Nikhil Kamath Biography – Zerodha Founder, Net Worth, & 13 Interesting Facts

Nikhil Kamath Biography - Zerodha Founder Is A High School Dropper

Some entrepreneurs have proved our system completely wrong and Nikhil Kamath is one of them who has created India’s largest Financial Service company Zerodha but you will be shocked to know that he is a high school dropper. So welcome to this Nikhil Kamath Biography to learn about this genius entrepreneur by birth.

In this Nikhil Kamath biography, I will share some crucial information about Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath including Nikhil Kamath date of birth, Nikhil Kamath age, Nikhil Kamath birthplace, Nikhil Kamath education, Nikhil Kamath career, Nikhil Kamath True Beacon, Nikhil Kamath net worth, Nikhil Kamath wife, Nikhil Kamath parents, Nikhil Kamath social media, Nikhil Kamath girlfriend, Nikhil Kamath Chess controversy, some facts about Nikhil Kamath, etc.

The life story of Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath is very interesting and inspirational. So let’s start this Nikhil Kamath biography.

Nikhil Kamath Biography

Nikhil Kamath is the Co-Founder and CFO of India’s largest financial services firm Zerodha. He built Zerodha along with his elder brother Nithin Kamath and also owns another company named True Beacon that is aimed to invest in the Alternative Investment Funds space.

Nikhil Kamath Biography - Zerodha Founder Is A High School Dropper

Nikhil Kamath was born on 5 September 1986 in Shimoga, Karnataka, India. As of 2023, Nikhil Kamath age is 37 years. He had a very inspirational and struggling journey that can teach us life lessons, so stay tuned and keep reading this Nikhil Kamath success story.

Full NameNikhil Kamath
Date of Birth5 September 1986
Age37 Years (As of 2023)
BirthplaceShimoga, Karnataka, India
ResidenceBangalore, India
Father’s NameRaghuram Kamath (Retired Canara Bank Servant)
Mother’s NameRevathi Kamath (Environmentalist and a Veena Player)
Brother’s NameNithin Kamath (Co-Founder & CEO of Zerodha)
Ex-Wife NameAmanda Puravankara
Girlfriend NameManushi Chhillar
QualificationHigh School Drop Out
Business NameZerodha, Rainmatter, & True Beacon
Current PositionCo-Founder & CFO (at Zerodha)
Featured (2023)Forbes Worlds Billionaires List & Fortune 40 Under 40 List 
Net Worth$1.1 Billion
Nikhil Kamath Biography

Nikhil Kamath Education

In Nikhil Kamath’s family, there were mostly MBA and PhD holders but Nikhil was not so good in academics, he only had an interest in Mathematics. While going to school, he always felt that our education system is not correct and thus his teachers were also not satisfied with his performance. 

You won’t believe that Nikhil Kamath dropped his school before his 10th class board examinations which means, today’s billionaire and Co-Founder of Zerodha Nikhil Kamath is a high-school dropper.

Nikhil Kamath Family

In Nikhil Kamath’s family are his parents and elder brother. Nikhil Kamath fathers name is Raghuram Kamath he is a retired servant from Canara Bank and his mother’s name is Revathi Kamath she is an environmentalist and a Veena Player.

Nikhil Kamath’s brother’s name is Nithin Kamath he is the co-founder and CEO of Zerodha. Both brothers have a great relationship and are rowing the boat of Zerodha together.

Nikhil Kamath Career

Nikhil Kamath’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 14 when started the business of selling used phones but her mother threw away his phone because she does not want him to do business and considered him too young to do business.

Nikhil had no idea what he is going to do after dropping his high school examination. His age was around 17 when he created his fake birth certificate to show his age as 18 and joined a call center. He used to do night shifts from 4 PM to 1 AM and started stock trading in the morning. He left his parent’s house and started living with his girlfriend.

According to him, leaving his parent’s house was a good decision because it led him to learn real-life lessons. When he got a good knowledge of stock trading, he started managing his father’s savings. Nikhil Kamath brother Nithin Kamath was also working as a part-time stock broker, so the Kamath brothers decided to start a trading firm in 2004 with the name Kamath Associates.

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Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath

Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath success story

In 2010, Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath launched a trading platform with all the necessary financial services – Zerodha. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the popularity and userbase of Zerodha increased very rapidly and currently, it is one of the largest trading platforms in India with only Rs. 20 charge for intra-day trading without considering the amount.

Over 1 Crore orders place on Zerodha every day and that could be possible only because of their strong and powerful ecosystem of investment platforms.

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Rainmatter is another venture by the Kamath brothers founded in 2014. It was a hedge fund firm that aimed to invest in tech startups with a policy to invest an amount lower than $ 1 Million in any startup.

Nikhil Kamath Rainmatter has backed Smallcase, Learnapp, Sensibull, Quicko, Finception, Digio, etc.

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True Beacon

In 2019, Zerodha Co-Founders launched an asset management firm that was aimed to invest in Alternative Investment Funds and it was named True Beacon. They have also planned to start a Mutual Fund based Asset Management Company and has been applied for its license in 2020.

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Nikhil Kamath Net Worth

The estimated Nikhil Kamath net worth is approximately $ 1.1 Billion as of 2023. At the age of only 37 years, Nikhil Kamath is a billionaire and thus he and his brother have been also named to the Forbes Worlds Billionaires List of 2023.

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Nikhil Kamath Wife

Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath’s wife’s name is Amanda Puravankara. Nikhil Kamath and Amanda Puravankara got married on 18 April 2019 but after a year they got divorced. So they are not together now and do not have children as well.

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Nikhil Kamath Girlfriend

Currently, Nikhil Kamath is dating an Indian actor and model who has also been crowned Miss WorldManushi Chhiller. Nikhil Kamath and Manushi Chhillar are dating from the year 2021 to the present. Let’s see where their relationship goes on.

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Nikhil Kamath Social Media

In this Nikhil Kamath biography, I have shared all the necessary details about the entrepreneur and you might be interested in following him as he is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc where you can follow him and can stay connected with him.

Nikhil Kamath Instagram username is @nikhilkamathcio and he has more than 339K Followers on Instagram.

Nikhil Kamath Facebook username is Nikhil Kamath

Nikhil Kamath Twitter handle name is @nikhilkamathcio and he has more than 265.2K Followers on Twitter.

Nikhil Kamath LinkedIn username is Nikhil Kamath and he has more than 352,907 followers on LinkedIn.

Nikhil Kamath Chess Controversy

During the Covid-19 lockdown, was conducting online Chess competitions for relief in tough times. During a match against India’s Chess Grandmaster Vishwanath Anand, nobody could defeat him including Indian Bollywood Actor Amir Khan, Singer Arijit Singh, and Cricketer Yujvendra Chahal but Nikhil Kamath did it.

Later it was found that Nikhil Kamath took help from the Computer aid to defeat Vishwanath Anand and for that he apologized via a Tweet.

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Facts About Nikhil Kamath

Through the Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath success story, I have tried to deliver all the necessary details about this brilliant man and you should have known these facts about Nikhil Kamath. So here I am sharing some interesting and lesser-known facts about Nikhil Kamath.

  • When Nikhil was 9 years old, his family shifted to Bangalore due to his father’s transfer.
  • While studying in the school, he used to participate in state and national-level Chess competitions.
  • Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath is a high school dropped out.
  • Nikhil made his fake Birth Certificate to show his age of 18 years when he was 17 to join a call center job after leaving school.
  • Nikhil had a great relationship with his elder brother Nithin Kamath who is also his co-founder in Zerodha.
  • Nikhil loves to read books, he has over 500 books in his collection.
  • Nikhil also has a dog named Hope.
  • Russian Grandmaster Garry Kasparov is Nikhil Kamath’s idol.
  • Nikhil joined the Giving Pledge Foundation in June 2023 which was started by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in 2010.
  • Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath were also featured in the Forbes Worlds Billionaires List of 2023.
  • At the age of 34, Nikhil was one of India’s Youngest Billionaires in 2020.
  • Nikhil Kamath was also featured on the Cover Page of GQ Magazine.
  • In 2023, Nikhil Kamath has also been named to the Fortune 40 Under 40 List.

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Final Words

In this Nikhil Kamath biography, we have learned that degrees do not matter when you have the potential to earn real knowledge from the real world. Just believe in yourself and keep doing with perfection what you like just like Nikhil Kamath who was interested in the Stock market and today is the king of India’s largest stock trading platform.

Hope this Nikhil Kamath success story was inspirational for you and the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.


What is the relationship between Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath?

Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath are real brothers  and also the co-founders of Zerodha which is India’s one of the largest stock trading marketplaces nowadays.

Is Nikhil Kamath married?

Nikhil Kamath was married to Amanda Puravankara but they got divorced after around one year of their marriage. Currently, Nikhil Kamath is dating Indian Bollywood actor and model Manushi Chhillar.

Who is the ex-wife of Nikhil Kamat?

Amanda Puravankara is the Ex-wife of Nikhil Kamath.

What is Nikhil Kamath age?

Nikhil Kamath age is 37 years as of 2023, he was born on 5 September 1986 in Shimoga, Karnataka, India.

At what age Nikhil Kamath became a billionaire?

Nihkil Kamath age was 36 years when he become a Billionaire.

Who is Nikhil Kamath girlfriend?

Nikhil Kamath girlfriend’s name is Manushi Chhillar who is an Indian Bollywood actor and model and was also crowned Miss World.

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