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5G Technology

5G is the fifth upgraded version of the cellular network and is a much more advanced system than the previous ones. 5G technology is coming soon and before you start using 5G, I would like to explain 5G in simple terms.

When will 5G come to India? What will 5G do? How is 5G useful? All these questions are heard on the Internet. So, In this particular article, I will answer all these questions and also tell you how 5G is different from other generation networks? So, let’s get into this.

What Is 5G Technology?

5G represents the fifth generation of cellular networks. This is a more advanced approach than the previous ones. 5G is bringing a revolution that will affect everyone’s daily life as it will improve the traditional system by increasing automation.

The word “Automation” means that the growth in the Internet of Things such as autonomous vehicles, traffic management, autonomous drones etc. 5G will also come with the highest speed of all time. So, what will be the speed of the 5G network? We will discuss it later in this article.

5G Technology

5G will also play an essential role in the development of the country. A high-speed and low-latency network in a country becomes the basis of new innovation.

How We Came Up To 5G

Before I tell you more about 5G technology you should know how we came up to the fifth-generation network? So, first I will explain all the networks from first generation to fourth generation and then we will learn about 5G’s working system, speed, applications and more.

5G network mobile phones

1G Network: The Starting Phase

The first generation network introduced in 1979 in Tokyo by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. 1G was the very first step towards wireless communication it suffered from a lot of drawbacks such as audio quality was not good, the connection was not secure etc.

2G Network: The Revolution Phase

The second generation of cellular network was introduced in 1991 in Finland. It acted as a revolution because it came with significantly clearer voice and encrypted calls. It was not limited to calls only, for the first time, users could send text messages, pictures via multimedia messages (MMS). In addition, they could access the Internet at speeds of around 50 Kbps.

3G Network: The Internet Phase

The third generation network 3G launched in 2001 and it was the time when people interacted with the internet. 3G gave them another level of experience as people could use some speedy internet, video calls, video streaming etc. With the 3G people started using the internet, an average speed of 3G was around 10 Mbps.

4G Network: Real Data Revolution

4G was first deployed in 2009. 4G brought a real data revolution in the world as 4G was 10 times faster than 3G and it provided facilities for HD video streaming, HDTV, HD video calls etc. The 4G speed was around 200 Mbps and was the fastest ever.

5G Network: The Era Of Machine Learning

5G technology is coming. It is really fast and revolutionary. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) have already started testing 5G technology and many of them have successfully tested and prepared everything to launch for the users. It is a competition among ISPs to launch the first 5G network in their country. So, let’s see who will win the race?

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When 5G Will Launch In India?

5G in India

According to reports, the 5G can be launched in India in late 2021 or early 2022. Indian Internet service providers Airtel and JIO have almost done their testing and waiting for the spectrum auction.

How 5G Works?

Working of 5G technology

5G technology is mostly known for its high speed and low latency, to provide that fast speed 5G needs higher frequencies. High frequencies have a shorter range than lower frequencies. So, there are some different frequency bands that will be used in the 5G technology, they are generally classified as “low band, mid-band and high band.”

5G Spectrum Bands

Low-band 5G

It operates between 600-850 MHz and similar to the current 4G frequency. The speed of this band is a little higher than 4G that is 60 Mbps to 240 Mbps.

Mid-Band 5G

The frequency range of mid-band is 2.5 GHz to 3.7 GHz. It is a medium level band, its speed is higher than the low band and the signal range is higher than the high band, that’s why this band is the most common implementation of the 5G technology. The speed of this band is around 100 Mbps to 900 Mbps.

High-Band 5G

This band provides the highest speed of all time. Its network range is limited as it works on a very higher frequency. This high band is commonly known as “Millimeter Wave”. This band operates at 25 GHz to 39 GHz frequency and its highest speed is testes 1.8 Gbps.

So, these are the frequency bands, we have discussed. Now let’s talk about the infrastructure of 5G in simple words.

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Infrastructure Of 5G

Basically, 5G will connect everything to the network from cars to traffic signals, everything. To get this level of connectivity we need more base stations as 5G’s signal strength is not so wide. You can check this illustration to understand it more easily.

5G Technology infrastructure

You can see in the picture, everything is connected among themselves, and this whole system connected to the central server, in the same way all the central servers are connected among themselves. This is the basic structure of 5G network connectivity, to work things efficiently, all of these systems has to be connected to the network.

Advantages of 5G Technology

If we start making a list of 5G’s advantages, the list will be very large. So, let us discuss some of the major advantages of 5G technology.

Super Fast Speed

5G network is coming with the fastest speed of all time. It can give you around 1.5 Gbps. Its speed will allow you to download HD movies in a few seconds.

Self Driving Vehicles

5G will build an ecosystem that promotes self driving vehicles. We will see self driving cars, and it will reduce a large number of accidents.

Low Latency

5G is providing around 10 times less latency than 4G, This lower latency of 5G network will increase the accuracy in the Internet of Things.

Gift To Gaming Industry

5G will be a gift in itself for the gaming industry. Its low latency will provide a next level lag free experience to the gamers.

Virtual Reality

Lagging is always a big issue in virtual reality (VR), 5G network will be able to fix this issue by providing a lag-free experience.

Advance Medical System

we will see the biggest success of 5G in the medical sector. Delay of a few seconds can be the reason for someone’s death or life. 5G will remove this delay and provide robotic surgeries. Robotic surgeries will reduce the number of error that can be accrued by a human doctor.

Revolutionary IoT

Another biggest advantage of 5G technology is that it will introduce new innovation in Internet of Things. The IoT industry will grow and we will see smart homes, smart doors, smart locking systems etc.

Disadvantages Of 5G Technology

Well, every new innovation comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 5G network also have some disadvantages too. So, let’s have look at them:

Laziness & Dependency

With the every new innovation we become more lazy and our dependency increases towards the new technology. This is one of the drawback of new technologies. We have to takes it seriously and should not be completely dependent on the new technologies.

Device Battery Draining

The ecosystem of 5G will only work efficiently when we connect our all the devices to the network. This 24/7 connectivity will drain your device’s battery more as compared to now.

More Costly For Initial Rollout

As we have discussed that 5G’s network strength is very short, So, we need many base stations in short distance. This infrastructure will be so costly to setup from scratch.

Low Connectivity Issues

As 5G’s signal can travel only short distance and signals also can be distracted by some objects such as tree, building etc. This types of objects can distract the signal and it can be the reason for the low connectivity.

No Advantages For Rural Areas

5G will definitely build smart cities but what will happen to rural areas? Majority of the population in India still do not have internet facility. Those who still do not have internet facility will be far away from this new technology.


5G technology looks great on paper, it would be the greatest innovation if it is implemented in that way. While there is no doubt in the fact that 5G will bring the biggest change so far, we expect the best. If you are a student then it will be a big opportunity for you to get into machine learning, slowly machine learning will change things, machine learning will be in demand once 5G comes in the market.

If you are a businessman then 5G technology can play a major role in your business. You can adopt it to grow your business fast. If you are someone who wants to start a business then 5G technology gives you a chance to start a business. You can make products specifically for 5G.

So, it is entirely up to you how you take it. You can take it as an opportunity or as a threat.

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