Khushi Pandey Biography – Social Worker, Age, Education, & Unknown Facts

Khushi Pandey Biography - Social Worker

By learning from her past, who not only made her career but also enriched the lives of thousands of people, today we are going to talk about one such girl. Welcome to this Khushi Pandey biography, where you will get to know about this courageous girl Khushi Pandey.

In this Khushi Pandey biography, I will share some crucial aspects of her life Khushi Pandey education, Khushi Pandey parents, Khushi Pandey hometown, Khushi Pandey age, Khushi Pandey NGO, Khushi Pandey open school, Khushi Pandey social work, Khushi Pandey net worth, Khushi Pandey team, Khushi Pandey social media, Khushi Pandey height and weight, Khushi Pandey Josh Talks interview, some unknown facts about Khushi Pandey, etc. So let’s get started.

Khushi Pandey Biography

Full NameKhushi Pandey
Date of Birth16 August 2000
Age23 Years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceUnnav, UP
Fathers NameNot Known
Mothers NameRadha
Siblings NameNot Known
QualificationBachelor of Law – LLB
College NameShri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow
OccupationSocial worker, Human rights activist, and Public speaker
NGO NameSapno Ki Udaan Foundation
Khushi Pandey Biography

Khushi Pandey was born on 16 August 2000 in the small village Sarvaiya in Uttar Pradesh. Khushi belongs to a middle-class family, her father and mother were farmers in the village but they knew the importance of education very well. He also had an idea that Khushi and her siblings would not be able to get a good education by living in the village. So the whole family decided to shift to Lucknow.

Khushi Pandey Biography - Social Worker

Initially, they lived there in a slum area and a very small house. Whether. Khushis father gets a job at a shop but that small money can not nurture the whole family. So somehow they spent some time there and then moved to a rented apartment with an increased salary.

Currently, Khushi Pandey age is 23 years and she is a social worker, human rights activist, and public speaker. At this young age, what Khushi doing is so proud for her parents and for every girl who want to do something in her life. And specially the people she is helping through her programs will always be grateful to her.

Khushi Pandey Personal Details

Here I am sharing some personal details of Khushi Pandey like her height, weight, etc.

Weight49 kg
Age23 Years
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Native PlaceUttar Pradesh
Current ResidenceLucknow
Khushi Pandey Personal Details

Khushi Pandey Family

In the Khushi Pandey family along with her parents, there are her siblings but there is no exact information available about them. Khushi hasn’t revealed her father’s name but did mention her mother’s name during the Josh Talks interview. Khushi Pandey’s mother’s name is Radha.

Khushi Pandey Education

As we know, Khushi and her family moved to Lukhnow so that she and her siblings can get better educational opportunities. Khushi attended school but initially, she and her siblings were enrolled in an NGO due to the lack of money. Then as his father started earning good money, their life also started getting better.

Khushi completed her schooling and was then admitted to the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow for the Bachelor of Law (LLB) Degree in 2018. She completed her Bachelors Degree in 2023 but very early she has been started working on her dreams about that I have shared all the details in the next segment of Khushi Pandey: a Social Worker.

Khushi Pandey: A Social Worker

When Khushi Pandey was in 12th standard, she started an open school for underprivileged children. She talked to their parents that we (Khushi and her a few friends) want to teach their children. So from here at the age of 16 Khushi started an Open school.

Khushi Pandey Social Worker, Age, Education, Net Worth, Facts

Then she started an educational session about women’s menstrual hygiene after experiencing an incident. One day, Khushis aunt came and told her that her girl got infected due to the use of dirty cloth while menstruating.  The condition of that girl was so horrible that Khushi made up her mind to educate women and girls about menstrual hygiene. 

Khushi started taking sessions for the same and also provided sanitary pads to the women of the village by connecting with an NGO.

In this way, Khushi has always tried to find a solution by understanding the problems of the people around her and sometimes from her personal experiences. Today there is no such field of social work in which Khushi is not working.

Khushi Pandey Sapno Ki Udaan

In August 2022, Khushi Pandey founded an NGO named Sapno Ki Udaan Foundation in Lucknow, Up and working on every possible and impossible cause for the betterment of underprivileged children, woman’s safety and menstrual hygiene, acid attack survival, etc. So let’s list the social work Khushi Pandey is providing through her campaigns and programs.

  • Khushi Pandey is running an open school where underprivileged children get an education.
  • Khushi Pandey takes sessions in the village, government & private schools, colleges, and universities on Menstrual hygiene.
  • Along with menstrual hygiene, she also takes sessions on woman’s road safety and also teaches them some ideas, with the help of which any incident can be avoided.
  • Khushi Pandey provides employment to the handicapped and widow women.
  • Khushi is also working for the betterment of Acit attack survivors.
  • One of his recent initiatives is that Khushi Pandey is providing a complete meal for just Rs 2 that you will get at least for Rs 30 anywhere else.

Hence, day by day, with Khusi Pandey NGO, Sapno Ki Udaan Foundation, she is doing a great job. After reading these points, you must come to the conclusion that Khushi is never going to stop, she will always be there to do whatever she can for those in need.

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Khushi Pandey Cycle Lights Campaign

The above-mentioned campaigns are part of her social work but there is another thing she has done and won thousands of hearts. In 2022, in the season winter, due to the fog and unclear road sights, Khushis maternal grandfather met with an accident while riding a cycle in Lucknow’s Aminabad and he died on the spot.

This accident gave Khushi the idea to start a campaign to install bicycle lights so that no one else dies this way. Through this Khushi Pandey Cycle lights campaign, she installed 1500 cycle lights for free.

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Khushi Pandey Josh Talks

Being a social worker Khusi Pandey is also a public speaker. You can watch Khushi Pandey Josh Talks interview on YouTube. Here I am sharing Khushi Pandey Josh Talks interview.

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Khushi Pandey Net Worth

Khushi Pandey net worth can not be considered and even it should not be the point as what she is doing through her campaigns and programs is her real net worth.

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Khushi Pandey Social Media

Khushi Pandey social worker is also available on various social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. where you can follow her directly and can stay connected with her.

Khushi Pandey Instagram username is @khushi_336 and she has more than 66.8K followers on Instagram.
Khushi Pandey LinkedIn username is Khushi Pandey and she has more than 40,522 followers and 500+ connections on Linked In.

Khushi Pandey is also available on Twitter, her handle name is @KhushiPand46589 and she has more than 12.9K Followers.

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Facts About Khushi Pandey

In this Khushi Pandey biography, I have tried to convey all the crucial details about the social worker and there are some unknown facts about Khushi Pandey you must know. So here I am sharing some facts about Khushi Pandey.

  • Khushi Pandey age was just 3 years when his elder brother’s health deteriorated and his mother had to sell her jewelry for his treatment.
  • Khushis parents shift to Lucknow so that she can get better educational opportunities.
  • Once Khushi Pandey was going home from college in a cab at night, and the driver made Khushi out of the car on some pretext and ran away with all her belongings.
  • By keeping this horrible incident in mind, Khushi Pandey decided to work on woman road safety.
  • For that, she runs programs and shares some tips to avoid such incidents.
  • Along with this, Khushi also gifts a self-defense stick to every girl attending her sessions.

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Final Words

In this Khushi Pandey Biography, I just wanted to give you a message on behalf of Khushi that never underestimate your strength being a girl. You can do everything you want to achieve in your life and remember you do not need to be afraid. Just take a step forward.

In this story of Khushi Pandey, I have shared details related to her life including Khushi Pandey education, Khushi Pandey parents, Khushi Pandey hometown, Khushi Pandey age, Khushi Pandey NGO, Khushi Pandey open school, Khushi Pandey social work, Khushi Pandey net worth, Khushi Pandey team, Khushi Pandey social media, Khushi Pandey height and weight, Khushi Pandey Josh Talks interview, some unknown facts about Khushi Pandey, etc. Hope the information was useful, informative, and motivational enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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Who Is Khushi Pandey?

Khushi Pandey is a Social worker and a public speaker who has done several things for the betterment of underprivileged children, woman’s safety and menstrual hygiene, acid attack survival, etc.

What is Khushi Pandey age?

Khushi Pandey age is 23 Years as of 2023, she was born on 16 August 2000.

What is the educational qualification of Khushi Pandey?

Khushi Pandey is a graduate of Bachelor of Law (LLB) from the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow. She has completed her degree in 2023.

What is the name of Khushi Pandey Foundation?

Khushi Pandey foundation’s name is Sapno Ki Udaan Foundation. She founded Sapno Ki Udaan in August 2022.

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