How to Watch IPL online FREE, 100% Working Trick

How to watch IPl online free

IPL is always treated as a festival in India. It is the time when we see our favourite players more closely. But nowadays it has become too hard to watch IPL because of the subscription system.

IPL 2020 has started from 19 September 2020 but most of us are still not aware How to watch IPl online free. This is the question which is asked whenever IPL match starts. People are not able to find the answer to this question on the entire internet.

IPL 2020 is hosted on Hotstar and Hotstar improved its security a lot, now if you have Hotstar subscription and you shared your Hotstar account with your friends, but all of you can not watch IPL at the same time because only one user can watch one show at a time.

How to watch IPL FREE

So, It is our responsibility to share some tricks with you that allows you to watch IPL for free without any subscription. Till the end of this article, you will be able to find your answer to How to watch IPl online Free (without any subscription)?

How to watch IPl online Free (Process)

There are many mobile applications and extensions that offer you to watch IPL online free but sometimes their server goes down or sometimes they got banned. So it is not a good option to depends on these apps because they can be stopped anytime.

One more thing about these types of apps is that they are not available on the play store, they are third party apps, So you can not trust them, they can harm your device.

So now How to watch IPL online Free? There is a website Twitch, It is made to do live streams online, everyone can go there and start a live stream. So many of Indian streamers stream IPL there. You can easily watch IPl there without any subscription.

how to watch IPL free infographics

How to watch IPL online Free

  1. Open Website:

  2. Type IPL in the search bar and search for it.

  3. Now you will see list of live IPL streams.

  4. Click on any of them and enjoy the IPL match for free.

Watch this video to learn How to watch IPL online Free practical video.

If IPL is not playing

Sometimes you may face a problem which is that your match is stopped. So what to do if IPL match is suddenly stopped working. There may be 2 causes if your IPL match has stopped.

First reason is that the guy who is streaming IPL on Twitch, who’s account is banned by the Twitch. So, in that case, you can search for another channel.

If the first method is not working for you then you can go for the second one. In this method, you have to use a VPN.

How to use VPN

If you are using mobile to watch IPL free, Then you can download the app from your play store. Click here to download VPN app. Just install this app and turn it on and enjoy IPL free.

If you are using PC to watch IPL free, Then you can download a VPN extension for Google Chrome. Click here to download VPN Extension, Just install this and turn it on and enjoy IPL free.

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In this article I have explained the simplest way of How to watch IPl online free? There are many apps like Thop Tv, but they are not so sevured and also they stopped working suddenly due to copyright strike by the Hotstar.

Enjoy the IPL for free and let me know in the comment box this trick is worked for you or not? If you have any doubts feel free to ask.


  1. Is IPL free on Hotstar?

    No, IPL is not free on Hotstar you have to buy subscription to watch IPL free.

  2. Does VPN necessarily to use?

    No, It is not compulsory to use VPN, but if IPL is not working in your device then you have to use.

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