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Russia vs Ukraine Current Situation

War! A horrible thought. After knowing the results of World War 1 and 2 nobody wants wars. Lacs of innocent people lost their lives and their families. 

But right now the Russia vs Ukraine war is going on. The day I am publishing this write-up is the 4th day of the war. Let’s see why this war begins? And what was the History of these countries?

Ukraine vs Russia History

The history of these countries is about 100 years old when Ukraine is used to be a part of the Russian Empire. We will see how Ukraine is trying to protect its independence from Russia for almost one Century.

Russia vs Ukraine

So the history begins:

Ukraine was used to be the part of Russian Empire. It is about 1917 when Russia was overthrown by the Russian Revolutionaries. This results in the liberation of Ukraine from the Russian Empire in 1918.

After 3 years of independence, in 1921 Lenin’s Red Army of the same Russian revolutionaries again invaded Ukraine.

After this invasion In 1922, USSR/Soviet Reunion was established in which 15 Soviet Socialist Republic Countries were included. At the time Ukraine was known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1991 the USSR/SOVIET REUNION broke up into 15 countries are as follows: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belorussia (now Belarus), Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia (now Kyrgyzstan), Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Moldavia (now Moldova), Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. 

Ukrainian was yearning for independence, they got a bit of relief in 1991 when Soviet Reunion broke up. They desired Ukraine as an independent country and to join European Union. 

Now the interesting fact was that not the whole population was ready to be the civilian of Ukraine, some of them are still thinking that they are Russians, hence they called pro-Russians. Most of the pro-Russians lived in areas of Eastern Ukraine that are adjacent to the Russian border. 

Hence for these Pro-Russians, this division was like a tragedy. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was also with the statement that Ukraine is an indispensable part of Russia and should be invaded. For this, he took many steps which are described thoroughly ahead in which I also tried to underplot the role of NATO in this whole saga.

In 2013 Ukraine was about to join European Union after fulfilling some conditions, one of them was that Ukraine have to prove itself as a democratic country. Ukraine’s Contemporaneous President Victor Yanukovych was very near to signing an association agreement but on the other side Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was also pressurizing Ukraine to not sign the agreement by changing the custom regulations, even offered a loan of $15B as a bribe and the shocking part was that Victor Yanukovych agreed to do so.

On 21 November 2013  thousands of students gathered and protested against Victor Yanukovych. The protests turned into riots, to deal with these riots Victor Yanukovych passed some black laws. Because of the actions of Victor Yanukovych, a revolution of dignity took place in Ukraine in 2014. In the revolution of dignity about 100 casualties of protestors were there and 18 personnel were dead also.

After all these incidents Victor Yanukovych’s government was overthrown and the new president of Ukraine became Peter Poroshenko. Peter Poroshenko signed the agreement of association with the European Union on 27 June 2014. 

Before this, in March 2014 Putin sent his army to Crimea and invaded Crimea. Crimea was an autonomous region of Ukraine. The world can not accept this kind of action, so to make this step white Putin performed a fake referendum in Crimea and invaded Crimea in itself.

No one supported Russia for this illegal act. The US stated that Crimea is still an official part of Ukraine. But if we talk about it nowadays Crimea is in full control of Russia.

Ukraine – NATO Partnership

This was the history of Ukraine vs Russia. Russia constantly tried to invade Ukraine and justify itself by saying that if Ukraine joins NATO then Russia will be surrounded by NATO countries. Let’s see the history of NATO with Ukraine and the actions of Russia against this jointing.

Ukraine-NATO Partnership
  • In 1997 a commission was created between Ukraine and NATO to allow Ukraine to join NATO. NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is a Military alliance i.e. NATO includes 30 countries if any of them are attached by other countries then the rest of the member countries will protect the attached NATO country by providing their militaries.
  • After 10 years of this, in 2008 Ukraine decided to join NATO. at this time Georgia also expressed its wish to join NATO. Both countries were asked to work on their Membership Action Plan.
  • In 2017 Ukrainian Parliament adopted Legislation Reinstating Membership in NATO as a strategic and security policy objective.
  • On 16 December 2021 Ukraine’s current president meet up with the Chief of NATO in Brussels and committed that Ukraine will eventually join NATO despite Russia’s objections. Now the first question that arises in one’s mind is why Russia is objecting so strongly to this jointing. The answer is NATO includes 30 countries and some of them are surrounding Russia that is why Putin did not want to happen this emerge.

And if we talk about today Ukraine is not a legal member of NATO yet, that’s why NATO did not provide any Military power to Ukraine but was supported by providing weapons. This was the massive history of Ukraine, Russia, and NATO. Now it’s time to come to the present situation of both countries. 

Russia vs Ukraine current Situation

Russia tried very hard to stop the Ukraine – NATO partnership but NATO answered that Ukraine is an independent country and can make decisions for itself. Putin was not to one keep quiet. For the first time on 10 November 2021, this news came that Russian President Putin has been started building his milliary at the borders of Ukraine.

About the 28th of November 2021, it has been clear that more than 1,00,000 troops were gathered at the border and the war may begin in January- February 2022. 

US intelligence agencies predicted the day of war begins that was 16 February 2022, but nothing happened on the same day. Then a piece of news spread that China prevented Russia from attacking until the Beijing Olympics was over. Actually, it happened that Beijing Olympics ended on the 20th, Russia started showing its colors on the 21st. 

On 21 Feb 2022, Russian President Putin addressed the whole world via television and announced that the two separatist areas of Ukraine Luhansk and Donetsk have been recognized as independent countries now. After this, the Russian army was sent to these two areas and that’s because this act is called an invasion. 

Russia vs Ukraine Current Situation

The whole world was afraid that Russia will try to enter Ukraine also and it happened on the 24th of February, morning at 5 o’clock. Russian troops infiltrate Ukraine and on the day of publishing this write-up, it is the 4th day of the war, in which Russia is constantly attacking Ukraine to invade the whole country and Ukraine is protecting itself. 

The almost same incident happened before some time with Afghanistan. the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is boldly facing Russia. For this, he also gave a speech in which he also addressed the Russian people.

We are not mentioning the casualties from this war because the war is still on.

Impact On India

About 16,000 Indian students were trapped in Ukraine. Today (24/02.2022) they were first sent to neighboring countries by road and then brought back to India.

If the production of oil and gas affects Russia from this war, then there is a possibility that the whole world including India will suffer from the inflation in oil and gas prices because Russia is the second-largest oil and gas producing country.

India is dependent on Russia for Military supplies. India not only buys ARM supplies from Russia, but both countries are also doing research and development together for arms supplies. Just as BrahMos Cruise Missile is an example of this joint working. US President Joe Biden announced that they are imposing sanctions on those Russian companies which have military ties. These sanctions will affect the Indian military.

Final Words

Not only India but almost the whole world is going to suffer from this war. May this war ends up soon, Ukraine get its freedom back and the partnership with NATO as well. 


When did the Russia vs Ukraine conflict start?

The Russia vs Ukraine conflict started with the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014. If we talk about the current war then it started on 24th of February 2022.

Why are Russia and Ukraine fighting?

The main reason for this war is that Russian President Putin considers Ukraine to be part of Russia, and wants to merge Ukraine with Russia at any cost.

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