Sahil Bloom Biography – Age, Career, Businesses, Net Worth, & Interesting Facts

Sahil Bloom Biography - Age, Businesses, Net Worth, & Facts

“Reading and writing is the key to growth.” This is the true statement by Sahil Bloom – an inspirational writer and content creator who has set his identity apart from any content creator through his excellent writing and storytelling. In this Sahil Bloom Biography, you will get to know the actual power of a writer.

Through this Sahil Bloom biography, I will share some crucial information about the most beloved content creator globally by talking about various aspects of his life including Sahil Bloom date of birth, Sahil Bloom age, Sahil Bloom education, Sahil Bloom career, Sahil Bloom baseball, Sahil Bloom SRB Holdings, Sahil Bloom writer, Sahil Bloom wife, Sahil Bloom net worth, Sahil Bloom social media, some interesting and lesser-known facts about Sahil Bloom, etc.

So let’s get started with the general introduction of Sahil Bloom life and then gradually unfold various aspects of his life.

Sahil Bloom Biography

Sahil Bloom is known as one of the most influential writers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and investors in the world. He was born on 5 January 1991 in California, United States. Sahil was a great baseball player while studying in college and he was sure about his baseball career and future but things get changed and today you know Who is Sahil Bloom. Sahil Bloom age is 32 years as of 2023.

Sahil Bloom Biography - YouTuber, Age, Businesses, Net Worth, & Facts
Full NameSahil Bloom
Date of Birth5 January 1991
Age32 Years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceUnited States
NationalityAmerican (His mother is Indian)
Father’s NameDavid E. Bloom
Mother’s NameLakshmi Reddy Bloom
Wife’s NameElizabeth Bloom
QualificationMaster of Arts
College NameStanford University, California, US
OccupationWriters, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, & Investors
Business NameSRB Ventures & SRB Holdings
Book NameThe Powerful Life Hacks
NewsletterThe Curiosity Chronicle 
Net Worth$50 Million
Sahil Bloom Biography

Sahil Bloom Education

Sahil Bloom completed his early education in her hometown. For further studies, he enrolled himself at Stanford University, California, US in 2009 for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology which he completed in 2013. After the completion of his graduation, he then pursued a Master of Arts in Public Policy at the same University and completed it in 2014.

Sahil Bloom Family

In Sahil Bloom, there are his parents and a sibling sister. Sahil Bloom father’s name is David E. Bloom he is a Harvard Professor, author, economist, and demographer while his mother name is Lakshmi Reddy Bloom she is an entrepreneur. Sahil Bloom family is full of intelligence and diversified. On the other hand, Sahil Bloom’s sister’s name is Sonali Bloom, a Yale University graduate.

Sahil Bloom Career

Sahil Bloom Newsletter - Author, Book, Investments

Sahil Bloom career begin with Altamont Capital Partners when he joined the company as an analyst in August 2014. From 2014 to 2022, Sahil Bloom worked in different positions including Associate, Senior Associate, Vice President, Advisor, etc.

Apart from that, in the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, Sahil Bloom has served as the Board Member at a few ventures including Fox Racing (Feb 2020 – Aug 2022), Intermix (May 2021 – Nov 2022), and Brixton (Jan 2020 – Dec 2022).

If we talk about Sahil Bloom current active operations or his current working details then he is currently connected with more than one thing. Here I am sharing about that one by one.

In May 2021, Sahil Bloom started a newsletter with the name The Curiosity Chronicle through his website. This newspaper comes out twice a week. There are more than 400K subscribers of Sahil Bloom newsletter.

Apart from this, Sahil Bloom is a successful author of Penguin Random House from September 2022 to the present. He has written The Powerful Life Hacks by Sahil Bloom.  Along with being a successful content creator and entrepreneur Sahil Bloom is also an inverter who is an early investor in more than 40 startups

Sahil Bloom is also the owner of SRB Holdings which was started in January 2021, it is a personal holding company. Sahil Bloom is the Managing Partner at SRB Ventures from January 2022 to the present which is an investment firm.

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Sahil Bloom Net Worth

The estimated Sahil Bloom net worth is approximately $50 Million. He has multiple earning sources including content creation, writings, newsletters, investments, etc.

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Sahil Bloom Wife

Sahil Bloom Wife - Personal Life

Sahil Bloom wife’s name is Elizabeth Bloom, she is of Indian-American nationality and is a designer by profession. On 17 December 2016, Sahil Bloom and Elizabeth Bloom were married according to both Christian and Hindu religions.

In May 2022, Sahil Bloom and Elizabeth Bloom were blessed with a boy.

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Sahil Bloom Social Media

In this Sahil Bloom biography, I have shared all the necessary details about this crazy writer and entrepreneur. He is really an inspiration for the upcoming generations. Sahil has another fan base on social media due to his valuable writings and content. Sahil Bloom SRB Ventures is available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc where you can follow him and can stay connected with him. 

Sahil Bloom Instagram username is @sahilbloom and he has more than 355K followers on Instagram. 

Sahil Bloom Facebook username is Sahil Bloom and he has more than 2.7K followers on Facebook. 

Sahil Bloom Twitter handle name is @SahilBloom and he has more than 958.2K followers on Twitter. 

Sahil Bloom LinkedIn username is Sahil Bloom and he has more than 277,798 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn. 

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Sahil Bloom Website

Sahil Bloom website is – Sahil Bloom newsletter is joined by more than 400 thousand people which is a twice-in-a-week newsletter. He shares the best content through his newsletter with some great ideas and hacks related to health and wealth. Sahil Bloom newsletter is titled – The Curiosity Chronicle.

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Sahil Bloom Podcast

Sahil Bloom has done several podcasts that are available on YouTube for free. One of his famous podcasts is with Raj Shamani on his Podcast named Figuring Out With Raj Shamani. Here I am sharing the Sahil Bloom podcast with Raj Shamani below.

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Facts About Sahil Bloom

In this Sahil Bloom biography, I have shared all the details related to his life and also want to share some unknown and interesting facts about Sahil Bloom. So here are some facts about Sahil Bloom.

  • Sahil Bloom Father is a Harvard Professor and his mother is an entrepreneur.
  • Sahila is a Stanford University graduate while his sister is a Yale University graduate.
  • Sahil wanted to become a professional baseball player but circumstances lead to his career.
  • Sahil Bloom is two times winner of the Bruce Cameron Memorial Award which is given to the student who performed best in athletics, academics, and leadership at Stanford University annually.
  • Now, Sahil Bloom newsletter is joined by more than 400K people around the world.
  • Being a content creator, writer, and entrepreneur Sahil Bloom is also an investor who has backed 40+ startups through his early investments.
  • Sahil Bloom is a family man. He loves his family too much.

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Final Words

Through this Sahil Bloom success story, I just wanted to tell you the importance of consistency and observing your skills so that you can choose the best career option for yourself. Sometimes what we choose is not the right path, so it is important that we make every possible effort to make our future in the right direction.

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Hope this Sahil Bloom biography was useful and informative enough for you and the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.


What does Sahil Bloom do?

Sahil Bloom is a writer, content creator, entrepreneur, and investor who has a more than 400K population to read his bi-weekly newsletter – The Curiosity Chronicle and he has invested in 40+ startups at an early stage. Not only this but he has also authored a book on health and wealth-related topic.

What is the 2-day rule for Sahil Bloom?

According to Sahil Bloom, whenever you try to build any habit, do not allow yourself to skip more than one day which means you should not take 2 days off from your habit, this is the 2-day rule of Sahil Bloom.

How tall is Sahil Bloom?

Sahil Bloom height is 6’2”.

Who are Sahil Bloom parents?

Sahil Bloom father’s name is David E. Bloom he is a Harvard Professor, author, economist, and demographer while his mother name is Lakshmi Reddy Bloom she is an entrepreneur.

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