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7 Unique things in IPL t20

As we know this is the season of IPL and it is nothing but like a festival. But this time it is very different from the previous ones.

In this article, I am going to tell you 7 Unique Things in IPL T20. What makes it different this time? Starting from the Title Sponsors to the Shifting of the Country and all the change rules in this I am going to cover it all.

Title sponsors of IPL T20

From DLF to Vivo, IPL has been sponsored by many companies, but last year it is sponsored by Vivo, but due to the relation of India with China and the latest boycott Chinese product policy of India, Vivo is not supposed to sponsor the IPL T20 this year.

Dream11 is title sponsor on IPL 2020

DREAM11 is going to sponsor the IPL. And this will be very interesting because Dream11 is a platform where people make their team to earn money. So we can hope that they can add more features related to this IPL t20 in their app.

IPL far from Home

This IPL t20 is not going to happen in India. It is the UAE which is going to host the IPL this time. In 2014, UAE hosts a part of IPL but this time the whole tournament is going to happen there.

IPL Far from Home

Due to COVID-19, this IPL has to shift to UAE and it is going to be interesting to see how they are going to manage the whole tournament by maintaining the social distancing and all because UAE is not a COVID free country yet, so it is going to be interesting.

Due to lack of stadiums in UAE, the teams have too many matches on one ground, So we can’t expect a high scoring match in the latter half of the tournament because the pitch will be slow and spinners can dominate in the tournament. In UAE there are only three stadiums in the UAE.

Empty Stadiums

The crowd is not going to be there for this IPL t20 as they have to maintain the security of the peoples and the players also. It is a huge loss for the board and players also to not have the crowd to cheer or appreciate.

Empty stadiums in IPL t20

But in this IPL t20, they are going to use recorded cheer of the crowd and the hoarding of the peoples to give the feeling of a packed stadium to the players. This kind of thing also affects team performance.

A team like CSK and MI which have huge fan following are going to affected most.

Maximum Player Limit

Only 24 players are allowed in each to be there because of the COVID-19, teams are not allowed to have a big bunch of people. They have to follow the rules of the biosecure bubble.

Limited player in IPL t20

In simple terms, it is an environment in which player support staff and the officials of the match have to be completely isolated from the outside world which minimises the threat of being infected from the novel coronavirus.

In this IPL t20, if a player feels unwell during the match, teams can get the replacement of him.

BIO Secure bubble

The players are tested before entering the bubble and after that they are quarantined, and just not allow to meet anyone from the outside they are also not allowed to go outside and break the security bubble.

They have to travel as a unit on bus and flight. If someone breaks this bubble has to face the punishment given by the board. This Idea is implemented in WI vs ENG series and after that ENG vs PAK series and it worked very well for them.

No handshakes and no mascots

There will be no mascots present at the time of toss in the match and no handshakes are allow after the toss. The players have to maintain the social distancing during that time a camera will be there to monitor the protocols of social distancing.

The players are not allowed to shake hand during the match also. Saliva is also banned. The players cannot use saliva to shine the ball. This can create difficulty in fast blowers to keep the ball new.

No dressing room interview

During IPL t20, the broadcasting team of the channel makes the inside stories to create the interest of the people. The broadcasting team takes players’ interview and make the stories on them but this year they are not allowed to do that so.

The broadcasting team just take their English commentators with them and the other regional commentaries have to be done from the studio. This can minimize the travel of the commentary team and maintain the safety of them.

Final Words

IPL is going to happen under the empty stadium player have to maintain the social distancing and it is not happening in India, there are several problems in this year’s IPL.

But the important thing is that it is going to happen which is very good news for the country because in the time of the coronavirus and all the other sad news going on cricket is the thing which can give peoples the happiness and cheer them up. For more details visit the official website of IPL t20

BCCI and the franchise have to work hard for that but they are really up for. At the end what you miss the most in this IPL just leave the comment and let us know.

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