Kanika Tekriwal Biography- Success Story Of 32 Years Old Girl Who Defeated Cancer

founder and CEO of Get Set Go Kanika Tekriwal

There are lots of stories that define the power of determination. When you are determined for something you have thought about that you have to achieve this thing in your life at any cost then you will definitely get it.

Today, with this write-up we are going to tell you the success story of Kanika Tekriwal which very clearly makes you understand the power of determination. One more thing you will learn from this write-up is that if you are an entrepreneur then you are not going to get your goal very easily, many and more obstacles will wait for you to be defeated with full power and strength. So never pull your feet back if any obstacle came into your way, they will be there only to be defeated. So tuned in to the Kanika Tekriwal biography to learn lots of worthy lessons.

Kanika Tekriwal Biography

Kanika Tekriwal Biography

The founder and CEO of Jet Set Go Kanika Tekriwal was born on 7 June 1990 in Bhopal, Madhyapradesh. If we talk about the Kanika Tekriwal’s family then she belongs to a Marwari family. Kanika Tekriwal’s father’s name is Anil Tekriwal and Kanika Tekriwal’s mother’s name is Sunita Tekriwal. Kanika Tekriwal’s father Anil Tekriwal started a real estate business after the partition (partition of their family). And Kanika Tekriwal also has a younger brother named Kanishk.

Full NameKanika Tekriwal
Birth date7 June 1990
BirthplaceBhopal, Madhyapradesh
Age 32 years
Father’s NameAnil Tekriwal
Mother’s NameSunita Tekriwal
Husband’s NameSarath Chandra Reddy
School NameLawrence School, LovedaleJawaharlal Nehru School, Bhopal
College NameBD Somani Institute, MumbaiCoventry University, UK
Business NameJet Set Go
Position Founder and CEO of Jet Set Go
Networth $70 million

If we talk about her marital life then she is now. Kanika Tekriwal’s husband’s name is Sarath Chandra Reddy and he is the director of Aurobindo Pharma. Now let’s further dive into the Kanika Tekriwal biography to understand the success story of Kanika Tekriwal from her educational journey to building up a business of crores.

Kanika Tekriwal Education

Kanika Tekriwal was just 4 years old when she was admitted to a boarding school in Ooty. Her school name was Lawrence School, Lovedale. Kanika Tekriwal age was just 7 years when she enrolled at that school that was 1700km far from her hometown. This clearly indicates that her family was so serious about her education and career.

She completed her 10th standard from the Lawrence School and then came back to Bhopal where she did her 12th from Jawaharlal Nehru School in the year 2005 in the Commerce stream.  

After the completion of her higher education, she went to Mumbai for a bachelor’s degree. She enrolled herself in BD Somani Institute and completed her graduation in Visual Communication and Designing in the year 2008. 

When she has done with graduation she was given two choices, pursue post-graduation or get married. So she went to the UK for a one-year MBA from Coventry University. During this one year she actually interacted with the aviation industry when she get a job at Aerospace Resources. Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go dream arose in this company. 

Kanika Tekriwal Cancer

As we talk about Kanika Tekriwal education that she was pursuing MBA in the UK and doing a job simultaneously in Aerospace Resources and from where Kanika got the idea of Jet Set Go. After the completion of her MBA program, she decided to stay in the UK for some more time. And you will not believe how big a mountain of obstacles came in her way to build Jet Set Go. 

Kaniks Tekriwal Cancer

It is the identity of an entrepreneur that they don’t even the way of pulling their hands back, they never look behind, so there is no chance to accept the defeat for an entrepreneur and this is what Kanika Tekriwal did.

While she was in the UK she did come to know she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer that affects the Lymphatic System of the patient. Kanika Tekriwal cancer news was a big shock for herself and for her family too. So she came back to India in 2011. 

Doctors have told her that Kanika does not have a very long life ahead, but the young blood and mostly the idea of starting a business made Kanika survive after a long battle with cancer. Kanika undergo 12 sessions of Chemotherapy in just one year and ultimately Kanika Tekriwal Cancer went away and she became absolutely wealthy just because of her power of determination.

Kanika Tekriwal Career

Kanika Tekriwal Career already began when she was in the UK and was working in Aerospace resources where she met with so many people from the aviation industry. Later just after the recovery from cancer, Kanika Tekriwal left for her dream flight with her friend Sudhir Perla and founded Jet Set Go.

Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go

The founder and CEO of Jet Set Go Kanika Tekriwal firstly built an app that helps people to book charter plans. For the customers who want to buy an airplane, she also provides consultancy so that the customers can buy the product of their need. This is how Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go business used to work in the first two years.

Kaniks Tekriwal Biography

Later in 2014, an Oxford management graduate Sudheer Perala joined Jet Set Go as a Co-founder and then the actual plan get into action. If you want to understand the business model of Jet Set Go you can easily get it if know the Uber business model. Even Jet Set Go is also called Uber of the Skies.

Today, Jet Set Go is a successful aviation business entity with a Rs 150 crore turnover. Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go includes 200 employees and its offices are situated across the country in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad cities with successful connectivity with 280 airports.

In an interview, the founder and CEO of Jet Set Go  Kanika Tekriwal said that in the year 2020-21 Jet Set Go managed about 6000 flights with approximately 1 lakh flyers. Apart from flights Jet Set Go private jets are also used for birthday parties, bachelor’s parties, pre-wedding photo shoots, and even for dates, their prices range from Rs 60,000 an hour to Rs 5.5 lakh based on which private jet you have booked.

Jet Set Go private jets also have a variety in their seat numbers, they range from 6 seaters to 18 seaters.

Jet Set Go is the first move in India that provides such amazing services and solves the real problem of its consumers. By working on eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off) aircraft service, Jet Set Go is solving the real problem in the urban areas.

Kanika Tekriwal Networth

Kanika Tekriwal’s net worth is about $70 million. The aviation business Jet Set Go she started by investing 5600 rupees only and now it’s a business with a Rs 150 crore turnover.

Kanika Tekriwal Controversy

You must have heard a lot about the Delhi liquor scam these days. It is also heard that Kanika Tekriwals airplanes were used as cash carriers or liquor carriers. Kanika Tekriwal’s husband is allegedly involved in the scam and thus he is in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). ED and CBI both are investigating this case.

Meanwhile, JetSetGo CEO Kanika Tekriwal Reddy has said that their planes have not been used as cash or liquor carriers in any way and her husband is also innocent. ED has asked for the flight details for the past few months from the company. Nobody knows what is the truth.

Kanika Tekriwal Instagram 

Kanika Tekriwal Instagram username is @jetslacked. She has 12.1K followers on Instagram.

Kanika Tekriwal Awards

  • Kanka Tekriwal’s name was listed in the 100 most inspiring women in the world by BBC.
  • Kanika Tekriwal also holds the title of 30 Under 30 list by Forbes.
  • Kanika Tekriwal also holds the title Women Transforming India award 2017 by the United Nations and the Government of India.
  • Kanika Tekirwal was also awarded the National Entrepreneurship Award by the Government of India.

Other Facts About Kanika Tekriwal

Kaniks Tekriwal Other Facts
  • Kanika Tekriwal age was just 4 or 6 years when she started dreaming about aviation and now Kanika Tekriwal age is 32 years.
  • Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go purchased 8 aircraft last year.
  • Kanika Tekriwal owns 10 personal private jets.
  • The first investor of Kanika Tekriwal’s Jet Set Go was the famous Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. And a quite interesting thing is here that Kanika and Yuvraj Singh both had cancer at almost the same time and both fought with determination.
  • According to Kanika air taxis has a major market in the future.
  • Kanika Tekriwal cancer fight was absolutely not easy and normal. Once she said that she used to read motivational books by Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong was a professional cyclist and defeated testicular cancer.

Final Words

So this is the success story of Kanika Tekriwal, hope the write-up was useful for you and you would get all the necessary and important information about Kanika Tekriwal biography, Kanika Tekriwal Education, Kanika Tekriwal Cancer battle, Kanika Tekriwal Jet Set Go business, and Kanika Tekriwal Networth, Kanika Tekriwal family, Kanika Tekriwal husband, etc.


Who is Kanika Tekriwal husband?

Kanika Tekriwal is not married yet but she is engaged with a businessman Sarath Penaka.

What is Kanika Tekriwal father name?

Kanika Tekriwal father name is Anil Tekriwal.

Kanika Tekriwal net worth?

Kanika Tekriwal networth is about $70 million. The aviation business Jet Set Go she started by investing 5600 rupees only and now it’s a business with a Rs 150 crore turnover.

How old is Kanika Tekriwal?

Kanika Tekriwal age is 32 years now as of the year 2022.

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