Anupam Mittal Biography – Networth, Wife, Success Story

Anupam Mittal Biography

Curiosity is a term that defines all the masterminds, whether in the fields of science or entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur can make his plans, can convert his plans into actions, and continue to add new ideas to build a successful business. In the whole process of building a business the most important factor that works is curiosity. Today we are going to tell you the story of a curious person in this write-up named Anupam Mittal.

Anupam Mittal biography is a perfect example for those who get frustrated so easily by failures. Failures should not be given so much importance when are focused on your main objective. After reading the whole Anupam Mittal biography, you too will get this point that failures are just the steps of your success ladder.

So let’s dive into the ocean success story of such a curious and stubborn entrepreneur Anupam Mittal.

Who is Anupam Mittal?

Anupam Mittal is the Founder and CEO of People Group. People Group is a company known for innovation and entrepreneurship in matchmaking, Property, and Mobile Content and Applications. There is thorough information available about People Group in this write-up below, So stay tuned to Anupam Mittal biography till the end. 

Anupam Mittal Biography

Anupam is one of the Shark Tank India Judges along with Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh, Aman Gupta, and Ashneer Grover. There is more information I have shared about Anupam’s investment in Shark Tank India Season 1 ahead.

To know more about Anupam Mittal biography, data about him is provided in the tabular form below.

Full NameAnupam Mittal
Birth Date23 December 1971 
Age 50 years
Mother’s NameBhagwati Devi Mittal
Father’s NameGopal Krishna Mittal
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra
SiblingsShilpa Mittal,Vandana Mittal
Marital StatusMarried 
Wife’s NameAanchal Kumar
Children One Daughter
QualificationPost Graduate
College NameBoston College, Massachusetts, United States,
Business NamePeople Group
PositionFounder and CEO of People Group
Net Worth$25 Million

Anupam Mittal Biography

Anupam Mittal age is now 50 years, he was born on 23rd December 1971 in Mumbai, Maharastra. Anupam is known for his business ventures such as,, Mauj App, etc. He is India’s leading business person and we are here to provide you the correct and complete information about Anupam Mittal biography, Anupam Mittal age, Anupam Mittal net worth, Anupam Mittal movies, Anupam Mittal education, Anupam Mittal family and many more.

Anupam Mittal Family And Education

Anupam Mittal’s father’s name is Gopal Krishna Mittal and his mother’s name is Bhagwati Devi Mittal. Anupam is the only brother of his 2 elder sisters, their names are Shilpa Mittal and Vandana Mittal. The whole family used to live in Mumbai.

Anupam Mittal biography

The owner of made his Shaadi with the better half, Aanchal Kumar on 4th July 2013. Their marriage took place in Jaipur. Anupam and his wife Aanchal Kumar are blessed with a daughter. 

As we have already discussed Anupam’s birth date is 23 December 1971 and as of this date, his age is now 50 years. They are residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Apart from Anupam Mittal Family, let’s look at his educational qualifications. There is no information available about his school and college but in 1994 he enrolled in Boston College, Massachusetts, United States, and completed his post-graduation (MBA in Operations and Strategic Management) in 1997. 

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Anupam Mittal Career

Anupam belongs to a business background family, so he also tried various businesses and worked with his father for two years too. Today’s successful businessman, the Founder of Mr. Anupam met with so many failures but still tried willingly to do something that can satisfy his soul.

Anupam Mittal biography

The real struggle started when he signed a contract with a Europe-based company. He left India and put the first step toward his career and shift to Europe. In Europe, he again failed to make business. After Europe, he went to the United States and enrolled himself in Boston College, Massachusetts, United States for MBA in Operations and Strategic Management which he completed in 1997.

After completing his MBA, he joined a company named Micro Strategy as a product manager. He used to come to India once a year, And whenever he used to come, he used to do his web development work while sitting in his father’s company office. Once a matchmaker came to his house and started showing him the bio-data of girls. This moment brought an idea to his mind why not make such an online portal where all those who want to get married can upload their resume. And hence he launched in 1997 but still, his focus was on his product manager job.

Everything was going well but in 2000-2001 the story took a new turn when the dot com bubble busted and the related companies got effect drastically. At that time Anupam thought about and start working on it with his entire focus.

This time there is a quiet change that is now When they searched for the domain name find it but its cost was 25 Lakhs, again the stubborn Anupam purchased this domain and started working on it. In the beginning, Anupam set up his business in the US and started its marketing aggressively and now we all know about his matchmaking website

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Anupam Mittal People Group

As we already talked about People Group that’s founder Anupam Mittal is the CEO and founder of People group which is a company known for innovation and entrepreneurship in matchmaking, Property, and Mobile Content and Applications.

People Group operates various companies such as,, Mauj Application, and Mobango. Below is a brief about all the companies operated by Founder Anupam Mittal or owned by People Group. is an online matchmaking platform whose core consumers are the natives of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But operates globally, its offices are situated in the US, UK, and Canada. Globally about 35 million people touched, it has become the number one matrimony app among all age groups of people. was launched in 2007. The founders of are Anupam and Aditya Verma and the CEO of is Dhruv Agarwal. is an online real state platform in India that also has a broker rating system. But in 2015, was taken over by which also owns Elara Technologies PVT Limited, Singapore.

Mauj Application

Mauj Mobile Private Limited is a platform that provides entertainment services such as games, wallpapers, ringtones, and matrimonial-related content. Mauj was founded in 2003 by Anupam Mittal and the CEO of Mauj Mobile is Badri Sanjeevi.


Mobango Limited was by Fabio Pizzoti in 2003. But on 16 August 2010, Mobango was acquired by Mauj Mobile Private Limited. Mobango is basically an app that includes creating, downloading, storing, and sharing content created by the user. So ultimately Mobango is now the adopted child of the People Group.

Anupam Mittal Net Worth

Shark Tank India Judge Anupam Mittal has an estimated net worth of $25 Million as of this year (2022).

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Anupam Mittal Movies founder and CEO Anupam Mittal has also worked in the Bollywood film industry as well. He is not only a successful entrepreneur but a good actor also. In Flavors, Anupam Mittal played the lead and the film was released in 2003. His second and last film is 99 which was released on 15 May 2009.

Anupam Mittal Investment

Anupam Mittal is the active partner of OLA Cabs. He had invested 1 Crore in OLA Cabs and hence he is the 2% shareholder of OLA Cabs.

Anupam Mittal Awards

  • Anupam was listed for Week Magazine among 25 people who are searched frequently.
  • Anupam was also listed by Business Week among the 50 Most Powerful People of India.
  • Anupam was also listed by IMPACT Digital Power among the 100 most idol people in India’s Digital ecosystem.
  • In America, he has been listed as Top 100 NRI.
  • Being a leading entrepreneur he has also been honored as Entrepreneur of the year by the IT people.
  • Anupam Mittal also received Karamveer Puruskar.

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Anupam Mittal Social Media

Anupam Mittal is available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. So here we are sharing Anupam Mittal Social Media handles.

Anupam Mittal Shark Tank India

We all know about the show Shark Tank India, Anupam Mittal was one of the Shark Tank India judges and had invested about 5.338 Crore in various 24 firms during the first season only.

Other Facts About Anupam Mittal

  • Anupam likes boxing in his spare time.
  • Anupam has so far invested in 200 startups.
  • In Lets Venture Online and Zepo, he is one of the Board Members.
  • At ShaadiSaga, Grip, and Kae Capital, he serves as an advisor.
  • Anupam’s cousins ​​Anand and Pooja were the core helping hands in his startup time.
  • The cost of Domain was 25 Lakh Rupees.

Final Words

All Shark Tank India Judges are the inspiration for youth entrepreneurs who are struggling to build up their businesses and Anupam Mittal is one of them who also has a very struggling life story. Hope you now know how difficult was for him to build The People Group Empire but the stubborn entrepreneur never give up.


How much did Anupam Mittal invest in Ola?

Anupam Mittal is the active partner of OLA Cabs. He had invested 1 Crore in OLA Cabs and hence he is the 2% shareholder of OLA Cabs.

How much does Anupam Mittal earn?

Shark Tank India Judge Anupam Mittal has an estimated net worth of $25 Million as of this year (2022).

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