand her efforts, struggle and desire so that you feel less of your troubles and you too can be your best self. Try and be successful.

Chinu Kala Biography

Chinu Kala is the founder of Rubans Accessories which is offering the best and most affordable ethnic and western jewelry. Chinu Kala was born on 10 October 1981 in Mumbai, India. As of 2023, Chinu Kala age is 42 years.

Full NameChinu Kala
Birth Date10 October 1981
Birth PlaceMumbai, India
Father’s NameNot Available
Mother’s NameKavita Vig
Husband NameAmit Kala
Daughter’s NameKyana Kala
Educational QualificationNo Academic Degree
Business NameRubans Accessories 
Position Founder
Net WorthRs 40 Crore
Chinu Kala Biography

Chinu’s parents were split when she was very young and her mother was moved to Saudi Arabia so she used to live with her father and stepmother. Chinu and her stepmother do not get along, so there are frequent quarrels between them. Once Chinu and his mother had a severe fight due to which Chinu’s father asked him to leave the house. The situation was so serious that Chinu really left her home at the age of 15.

Chinu Kala Education

Chinu Kala was just 7th grade pass out when she decided to leave her father’s home due to a heated argument between them. She never came back to her home and never get time to complete her education. She got busy learning life lessons.

Chinu Kala Success Story

When Chinu left her home, she only had a pair of clothes and 300 rupees in her bag. She takes a random train without a ticket and lives at the railway station for two days. She was crying so a lady came and asked her the reason for her crying, Chinu told her whole story to the lady.

Chinu Kala Infographics

So the lady helped her and told her about door to door sell service. Chinu started selling products like knives, coasters, and some kitchen equipment. On the first day, she sold 3 pieces and earned 60 rupees, 20 rupees per piece.

Chinu was very stubborn, she was learning to never stop each and every day of her life. She did lots of small jobs like a waitress, tele-caller, receptionist, etc. She also worked at a clothing store. After Mumbai Chinu moved to Surat for her next destination toward success. Chinu Kala then also worked at the Tata Indicom franchise as a customer care executive where she met with Amit Kala who is now the business partner and husband of Chinu kala.

Chinu got married to Amit Kala in the year 2004. At this time, Chinu was running a small salon at her home. To boost her career in the same profession she decided to go to Mumbai and enhance her knowledge. There she came to know about Gladrags Mrs. India contest. Chinu was so beautiful so decided to participate in the competition. Fortunately, she got selected and also comes in the top 10 but could not win the title.

This Gladrags Mrs. India competition was the intent hint Chinu got to become the Chinu Kala: The Founder of Rubans Accessories. Chinu noticed that even a single piece of jewellery can blossom the whole dress up. So she researched about the jewellery brands existing in India. Chinu found a huge gap in the jewellery market. There was only expensive luxurious jewellery brand or cheap jewellery brands.

From here born Rubans Accessories in the brain of Chinu Kala and this was the Chinu Kala success story.

Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories

Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories is India’s most loved jewellery brand due to its affordable price and best design offerings. Rubans Accessories was founded by Chinu Kala in the year 2014 as the product of her and her husband’s company Fonte Fashions India Pvt Ltd founded in the year 2004. 

Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories

Fonte Fashions India Pvt Ltd is another textile manufacturing company of Chinu Kala which she started in the year 2004. Fonte Fashions achieved a new milestone when Chinu launched Rubans Accessories in Banglore. Rubans started as a single store in a Mall of Banglore and then also expanded to two more cities Hyderabad and Cochin of the nation.

When the pandemic hit, Chinu decided to put Rubans online with her own website,  and also collaborated with e-commerce platforms like Myntra. 

Now Rubans Accessories is India’s most loved and fastest growing jewellery brand which offers both ethnic and western jewellery at a very affordable price but very beautiful and unique designs.

Chinu Kala Net Worth

Chinu Kala was earning Rs 20 per piece she sold out at the age of 15 and now when Chinu Kala age 41 years she has built a Rs 100 Crore Business. Yes, Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories valuation is 100 Crore.

The estimated Chinu Kala net worth is approximately Rs 40 Crore.

Chinu Kala Social Media

Chinu Kala is also available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so you can follow her directly.

Chinu Kala Instagram username is @chinu_kala. She has around 124K followers on Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram by simply clicking on her username.

Chinu Kala Facebook username is Chinu Kala. She has around 2K followers on Facebook.

Chinu Kala Twitter username is @chinu_kala. You will land on her Twitter page by clicking on the username.

Chinu Kala LinkedIn username is @Chinu Kala. She has around 24,325 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

Chinu Kala Husband

Chinu Kala husband name is Amit Kala and she gets married in the year 2004 in Bengaluru. Chinu Kala and Amit Kala also have a daughter named Kyana Kala who is 11 years old. Chinu tied the knot with Amit Kala at the age of 23 and now Chinu Kala age is 41 years. Nobody can even imagine that Chinu Kala age is 41 years who still shines like a young 20s girl. Well, she has proved already that age, and education are just the things to talk about only.

Chinu Kala Shark Tank India Season 2

Chinu Kala and Amit Kala also appeared with Rubans in Shark Tank India Season 2 finale week to raise funding for their business Rubans Accessories, the iconic jewellery brand of India.

Chinu Kala at Shark Tank India told her journey to the Sharks as well while pitching along with her husband Amit kala. Chinu and Amit Kala Shark Tank India asked for Rs 1.5 Crore in the exchange for 0.5% equity

Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh offered them Rs 1 Crore for 1% equity and the rest 50 lakhs at the interest rate of 12%. Anupam Mittal also offered Rubans Rs 1.5 Crore in the exchange for 1.5% equity. Amit Jain and Peyush Bansal were out of the deal.

After a lot of discussions finally, the deal was locked with Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta Singh and the deal was Rs 1 Crore in the exchange for 1% equity and Rs 50 lakh at debt on 12% interest rate. 

Chinu Kala Awards & Honors

Chinu Kala is really a great example for every single woman who knows to dream and how you can change that dream into your today’s reality. For such a hard job and struggle she should be recognized. 

  • Chinu Kala Rubans Accessories was awarded as the best Jewellery Brand by Myntra.
  • Best debutant Award by Franchise India.
  • Chinu Kala was also listed in the BusinessWorld 40 Under 40 List.

Apart from that Chinu Kala has been also featured in the following – CEO Insights, Elle, Vogue, YourStory, Cosmopolitan, Josh Talks, Makers India, etc.

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Facts About Chinu Kala

Everybody knows that Chinu left her home at the age of 15 and did struggle just to do not go back that home. And look, today she is helping to give employment to how many people. Through this write-up, we have tried to unveil her struggle and hard work but still, there are some facts about Chinu Kala you must have read up on. Some of them are given below.

Chinu Kala Success Story
  • Chinu Kala is very interested in fashion and jewellery and that is why she promotes her brand Rubans Accessories as a model.
  • Chinu Kala was in the top 10 of Gladrags Mrs. India.
  • From there she got the idea to start a gap-filling jewellery brand,
  • Chinu Kala in Shark Tank India Season 2 finale week to promote Rubans and raised Rs 1.5 Crore Funding.
  • Chinu never talked about her siblings in any interview.
  • Chinu Kala studied only 7th grade.
  • Whether Chinu did not complete even her school education she was called to IIM Ahmedabad as a motivational speaker.

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Chinu Kala tought us to live like a boss every time, never be ashamed of something that is going to teach you. In this Chinu Kala biography, we have shared the success story of Chinu Kala by taling on the various chapters of her life like Chinu Kala education, Chinu Kala success story, Chinu Kala career, Chinu Kala Ruban Accessories, Chinu Kala net worth, Chinu Kala family, Chinu Kala husband, Chinu Kala daughter, Chinu Kala age, Chinu Kala social media, Chinu Kala Shark Tank India, some very lesser known facts about Chinu Kala, etc.

Hope the write-up of the success story of Chinu Kala was useful for you and that got all the information you were looking for. Thanks for reading.


Who is Chinu Kala husband?

Chinu Kala husband name is Amit Kala he is her business partner also in Rubans Accessories.

What is Chinu Kala the founder of?

Chinu Kala is the founder of Rubans Accessories which is India’s most loved and fastest growing jewellery brand.

Who is Amit Kala?

Amit Kala is the husband of Chinu Kala. Currently, both husband and wife are running a jewellery brand Rubans successfully and are on active operations to make it India’s first choice.

What is Chinu Kala net worth?

The estimated Chinu Kala net worth is approximately Rs 40 Crore.

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