Vinita Jain Biography – Inspiring Success Story Of Biotique Founder

Vinita Jain Biography - Inspiring Success Story Of Biotique Founder

India is known for its Ayurvedic remedies for the care of health and beauty and this legacy is also carried out by some entrepreneurs who are providing 100% natural products for healthcare and beauty. Vinita Jain is the one and today I will tell you her success story of building a brand like BiBiotique with this Vinita Jain Biography. So stay tuned and keep reading the very inspiring journey of the entrepreneur.

Key Points

  • Vinita Jain used to live with her family in Assam and Darjeeling who used to cultivate tea.
  • She earned the knowledge of Ayurveda there from the Ayurveda Gurus who lived in the estate.
  • She studied biotechnology and business management in order to open her own brand to share the 5,000-year-old Indian traditional medicinal values with the world and hence Biotique was born.

Vinita Jain Biography

Vinita Jain is the founder and CEO of Biotique which is an Authentic Ayurveda brand with a vast category of products ranging from healthcare to beauty products. She had an incredible journey till she established Bio Veda Action Research Pvt. Ltd.

Vinita Jain Biography - Inspiring Success Story Of Biotique Founder

Vinita Jain spent the most prestigious time of her life in Assam and Darjeeling where she used to live with her family. Vinita’s grandfather used to cultivate tea. Her family was blessed to welcome the Masters of Ayurveda and thus she too. From the day she was born, she was being treated with Ayurvedic medicines whether the issue was health-related or beauty.

She also learned the culture of treatment from plants and plant extracts that came from 5,000 years ago. But it was not enough to accomplish her dreams. Thus she compiled Ayurveda with modern biotechnology and cosmetology and the results are ahead of us with her company Biotique which provides 100% natural products for healthcare and beauty.

Full NameVinita Jain
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
LivedAssam & Darjeeling
Father’s NameMr. Jain
Mother’s NameMrs. Jain
EducationBiotechnology & Business Management
Business NameBiotique
Current PositionFounder & CEO
Net WorthRs 10 Crore
Vinita Jain Biography

Vinita Jain Education

As we have just talked she mostly spent her time at the foot of the Himalayas with Ayurveda Masters who are passing their legacy from generation to generation and she also became part of learning these techniques from them. Vinita wanted to open a company and create products with 100% natural ingredients and techniques so that the benefit of these 5,000-year-old practices could be shared with the world as well. For that, it was necessary to pursue her formal science and commerce education.

She completed her graduation in India out of her remote place where she was learning Ayurveda and then left India and went to Switzerland to study biotechnology. After that, she went to the United States to study business management. After earning knowledge in both areas, science, and commerce, she came back to India again to fulfill her dream.

Vinita Jain Family

Vinita Jain was born into a middle-class family. As of now, little information is available regarding her family. She has not shared any details about her family except that her grandfather and family had tea plantations in Assam and Darjeeling where she learned and mastered the art of Ayurveda under the guidance of Ayurveda Gurus.

Vinita Jain Biotique

Vinita Jain Biotique success story

When Vinita Jain came back to India with all the necessary educational qualifications and most importantly knowledge of science and commerce together which is crucial thing for an entrepreneur, she founded Bio Veda Action Research Pvt. Ltd. in 1992.

She worked with an expert team of doctors and Swiss Cosmetologists to create Biotique products that are made up of 100% natural ingredients, and no preservatives are included in order to increase the shelf life of the product. According to the Vinita Jain Biotique company, they include formula – No chemicals. No preservatives. No animal testing.

Only botanical extracts of plants, herbs, and trees, and the protein content present in their roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits are used to manufacture Vinita Jain Biotique products which are cultivated in the foot of the Himalayan hills.

Vinita Jain Biotique had the only aim behind finding Bio Veda Action Research Pvt. Ltd. was to serve the world with the combination of quality Indian Ayurveda medicine and advanced modern science as solutions to health and beauty problems. Now, she has almost accomplished her dream because Vinita Jain is not just an Indian household name but is a popular product in more than 50 countries of the world.

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Vinita Jain Net Worth

The estimated Vinita Jain net worth is approximately, Rs 10 Crore as of 2023. Her main source of earnings is her business. Vinita is one of the most powerful women entrepreneurs in India.

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Vinita Jain Social Media

In this Biotique founder Vinita Jain biography, I have shared all the crucial details about the entrepreneur and you might be interested in following her but she has no social networking presence but Vinita Jain Biotique is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where you can find the brand and stay connected with it.

Vinita Jain Biotique Instagram username is @biotique_world and the page has more than 361K followers and its Facebook username is Biotique with 372K followers. Its Twitter handle name is @Biotique_World and it has LinkedIn username is Biotique.

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Interesting Facts About Vinita Jain

Through this Biotique founder Vinita Jain biography, I have shared all the details about the Ayurveda entrepreneur and thus you must have read up on these facts about Vinita Jain. So here I am sharing some interesting and lesser-known facts about Vinita Jain below.

  • She used to live in Assam and Darjeeling as his family used to do tea cultivation.
  • The place was at a remote location that the nearest hospital was around 500 miles away.
  • Vinita learned the art of Ayurveda from the Aryurveda Gurus.
  • In order to create her own brand, she wanted to gain knowledge of science and commerce and for that, she went to Switzerland to study Biotechnology and the US to study Business Management.
  • She has read ”Charak Samhita” and ”Bhagbhat Nikanthu Indian ancient Ayurveda scriptures.
  • Vinita Jain Biotiques leads the team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Scientists, and Swiss Cosmetologists.
  • Indulge in the goodness of non-toxic beauty is the tagline of Biotique.

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Final Words

Through this Biotique founder Vinita Jain success story, we have learned that when you have the will to achieve something, you have to lose your comfort zone and enter the real world. Vinita also left her remote place where she was living peacefully and went to Swiss and the US to gain the knowledge she had the requirement. And when she came back with all the preparations, she made it.

In this Vinita Jain biography, I have all the details about her including Vinita Jain education, Vinita Jain family, Vinita Jain business, Vinita Jain net worth, Vinita Jain social media presence, facts about Vinita Jain, etc. Hope this Vinita Jain Biotique success story was inspirational for you and the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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What is the education qualification of Vinita Jain?

Biotique founder Vinita Jain has studied Biotechnology in Switzerland and Business Management in the United States.

Who is the owner of Biotique?

Vinita Jain is the owner and founder of Biotique.

What is the net worth of Vinita Jain?

As of 2023, Biotique founder Vinita Jain net worth is approximately Rs 10 Crore.

Who is the CEO of Biotique India?

Vinita Jain is the founder and CEO of Biotique.

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