Goodfellows Startup – Ratan Tata’s Investment, Main Objective, And How To Join?

Goodfellows startup

We are born, our parents raise us, and then slowly they get old, this is the cycle. But there is a loop in this cycle. Some people do not take care of their parents when they get old and live alone, which is not right and should not happen. But unfortunately, this is happening at a major level, not only in India but in many countries in the world.

India’s business tycoon Ratan Tata investment will dissolve this loop. Yes, Ratan Tata sir who is known for his philanthropy had invested in Goodfellows startup. So today in this write-up we will share all the essential details about Goodfellows. What is Goodfellows? How to join Goodfellows? What is the purpose of Goodfellows? Etc.

So let’s get started with what is Goodfellows.

What Is Goodfellows?

Goodfellows is a startup by a young guy Shantanu Naidu in the favour of senior citizens who are lonely and overseed by their families. Ratan Tata invested an undisclosed amount in this startup by Shantanu Naidu. So let’s try to gather more and more information regarding what is Goodfellow. 

Goodfellows startup

So in Goodfellows, some young college students will be hired to give company to the senior citizens to take away their loneliness. These young energies will help senior citizens to enjoy and do whatever they want to do like go shopping, movies, visit the doctor, travel, and all the activities they can enjoy with their grandchildren.   

These young college students will be called Goodfellows and the senior citizens are addressed as Grandpals. Goodfellows started in August 2022.

So main concept behind Goodfellows is to establish an engagement between senior citizens who are living their life alone and young graduates. Now you are clear that what is Goodfellows, so move forward to the objectives of Goodfellows.

Objectives Of Goodfellows

There are more than 1.5 crore old people living alone and fighting for their own life. And remember loneliness is one of the hardest feelings to fight when even you are not able to do activities by yourself. Hence the main objective of Goodfellows is to connect the youth with the senior life of our country who is living alone by themselves and not with their family. So the  Goodfellows startup of companionship is the best idea ever to deal with this problem.  

How To Join Goodfellows?

Goodfellows is a very good initiative taken by Shantanu Naidu and supported by Ratan Tata. You can join Goodfellows as a Goodfellow as well as Grandpals

How to join Goodfellows

How to join Goodfellows as Goodfellow? 

If you like and enjoy the company of elderly people the Goodfellows is a great option for you. You can join Goodfellows by passing a psychological test, background verification, and interview.  

Goodfellows allows young, empathetic, and innovative graduates to interact with the elderlies. 

How to join Goodfellows as Grandpals?

If you are old age and want a good company to spend some quality time with children like your grandchildren then Goodfellows is the best platform for you. If you want to join Goodfellows then you can join by Goodfellows website or can give a missed call on this number – +91 8779524307. 

You can join Goodfellows by registering yourself. Then they will provide you a Goodfellows of your matching choice. 

Goodfellows Website

On the Goodfellows website, you can join the companionship program. One can join the companionship on the Goodfellows website –

Goodfellows Operation Areas

Goodfellows startup is a great idea. According to the plan, Goodfellows operation areas will be each city and town of India but as it is just launched Goodfellows operation areas are limited now. 

Goodfellows startup

Currently, Goodfellows services are only available in Mumbai but very soon they will spread the areas of services. And anyone from anywhere will be able to join Goodfellows. You can join by Goodfellows website or can give a missed call on this number –  +91 8779524307. 

Who Is Shantanu Naidu?

Who is Shantanu Naidu? The one whose idea will help millions of elder people in India, who are suffering from loneliness. The idea of building a business like Goodfellows is of Shantanu Naidu.

Shantanu Naidu nothing but an assistant of Ratan Tata. He is just 28 years old and had done so many good wills. We are watching one example of them and that is Goodfellows startup. 

Not only this but Shantanu also started a startup named Motopaws in Pune in the year 2015. This startup was initiated to protect street dogs from vehicle accidents. Hence we can consider that Ratan Tata’s glimpse can be seen in Shantanu Naidu.

Shantanu Naidu came into the light last year when Ratan Tata’s video of cutting cake went viral. In that video, he was with Ratan Tata and he used to be with him always. You may often see Shantanu Naidu with Ratan Tata and may think who is Shantanu Naidu, so now you know the answer who is Shantanu Naidu, the young with Ratan Tata. 

Hence we can say that Shantanu Naidu is the founder of this virtual concept and service Goodfellows. Ratan Tata also helped him in this Goodfellows startup.

Goodfellows Services

The main objective of Goodfellows is to take away the loneliness of their clients, and their clients are old-age people who are not living with their family or not enjoying their life. So Goodfellows provide them such services as a grandchild. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Goodfellows services

Spend quality time together

Goodfellows are very good listeners, one can spend quality time with them and can vanish all their tensions and troubles. You can talk with them, they will listen to you, you can play with them, can have a cup of tea with them. These activities will help the grandpals to spend quality time with Goodfellows. 

Accompany you on daily works

Goodfellows can accompany you in your things like buying products of your need, medicines, clothes, etc. Goodfellows can accompany you in your shopping. And shopping with some is much better than shopping alone. So it is one of the great things you can have in the services of Goodfellows.

Technology tutoring and assistance

Technical gadgets like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. are very latest and most old-age people don’t know how to use them. So Goodfellows can assist Grandpals to learn technology.

Visit the Doctor with you

Visiting a doctor alone is one of the hardest things. So if a Goodfellows accompany you while visiting a doctor this will the best thing for you as well as for the goodfellows.    

Embark on unique experiences

You can gain completely new and unique experiences with your Goodfellows. You can go to restaurants, and movies, visit places near or far from your residence and do anything you want to do. This will be the best thing to deal with your loneliness. 

Join you on walks

Goodfellows can join you on walks. Talking while walking also reduces the chance of feeling lonely and makes you a happier person. 

Goodfellows curated events 

Goodfellows also provide food and fun from their side at any place. So this can also be a cool thing to do with your Goodfellow.

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Final Words

Goodfellows startup is a really very nice initiative and the idea of Shantanu Naidu. As we have already talked Ratan Tata investment brings more brightness to this Goodfellows startup. We have also shared how to join Goodfellows.

Hope Goodfellows startup will be successful and will bring joy to the life of many elderly and lonely people.  


What is Goodfellows startup?

Goodfellows is a startup by Shantanu Naidu, assistant of Sir Ratan Tata. The main objective of Goodfellows is to connect the youth with the senior life of our country who is living alone by themselves and not with their family. So Goodfellows provides meaningful companionship to elderlies.

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