Top 10 Largest Universities In The World BY – Area, Enrollment, Size

Top 10 Largest Universities In The World BY - Area, Enrollment, Size

Whenever students passed out their higher secondary education, the biggest question that pops up in their minds is which college or university will be perfect for them. And to find the answer students start searching about the most reputed and best Universities in the World. To untangle this query, here I came up with the list of the Top 10 Largest Universities in the World by enrollment, area, size, etc.

In this write-up, I will share some crucial information about the world’s most reputed Universities with you so that you can learn about them and get clarity regarding your queries.

Top 10 Largest Universities In The World

Top 10 Largest Universities In The World BY - Area, Enrollment, Size

There are so many Universities in the world that are considered the best in a particular way. Today I will categorize all these universities on some basis like area, student population or enrollment, campus size, etc. So let’s start listing the Top 10 Universities in the World by sequence.

Top 10 Largest Universities In The World By Enrollment

Here I am sharing the list of the Top 10 largest Universities in the World by Enrollment along with the University system or network. Here the factor is enrollment which includes active enrollment across all campuses of the university.

RankUniversityEnrollmentCountryContinentFounding Year
Indira Gandhi National Open University7,140,000+New Delhi, IndiaAsia1985
California Community Colleges System2,133,846+California, USNorth America1967
National University, Bangladesh2,097,182+Gazipur, BangladeshAsia1992
Anadolu University1,974,343+Eskişehir, TurkeyAsia1958
Allama Iqbal Open University1,027,000+Islamabad, PakistanAsia1974
Islamic Azad University1,000,000+IranAsia1982
Laureate Education, Inc.875,000+InternationalGlobal1999
Bangladesh Open University650,000+Gazipur, BangladeshAsia1992
Universitas Terbuka646,467+Jakarta, IndonesiaAsia1984
National Technological Institute of Mexico6,20,000+MexicoNorth America2014
Largest Universities In The World By Enrollment

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is Worlds largest University by number of students enrollment in all over the campus. The University is run by the Central Government of India and was established in 1958 by an Act of Parliament with the aim to make education accessible in every part of India. As of 2023, IGNOU has 21 Schools and 56 Regional Centres in 15 Countries

It is also estimated that 20% of all students in India enroll in IGNOU for higher education and that makes IGNOU the largest University in the world by enrollment.

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Top 10 Largest Universities In The World By Area

Top 10 Largest Universities In The World By Area

Here I will share the list of the top 10 largest Universities in the world by area they covered in landmass. Being the largest in area, these universities are able to cater to students’ needs very easily, thus the enrollment number of the students is also very high but is least then the universities I have shared above. So let us list the top 10 largest Universities in the World by area.

RankUniversityArea (in Acre)CountryContinentFounding Year
1.Berry College27,000 AcreGeorgia, USANorth America1902
2.Siberian Federal University1237 AcreRussiaAsia2006
3.University of Tehran960 AcreIranAsia1934
4.University of Buenos Aires783 AcreArgentinaSouth America1821
5.University of São Paulo604 AcreBrazilSouth America1934
6.Nanjing University526 AcreChinaAsia1902
7.Cairo University471 AcreEgypt Africa & Asia1908
8.University of Mexico426 AcreMexicoNorth America1910
9.Kazakh National University376 AcreKazakhstanAsia & Europe1929
10.National Autonomous University of Mexico359 AcreMexicoNorth America1910
Largest Universities In The World By Area

One of the Top 10 largest Universities in the World by area is Berry University in Georgia, USA. Berry College has a campus spread over 27,000 Acre, the biggest campus any University have in the world. It was founded in 1902 by Martha Berry as a Private Liberal Arts College. Being at the number one position in the list of Top 10 Universities in the World by area, Berry College’s student population is only 2100.

Apart from that, the University of Buenos Aires is the oldest University on this list which was established in the year 1821 by Bernardino Rivadavia.

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Final Words

There are more than 25,000 Universities in the world out of which 5,984 officially recognized Universities are from Asia and 13,723 are from Europe. In this write-up, I have shared the lists of the top 10 Universities in the World by enrollment and the Top 10 Universities in World by area to clarify that the University with the largest campus has the largest enrollment, it is not necessary.

I have also given a trivia of the World’s Largest University by enrollment and area, hope the content was useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.


What is the largest university in the world by area?

Berry College, Georgia, USA is the Worlds largest University by area with a landmass of 27,000 Acre. Whether the university has the largest land area, the enrollment of students in the University is only 2100.

What city has one of the largest universities in the world?

Delhi, the Capital of India has the largest University – Indira Gandhi National Open University with a total of 7,140,000+ enrollments.

What’s the biggest university in the US?

Texas A&M University is the biggest University in the US with over 74,000 student population.

What’s the biggest private university in the world?

The Islamic Azad University is considered the biggest Private University in the World with a total of 1.5 Million student population, this number makes it the biggest private University in the world.

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