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Klein Vision Aircar- Flying Car

We are all well aware of almost all kinds of transportation mediums available at present. And the innovations are constantly increasing day by day. Flying cars are also part of the genius human mind. 

We do not need to wait anymore to see flying cars because flying car of Slovakia has been launched already.

Flying car history

Efforts to create a flying car have not started today, but efforts have been made for many years. How did it become possible to develop a flying car? And will also take a look at past attempts at making flying cars. So the complete flying car history is given below:


The first attempt to build a flying car was made in 1917.  Glenn Curtiss made this flying object or can say a plan which also can run on roads and can fly in the air. This roadable plan was given the name Autoplan. But unfortunately, the Autoplan failed, it was never able to fly.


In 1933, US Air Commerce Bureau conducted a competition under the name The Flivver Competition. The main objective of this competition was to see who can make a design an Aeroplan which should not cost more than 700$.

Flying Car History

In this competition, a man named Baldo Waterman made an Aeroplan, it was seeming like a flying car. This design was named Aerobile. But due to the time of the Great Depression, this aircraft never came into production, hence this attempt to make a flying car also failed.


In 1945, an American inventor Robert Edison Fulton invented the successful flying car named Airphibian. It seemed exactly like an aircraft but the front can detach from the back part and can run on a road like a car. This was absolutely a successful flying car, which was certified by Civil Aviation Authority.

Because of some reason, this design was also got failed as a flying car like its car transformation and plane transformation both were not so good. You can imagine if the front part of an aeroplane will run on the road how weird it will look. And the main reason for its failure was the lack of funding due to the World War.

Canvair Car

After Airphibian, in 1947 Henry Dreyfuss introduced Canvair Car. This design was a little weird. It seemed like an aircraft is stuck on the roof of a car mistakenly. The aircraft portion was detachable.  While testing, this Canvair Car crashed in the third trial and never get funding.


Moulton Taylor was inspired by the Airphibian and created Taylor’s Aerocar in 1949. In this flying car, Taylor made attached foldable wings. The design got the certification as well as permission for mass production but they do not get orders because people were not interested. And that is why this flying car also could not make its place in the market.

These all innovations were fabulous but due to lack of technology, almost all these attempts have become just a failure. But in the 20s we have more technology at least than 1950s. A Swedish company Jetson Aero has successfully invented the flying aircraft named Jetson which was launched in October 2021. 

Jetson is a drone-like flying object made up of Aluminium metal. This is a low weight and easily manageable one-man seater most successful flying aircraft and does not require a Pilot’s license to fly it. But Jetson can not consider a flying car because it does not run on the road and also the government has set some restrictions for this kind of flying object.

Flying Car Of Slovakia

In June 2021 a company named Klein Vision developed a flying aircar which is the most successful flying car till now. Klein Vision Aircar can run on the road with 4 wheels as well as can fly in the sky.

The first intercity test flight was done from Nitra Airport to Bratislava Airport. Both are the cities of Slovakia country of Europe. The transport authority of Slovakia had given an airworthiness certificate to Klein Vision Aircar to take off. And also cleared the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards with the 70 hours of flight testing and 200 takeoffs and landings. 

This car is fabulous in the look and technology as well. The car used in this aircraft is a BMW car, on which the wings are attached very beautifully. One of the best properties of this car is that it does not require any kind of special fuel, instead, it uses petrol as fuel and can fly at the height of 8000 feet with a speed of 190km/h.

The flying car of Slovakia includes 1.6L engines and a maximum of 2 people can seat at a time. This genius piece of human intelligence took only 3 minutes to transform from car to Aircar and vice versa. But if you are interested in this flying car of Slovakia then you will need a Pilot’s license.

Flying Car Cost

Flying car costs will depend upon which model you would love to purchase but still, the cost may range from $5,50,000 to $1M.

Other Flying Cars 

Now not only does one flying car exist but the number of flying cars is multiplying. We are mentioning some of this here: 

  • Aeromobil
  • Pal-V Liberty
  • Airbus Pop-Up
  • Terrafugia Transition
  • Maverick Flying Car
  • Terrafugia TF-X
Flying Car

Note: Štefan Klein a Slovakian car designer was the inventor of the Aeromobil Flying Car. Later he left the company and started his own brand Klein-Vision just to focus on Flying cars with his colleague Anton Zajac.

Flying Cars Advantages

Here we are presenting some possible flying cars’ advantages:

  • The best advantage of flying cars will be to use them in emergency services such as ambulances, fire brigades, police, etc.
  • There will be no requirement for any other infrastructure i.e. trains need railway tracks, buses and cars need roads, metros need underground tunnels, but the flying cars will not require any specific infrastructure.
  • Usually, road vehicles take more time to cover the path, but flying cars will reduce the length of pathways and will consume lesser energy as well.
  • Flying objects such as jetson will be able to take off and land at comparatively compact places. 

So these can be the major advantage of flying cars. When we go to talk about the flying cars disadvantages the list will be larger than the flying cars advantages. The reason could be that the world is not ready for flying cars yet.

Disadvantages of Flying Cars

  • Despite giving a test drive before getting a driving license, people drive so sick that there are lots of terrible accidents that take place every day. If people could not drive properly on roads, how will they drive in the air? Driving in the air would be even more difficult. 
  • It is scary to think how dangerous it would be if an accident take place in the air. 
  • Before these accidents, people need to learn to fly these cars, and this is the biggest task to give a large number of people Pilot training. 
  • When our car breaks down on the road, we try to fix it by standing on the side, imagine what will happen if our flying car breaks down in the air? So this is the major disadvantage of flying cars until a solution is found.
  • Sudden changes in weather can also damage very badly a flying car due to its small size.

Solutions to Problems in Flying Cars

It is true that flying cars do not need any specific infrastructures but still to deal with traffic in the sky we have to invent a Traffic Management System in the sky and have to find the solution for above mentioned flying cars disadvantages. The number of problems is very vast but the future is flying cars, so one by one humans will find the solution to problems in flying cars.

Final Words

What do you think about a flying car in Slovakia? Do you think that we really need a flying car of Slovakia such as Klein Vision Aircar? and have you been able to think of a solution to any of the above-mentioned problems? If yes, then you can give your opinion by comments.


What is the country that has the first flying car?

Slovakia is the country that has the first flying car and the name of the first flying car is Klein Vision Aircar.

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