Kaushal Shetty Biography – Nostos Homes, Forbes 30U30, Interesting Facts

Kaushal Shetty Biography - Nostos Homes, Forbes 30U30, Interesting Facts

God created social entrepreneurs to help needy people and Kaushal Shetty is one of them who is doing a great job through his NGO – Nostos Homes. So I will tell you the back story of the Co-Founder in this Kaushal Shetty Biography.

In this Kaushal Shetty biography, I will share all the necessary details about the entrepreneur including Kaushal Shetty date of birth, Kaushal Shetty age, Kaushal Shetty birthplace, Kaushal Shetty education, Kaushal Shetty career, Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes, Kaushal Shetty Forbes 30 Under 30, Kaushal Shetty net worth, Kaushal Shetty family, Kaushal Shetty parents, Kaushal Shetty social media, facts about Kaushal Shetty, etc.

You will be glad to know how Kaushal started Nostos Homes and his objectives behind this NGO. So let’s start this Kaushal Shetty biography.

Kaushal Shetty Biography

Kaushal Shetty is the Co-Founder of Nostos Homes – an NGO dedicated to providing shelter to forcibly displaced people for natural and violent reasons. He is currently working at Mastercard as the Senior Product Manager and has also been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Kaushal Shetty Biography - Nostos Homes, Forbes 30U30, Interesting Facts

Kaushal Shetty ws born in 1996 in a small village near Udupi in Karnataka. His suffering made him find an NGO to provide shelter to cover the heads of the displaced who have the right to live. As of 2023, Kaushal Shetty age is 27 Years.

Full NameKaushal Shetty
Date of Birth1996
Age27 Years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceUdupi, Karnataka, India
Fathers NameNot Known
Mothers NameNot Known
ResidencePune, Maharashtra, India
College NameIndian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 
OccupationSocial Entrepreneur
NGO NameNostos Homes
Current Job StatusSenior Product Manager at Mastercard
FeaturedForbes 30 Under
Net WorthNot Known
Kaushal Shetty Biography

Kaushal Shetty Education

Kaushal Shetty was born and raised in a very small village near the Ghataprabha River, so he initially studied there but due to being troubled by the floods every year, Kaushal and his parents left the village and settled in Mumbai where he completed his remaining education.

Kaushal then attended the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Kaushal Shetty Family

In Kaushal Shetty family, there are his parents and siblings but unfortunately, he has no revealed any information about them. Whenever I will come to know, I will let you update immediately.

Kaushal Shetty Career

Kaushal Shetty career begins with the Camera And Shorts Media Pvt. Ltd as an Assistant Director in May 2015 and shot two films there – A Fish Tale and The Unreserved.

Apart from that in June 2019, Kaushal attended Mastercard Graduation Program at the time of its Launching and became the Product Manager in October 2020. Later after two years, he was promoted to the Senior Product Manager post in February 2022.

Kaushal still hasn’t forgotten the grief of leaving his home and this wound became green when 1.2 million people were rendered homeless due to the devastating Fani cyclone. After this, he decided to find a solution to this problem because he knew the pain to be displaced, and along with his friend started an NGO with the name Nostos Homes in January 2021.

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Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes

Kaushal Shetty Nostos omes Co-Founder

Kaushal Shetty along with a friend Madhav Datt founded Nostos Homes in January 2021 after realising how hard it is to survive for the displaced whether they have to leave their homes for violence conflict or natural disaster.

The main objective of Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes is to provide homes to the affected people who are forcibly displaced. Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes are easy to assemble and transport as they are so light in weight. They are manufactured by keeping general needs in mind and thus are built with enough living spaces, solar panels, and sanitation systems.

If we talk about its current operational areas then, Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes are providing its services to the affected areas of Assam and Nagaland and in foreign countries like Africa.

For the deployment and assembly of Kaushal Shetty Nostos Homes, you do not need specially trained people as the company provides the assembly details that so easy to execute and these homes can last for years and can be repacked and transported to another place very easily.

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Kaushal Shetty Forbes 30 Under 30

Kaushal Shetty is doing really a good job through his NGO Nostos Homes and for that, he has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in NGO and Social Entrepreneur Category in 2023. After knocking Kaushal Shetty’s story, I am feeling so proud of him, I feel he serves this honor and many more.

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Kaushal Shetty Net Worth

The estimated Kaushal Shetty net worth can not be determined at this time. He is a social entrepreneur who runs an NGO named Nostos Homes and works at Mastercard as a Senior Product Manager. His real earning is the blessings of those people to whom he has provided shelter.

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Kaushal Shetty Social Media

In this Nostos Co-Founder Kaushal Shetty biography, I have shared the inspirational story of Kaushal Shetty and you must be interested in following him as he is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc where you can follow him and can stay connected with him.

Kaushal Shetty Instagram username is @kaushalshetty_ and he has more than 772 Followers on Instagram.

Kaushal Shetty Twitter handle name is @KaushalShetty_ and he has joined Twitter in September 2020.

Kaushal Shetty LinkedIn username is Kaushal Shetty and he has more than 3,694 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

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Facts About Kaushal Shetty

In this Kaushal Shetty biography, I have shared all the details about the social entrepreneur with you and you must be aware of some facts about Kaushal Shetty. So here I am sharing some interesting and lesser-known facts about Kaushal Shetty below.

  • Kaushal Shetty was born in a village of Madi near Udupi in Karnataka.
  • His village used to get submerged every year in monsoon due to the water of Ghataprabha river so he had to leave his village and move to Mumbai.
  • When Cyclone Fani hit Odisha an Indian State, his wounds to be displaced get green and he decided to do something for such people who has to live their homes forcibly.
  • Kaushal Shetty and Madhav Datt Co-Founded Nostos Homes – lightweight, transportable, easy-to-assemble, and repackable homes for the people of affected areas.
  • Kaushal Shetty has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list under the NGO and Social Entrepreneur Category.

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Final Words

In this Kaushal Shetty biography, we have learned that if we could change the pain into opportunity then it would be the best for us. By helping people who are suffering from the same pain, we can get a little relax. This is not just about entrepreneurship, it is about humanity.

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Who is Kaushal Shetty?

Kaushal Shetty is the Co-Founder of an NGO named Nostos Homes that is on a mission to build homes for the forcibly displaced, he is also the Senior Product Manager at Mastercard and was also featured on the 30 Under 30 list by Forbes in 2023 for his social entrepreneurship with Nostos Homes.

What is Kaushal Shetty age?

The Nostos Homes Co-Founder Kaushal Shetty age is 27 years as of 2023.

Who is the Founder of Nostos Homes?

Kaushal Shetty and Madhav Datt are the Founders of Nostos Homes. Kaushal Shetty is the CEO and Madhav Datt is the Chairman of Nostos Homes an NGO.

In which countries Nostos Homes is serving?

Currently, Nostos Homes is serving in the affected areas of countries like India and Africa.

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