Bigbasket vs Grofers 2024 – Which One Is Best?

bigbasket vs grofers

In this write-up, we will look at Bigbasket vs Grofers business model and which one is best for you to order and how you can start your own business-like BigBasket vs Grofers. We will also have a look at the comparison between BigBasket vs Grofers.

Fact-Do you know the Indian grocery market is around $500Billion USD?

Bigbasket vs Grofers

Bigbasket History

Bigbasket history was started in the year 1999 by the name of Fab Mart by 4 friends Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, Abhinay Choudhari, and Ramesh.

It was way ahead of the time in the year 1999. They launched their website with the name but they failed because no one trusted them at that point and the main reason was the lack of trust in the Internet of people because of that BigBasket history become quite interesting.

After some time they shifted their business offline and it was quite successful at that point of time but all the 4 owners took the exit and sold their business in undisclosed amount to Aditya Birla group in 2006.

Bigbasket comeback

In 2011 they again came back with the name of Bigbasket and started their website with the name and it was a successful business venture this time.

In 2011 They started getting funding from Alibaba Group and Trifecta Capital Advisors etc. In 2015 Shahrukh Khan becomes BigBasket’s brand ambassador. Right now they have more than 18,000 listed products and more than 1000 brands.

Bigbasket Merger and acquisition

Bigbasket acquired 5 companies DailyNinja, KWIK24, Morning Cart, Raincan, and Delyver between 2015-and 2020. These all companies are helping Bigbasket to grow in different areas.

Recently in the year, 2021 Tata Group acquire 64.3% of Big Basket for $1.5-2 Billion.

FACTDo you know more than 4000+ employees work with Bigbasket and they reported Rs 4,411 crore in FY20?

Bigbasket vs Grofers

Grofers History

Grofers was started in the year 2013 by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar. Grofers and BigBasket’s business model is almost the same.

Grofers is funded by Trifecta Capital Advisors, Sequoia Capital India, and SoftBank Vision Fund.

Grofers Merger and Acquisition

In 2015 Grofers acquired Townrush and Mygreenbox.

FACT- Do you know Zomato is planning to invest in Grofers?

Comparison between Bigbasket vs Grofers

Both the brands are absolutely doing very well but in some parameters, these brands are different from each other, so here we are presenting a Comparison between Bigbasket vs Grofers, it will help you to choose one between BigBasket or Grofers.


The budget of both companies is quite the same. Both companies allocate 15-20% for their marketing budget.


Bigbasket and Grofers UI\UX is very simple and easy to use for anyone.

Product range

Bigbasket offers a wide range of products like Beauty and hygiene, Pets and Fragrances & Deos, etc. If we look at Grofers their main focus is only Grocery and other food items.

Bigbasket vs Grofers

Delivery time and charges

Bigbasket and Grofers are almost the same in terms of delivery time and charges.

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Customer support service

Bigbasket or Grofers both give you the best customer service. They value customer satisfaction.


Grofers provide you with good packaging of the products as compared to Bigbasket.

Areas of operation

Currently, Grofers operates in 17 cities and Bigbasket operates in 22 cities.

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Key pointers for upcoming entrepreneurs in the grocery sector

  • You need to follow the inventory model
  • Speedy delivery
  • Control over quality from seller and product.
  • Trust and customer experience will help your business to grow.
  • It is difficult to scale.
  • This model also involves high risk and you need to manage cash flow as well.

final words

If you are planning to enter the grocery market then go ahead. It is one of the most growing industries after the pandemic. Many big players came into the market like Jiomart and a few of them are planning like Tata Group etc.

And hopefully, now you are very clear about BigBasket or Grofers/ BigBasket vs Grofers Which One Is Best?


Which is better BigBasket or Grofers?

Both are best but BigBasket provides you much more options.

Which grocery delivery service is the cheapest?

Jiomart is the cheapest because they do not charge for delivery.

Which app is best for grocery?

Bigbasket, Grofers, and Jiomart are the best apps for grocery.

How can I order groceries online in India?

You can order groceries online with Bigbasket, Grofers, and Jiomart.

Is there an app to order groceries?

There are various apps available to order groceries like Bigbasket and

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