Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations For Men 2024

Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations

Whenever there is a special office meeting or a formal party, the first question that comes to mind is how to look best in formal clothes. So today we have come up with the answer to your question with the 7 Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations for men. 

To look the best at any event it is very vital to carry the best matching formal shirts and pants as nobody can look nice in unmatched clothes and accessories. In this write-up, we will pick up the best office shirt-pant combination for you, so stay tuned, read the write-up, and choose your favorite color combination of formal shirt and pants.

Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations

First of all, let me clear it up for you never wear a shirt with too attractive patterns or prints, it will ruin your formal look badly. If you do not want to carry a plain shirt then you can choose a shirt with light patterns like dots, and straight lines.

Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations

Apart from that here we are about to disclose the best formal pant shirt combinations for you. Mostly when we choose to look formal a few colors became the best choice like white, light sheds of blue, green, grey, and brown in shirts whereas black, navy blue, grey, and brown pants. As we are just sharing the color combinations so men and women both can try these awesome and best formal combinations like which color of shirt can be perfectly matched with which color of the pant to be more elegant but formal. So let’s get started.

  1. Lavender + Navy Blue
  2. Sky Blue + Navy Blue or Balck
  3. Grey + Black
  4. Dark Brown + Light Brown
  5. Navy Blue + White
  6. White + Brown
  7. Pista Green + Cream

Lavender + Navy Blue

If you want to wear something unique but classy and the best formal combination then you can pair a lavender-colored shirt with navy blue/dark blue colored pants. This awesome color combination of formal shirt and pants will make a great impression at your formal party or office party.

Lavender color is a symbol of royalty and can speak the language of elegance, refinement, and luxury on your behalf. So according to me, a Lavender shirt with Navy Blue pant will be the best formal pant-shirt color combination for you to sprinkle your smartness at the event.

Sky Blue + Navy Blue or Balck

Sky blue or light blue color plays a key to promoting feelings of calmness, and peace. This color particularly can build up a bridge of trust between you and your circumstances. Wearing a shirt of light blue color will give you these all facilities to fit you comfortably in the event.

A gentle appearance with a sky blue shirt and navy blue or black pant can steal the eyes of all attendees at the event. So it will be great to pair these both sexy but formal colors at your formal but party night.

Grey + Black

Do not dare to ignore these both most desirable colors. Whether the grey color is a symbol of adjustment and neutrality, pairing it with black color which represents power and status can steal the event for you.

best office shirt-pant combination

In grey and black colors, you can choose which color you want to keep in your shirt and which color in your pant because both colors look equally beautiful and powerful when flipped, but even if you are confused, I will make it easy for you. I will give you some advice to keep the grey color in the shirt because a light color shirt will give stability to your look.

Navy Blue + White

This is one more option for you to flip the regular wear color combination and look brighter star of the event. Wearing a navy blue-colored shirt with white-colored pant will give an immense look even in formal wear.

Just like the lighter sheds of blue are the symbols of calmness and peace, navy blue color stands as the symbol of power, authority, and importance. And wearing white formal pant with a navy blue shirt will balance your appearance as it gives a glimpse of simplicity, purity, calmness, and cleanliness. So carrying Navy Blue with White is one of the best formal pant shirt color combinations.

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White + Brown

In a formal party, a white shirt with brown pant can make a center of attraction. These two colors come together so openly that can give a different kind of comfort to the viewer’s eyes, especially when you carry this color combination to a formal event.

White is an evergreen color that has taken the responsibility to present you as the most handsome guy without too much effort. So to make a great and elegant appearance at the office party or any formal event white shirt with brown pant will be the best matching formal shirts and pants and is a quite different option as well.

Pista Green + Cream

Here is presented one more different and interesting color combination of formal shirt and pant. Pista Green color is the light shed of Green and is the symbol of energy, creation, abundance, contentment, and relaxation. So at formal events carrying Pista Green can energize your mood which is a very vital thing in such events and can stand as the best office shirt-pant combination for you.

Apart from that Pista Green shirt paired with Cream color pant can help you to stand out as yourself. It will make you feel confident, glossy, and fully energized. So wearing a Pista Green-colored shirt with Cream-colored pant will be proven as one of the best formal pant shirt combinations.

Dark Brown + Light Brown

If you do not want to carry a light color shirt and dark pant but are interested to flip this combination then a dark Brown shirt and light brown pant will be proven one of the best formal pant-shirt combinations to wear at a formal event.

color combination of formal shirt and pant

The brown color will present you as a person with perseverance, stability, and intelligence. You do not have to think too much about the colors as they both are sheds of brown color and will give you a completely elegant and formal look just like you wanted.

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Tips For Formal Dressing

While attending formal parties it becomes very vital to maintain a formal look with the intention to look superficial, so here we are sharing some tips for formal dressing you must think about and should add on.

  • Always wear a plan of lightly patterned shirts that can manage your formal appearance.
  • Do not wear denim jeans or any other stylish pants, instead of that trousers are the best options and they will make you feel comfortable and confident as well.
  • Make sure to in your shirt always for the superficial formal and alluring look.
  • And never forget to put on a leather belt matching the color of your shoes to look more graceful.
  • And add a formal wristwatch to give completeness to your formal office party look.

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Final Words

Parties that have to look formal is a very difficult combinations but can be managed if you put in some effort and for that, we have shared these 7 best formal pant-shirt combinations for men and women also.

Hope you liked our presented best formal combination and will be concerned about it at your office formal parties to serve you as the best office shirt-pant combination.

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