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First WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app among the younger generation. Although it was in some controversies about its new data privacy policies, it is still a favorite of billions of people. For Love Birds, it is a place to share their feelings and get closer to their loved ones. Sometimes we have some long conversations with our favorite person and the number of messages goes into thousands. Sometimes we love to read those messages from the beginning but it is impossible to find the first WhatsApp message out of thousands of messages.

So here I am going to help you to find the first WhatsApp message of your favorite person without using any third party app.There are many applications available that allow you to scroll to the beginning of any conversation but why should we give access to our chat to any third-party application?

Keep in mind that you can only see messages that are already available in your chat, if you have deleted those messages you will not be able to read them again until you restore them from your backup.

Generally you have only two options to find the first message on WhatsApp:

  1. Search and get
  2. Scroll and get

These are the basic functionality of WhatsApp and you would have known about these features. But when it comes to long conversations, you won’t be able to scroll to the beginning of the conversation, and it is also very hardworking to remember the first message of chat and then search it.

So here I am going to introduce a third method that will definitely help you to get your first message from your chat.

Before I explain the complete trick, I want to tell you how this trick will work for you. So, first, we will download the chat with that particular person and then we will open it in the HTML viewer and we will get our first message right there, isn’t it so simple? You can also watch this video for a practical demonstration. If you like it then you can subscribe for more tricks.

In this first step, you have to open your WhatsApp and open the conversation whose first message you want to read. Now tap on the triple dots in the top right corner and you will see some more options there. View contact, Report, Block, Search, Mute notifications, Wallpaper and More. Just click on the “More” option.

First WhatsApp Message

You will see four more options: Media, Clear chat, Export chat and Add shortcut. Just click on the “Export chat.”

WhatsApp First Message

You are close to your first WhatsApp message, Now you will see 2 more options: Without Media and Include Media.

Find First WhatsApp Message Trick
  1. Without Media:

So this option is only for those who only want to read messages, and do not wish to view media files such as images, videos, etc. This is a compact option and also recommended by me, because if you use this option it will take less time to export your chat.

  1. Include Media:

In this option, it allows you to export your chat with your media files. You can go for it if you want to see the media too. But keep in mind that it will only export things that are already available on your phone.

After following these steps carefully you will be able to export your chat, and you will have several options in front of you such as Save to drive, Email, Share on WhatsApp etc. So you have to select the “Save to drive” option.

After you successfully save your chat in Google Drive, you can open this chat in HTML viewer or editor. Your first WhatsApp message will be in front of you.

This view will not be so user friendly, but it should not matter to you as it is the safest way to find the first message of any WhatsApp conversation, in this trick, we do not use any third party app or anything. We simply download the entire chat and open it in an editor. You do not need to download any application, you do not need to allow any application to read your messages. This is actually the safest method.

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Now you can read the entire conversation of your favorite person and it will not take much time to find that first message. Enjoy and share this trick with your friends who need it. For any type of questions, feel free to comment below. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tricks. I keep sharing such tricks, tips and new things related to technology.

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