Tarla Dalal Biography – Recipes, Books, Awards, Death, Movie, & Interesting Facts

Tarla Dalal Biography

Today in this write-up we are going to talk about a lady who really taught the value of vegetarian Indian food and promote it through her excellent cooking. Want to know who is? That was the expert out of expert Tarla Dalal, who started cookery classes from her own residence and not only in India but her recipe was also taken to every house in other countries of the world.

So in this Tarla Dalal biography, we will learn about her journey from day one to last and will cover the most crucial chapters of her life like Tarla Dalal birth, Tarla Dalal education, Tarla Dalal family, Tarla Dalal husband, Tarla Dalal children, Tarla Dalal cookery classes, Tarla Dalal recipes, Tarla Dalal books, Tarla Dalal awards, Tarla Dalal website, Tarla Dalal death cause, Tarla Dalal biopic, Tarla Dalal movie release date, Tarla movie Huma Qureshi, some interesting facts about Tarla Dalal, etc. So stay tuned and read the whole Tarla Dalal biography.

Tarla Dalal Biography

Tarla Dalal Biography

Tarla Dalal was born on 3 June 1936 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Tarla was the eldest child in the house and she was so interested in cooking even from her childhood. Tarla Dalal age was just 12 years when she started cooking in her home while helping her mother. In Indian houses, most of the girls used to help their mothers in the kitchen but the Tarla had a different point of view toward cooking and that made her a successful cook, chef, and even a writer who shared her recipes with the world.

Full NameTarla Dalal
Birth Date3 June 1936
Birth PlacePune, Maharashtra, India
Husband NameNalin Dalal
Sons NamesSanjay Dalal & Deepak Dalal
Daughter NameRenu Dalal
Death DateYear 2013
OccupationChef, Author, & Entrepreneur
AwardsWoman of the Year by Indian Merchants Chamber – 2005Padma Shree for COOKING – 2007
Books170+ Cookbooks
BiopicTarla – Huma Qureshi

Tarla Dalal Education

Tarla Dalal educational qualifications include a BA in Economics which she completed in the year 1956, at that time Tarla Dalal age was 20 years and yet she was engaged.

Tarla Dalal Family

As we know, Tarla was the eldest child in her family and was so willing toward cooking. Till the age of 20, Tarla was engaged to a man who was studying Chemical Engineering at Michigan University. In an interview, she said that he used to write her that he wants to eat this and that, complicated things she did not know how to cook, so she learned all the things to please her husband.

After the completion of her graduation in the year 1956, Tarla got married to Nalin Dalal in 1960, at the age of 24. When they two got married they shifted to Mumbai from Delhi. Tarla and Nalin Dalal have three children in the family. Tarla Dalal sons name are Sanjay Dalal and Deepak Dalal, and they also have a daughter named Renu Dalal.

Tarla Dalal Cookery Classes

Tarla Dalal Cooking Classes started in Mumbai when a few friends suggested she to start a cooking class so that girls can learn cooking and you can follow their passion. So Tarla started cooking classes at her own house with six students. However, Tarla Dalal Cookery Classes got famous in the whole of Mumbai, and all the mothers wanted to send their daughters to their classes, the demand increased so much that Tarla ji could not find time to take classes. Everyone wanted to send their children to Tarla’s cookery classes because whoever took their classes would return as an expert.

At this point, Nalin, the husband of Tarla Dalal suggested her write her recipes so that they can reach out to every house. From here Tarla started writing and now has been becoming one of the best seller Indian authors. The next segment we will cover in this Tarla Dalal biography is Tarla Dalal books.

Tarla Dalal Books

Tarlas Dalal wrote her first book ”Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking” and released it in the year 1974. This book has sold over 1.5 million copies. In this book, Tarla Dalal shared different techniques to convert non-vegetarian dishes into fully vegetarian throughout her recipe.

Tarla Dalal used to write cookbooks and Nalin used to edit them. In their whole career, Tarla Dalal wrote over 170 cookbooks, many of which were translated into various languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Russian, and Dutch in 1988.

Tarla Dalal Website

In the year 1987, Tarla Dalal purchased her own office and started a company with her children named Sanjay & Co. apart from that, she also launched her own website in the year 1988, so that anyone from anywhere can read the Tarla Dalal recipes.

Tarla Dalal website – www.tarladalal.com, became the largest food website in India.

Tarla Dalal website is one of the top 10 cookery websites in the world, here you will find more than 19000 Tarla Dalal recipes.

Tarla Dalal Cooking Shows

Tarla Dalal cooking shows are very popular in India and in other countries as well. She had done a total of two cooking shows – The Tarla Dalal Show and Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal.

Tarla Dalal Books

The Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal show was streamed on Sony Entertainment and get very popular in India. Along with Tarla Dalal, Sudhanshu Pandey also hosted the show and its first episode was released on 23 January 2000.

Cooking It Up With Tarla was not streamed in India only but it was also broadcast in South-East Asia, the Gulf, the US, and the UK.

Tarla Dalal Magazines

The Tarla Dalal recipes are also published in her magazine named Cooking & More. Now Tarla Dalal magazines are available twice in a month and you can by them from the book stores.

Tarla Dalal Social Media

Once Tarla Dalal was asked by her fan that why did not she record her classes. From there she got an idea to make videos of her classes and decided to upload them on various social media networks so that willing people can reach out her. Tarla Dalal used to be very active on every social media platform including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tarla Dalal YouTube Channel has more than 1.03 Million Subscribers and 2.1 Thounsand uploaded videos. Tarla Dalal YouTube Channel link is given below – 

Tarla Dalal Instagram account username is @tarladalal. Tarla Dalal has 739K followers on Instagram with 7349 posts.

Tarla Dalal Facebook account username is Tarla Dalal. Tarla Dalal has more than 562K followers on Facobook.

Tarla Dalal Twitter account handle name is @Tarla_Dalal. She has more than 99.6K Followers on Twitter.

Tarla Dalal Awards

Tarla Dalal explained the importance and value of Indian food to the world through her cooking, as well as the techniques of how non-vegetarian food can be converted into a vegetarian, and through her books, magazines, and TV shows, she shared this with the whole world and she has been awarded many awards for such soulful work.

  • Tarla Dalal won the title of Woman of the Year by Indian Merchants Chamber in the year 2005.
  • Tarla Dalal is the only India that won the fourth highest civilian award Padma Shree for COOKING in the year 2007.

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Tarla Dalal Death

Tarla Dalal taught exotic cooking to the world by using simple ingredients. When Tarla used to run cookery classes at her home in Mumbai, people used to say that ”If you want to get your daughter married, sent her to Mrs. Dallas’s classes.

In the year 2013, due to a heart attack, Tarla Dalal left us and went in peace. So at the age of 77, Tarla Dalal sleep in her peace.

Tarla Dalal Son Sanjay Dalal

You might have thought if Tarla Dalal is no more than, how her company Sanjay & Co. is still transferring her legacy to every generation. In the year 1987, the eldest son of Tarla Dalal, Sanjay Dalal joined her after completing his MBA.

Sanjay Dalal, managed her website, books, classes, social media content, and many more. Sanjay still working on the projects initiated by Tarla Ji with the aim to carry forward his mother’s legacy.

You will be happy to know that Sanjay’s daughter, means, Tarlas granddaughter is also actively involved in her grandmother’s projects. She used to handle Tarla Dalal’s social media platforms.

Tarla Dalal Biopic/Movie

To pay a tribute to India’s biggest Cooking Queen, Bollywood is making a film on her ”Tarla”. In the Tarla movie, Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is featured to characterize Tarla Dalal, and the Director of the film is Piyush Gupta.

Tarla movie trailer release date was 23 June and the movie is streaming on Zee5 from 7 July 2023 with the title name Tarla. In Tarla film, Huma Qureshi has played the role of India’s most popular kitchen Queen Tarla Dalal. People are loving her acting in the film.

Facts About Tarla Dalal

In this Tarla Dalal biography, we have learned a lot about the Indian Cooking Queen but still, there are some facts about Tarla Dalal you must have read up on to complete this life story of Tarla Dalal.

  • Tarla Dalal also started her own line of ready-to-cook mixes which was acquired by International Bestfoods Ltd. in the year 2000.
  • Tarla Dalal’s entrepreneurial traveling also includes many vegetarian restaurants one of them is Namah in Pune.
  • Tarla Dalal started her cooking class with 6 students.
  • Tarla Dalal tried every medium to reach out to the people who want to learn from her.


Tarla Dalal started her journey with six students as a home cook and spread her recipes throughout the whole world. She is a true example of will and power. From starting her journey as a home cook, she became India’s biggest chef, best-seller cookbook author, and a true entrepreneur. Every Tarla Dalal recipe is reached every Indian home through her writings, her books, her magazines, her cookery shows, and social media platforms.

Tarla Dalal revolutionized Indian vegetarian cuisine through her exceptional cooking style, passion, and dedication. She is the inspiration of many cooks and will be remembered for years of years.

In this Tarla Dalal biography, we have learned everything about her like arla Dalal birth, Tarla Dalal education, Tarla Dalal family, Tarla Dalal husband, Tarla Dalal children, Tarla Dalal cookery classes, Tarla Dalal recipes, Tarla Dalal books, Tarla Dalal awards, Tarla Dalal website, Tarla Dalal death cause, Tarla Dalal biopic, Tarla Dalal movie release date, Tarla movie Huma Qureshi, some interesting facts about Tarla Dalal, etc. Hope the content was useful for and you got all the information you were looking for. Thanks for reading.


Which is the first book of Tarla Dalal?

The first book of Tarla Dalal was ”Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking” which was released in the year 1974.

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