Divya Gurnani Biography – From Rs. 0 To Multi-Crore Business Journey

Divya Gurnani Biography

Today, we are going to talk about the real story of the struggle behind the success of a girl who fought with her whole family to achieve her goals and dreams. The name of the real fighter is Divya Gurnani. So here we have shared Divya Gurnani Biography to address the social issue every girl and woman faces before stepping out of their houses.

In this Divya Gurnani biography, we will discuss all the aspects of her success story including Divya Gurnani education, Divya Gurnani family, Divya Gurnani career, Divya Gurnani business, Divya Gurnani My Indian Things, Divya Gurnani company valuation, Divya Gurnani net worth, Divya Gurnani social media, Divya Gurnani Josh Talks, some unknown facts about Divya Gurnani, etc. So let’s join Divya Gurnani in her success journey now.

Divya Gurnani Biography

Divya Gurnani Biography

Divya Gurnani is the founder and Managing Director of My Indian Things which is a home decor product and service brand catering to every religion and community by providing related home decor products. Divya Gurnani was born on 18 December 1997 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is 26 years old as of 2023.

Full NameDivya Gurnani
Birth Date18 December 1997
Age26 Years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceAhmedabad, Gujarat
Mothers NameNot Available
Father NameNot Available
Educational Qualification12th Standard
School NameSt. Xavier School, Ahmedabad
Occupation Entrepreneurship
Business NameMy Indian Things
PositionFounder & Managing Director
Net WorthRs 1-3 Crore

Divya Gurnani Education

Divya Gurnani was born in Ahmedabad, the city of Gujrat and she also completed her early education in Ahmedabad. Divya Gurnani completed her 12th from St. Xavier School, Ahmedabad in the year 2014. At this time Divya age was between 17-18 years and she had dreams in her thoughts of success. Let’s see what happened after the 12th class.

Divya Gurnani Family

Divya was born and grew up in Ahmedabad in a joint family. Divya Gurnani belonged to a family where women and girls were allowed to work within the four walls of the house and could not go out. Divya was also brought up in the same environment, where she has to study till the 12th, and after that, she will be married.

Divya did not reveal any information regarding her family and parents’ names but according to her interview, Divya Gurnani’s father was very strict and unsupportive whilst her mother was in her support.

Divya Gurnani Career

Divya knew very well her family that she would not be allowed to study or work further, but along with the support of her mother, she had a spirit inside her that gave her courage. After passing the 10th standard, Divya decided to do a job, fortunately, she got a job in a call center. After a lot of arguments she finally, persuaded her father. Hence at the age of 16, Divya was earning Rs 10,000.

When Divya passed the 12th class, she got a job offer from a company in Banglore, she made up her mind to go to Banglore. But it was almost impossible to get permission from her father this time. Somehow, her mother sent her to Banglore but till now there had been many quarrels between Divya’s mother and father. It has been more than a year since Divya was employed in Bangalore, so she came back and asked her father to stop these disputes. When he did not agree, Divya took her mother with her and went to Bangalore.

At this time, Divya got realized that she has to do something big that can sort out all the problems. By investing her savings, and her mother’s cooking skills, Divya started a business in November 2017 with the name 11.11 Meals. It was going well with 11.11 Meals but due to Covid -19 Pandemic they have to take a break in March 2020

In March 2020, she joined Stafflabs Inc as a full-time Business Development Manager till August 2020 in New Jersey, United States. After that, she joined CodeAnalytiqa Consultancy & Services Pvt. Ltd. as a full-time Business Development Manager from September 2020 to June 2021.

During the lockdown, Divya was free at home so conducted research by herself about the Indian market and product requirements while seating at home. As a result of her research, she found that there is a huge space in the home decor market. People are producing home decor products with very poor quality and the least variety. So decided to make her own home decor brand My Indian Things and started preparing for that.

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Divya Gurnani My Indian Things

After making mind, Divya started working on her idea. First of all, she learned how a website can be built and how ads can run to market any product, remember here, Divya is just the 12th pass out and did not know how to build a website. So she learned it by herself and launched her website with a single product – wallpaper.

Divya Gurnani My Indian Things

In the first month, she did not even get one single sale, but Divya’s persistent behavior was enough to stand out. After one month, she started getting sales when she used all the assets to get sales, like ads, etc. In an interview on the popular talk show Josh Talks, Divya Gurnani revealed that she started My Indian Things with zero investment and after two months of hard work she earned 2 lakh rupees.

Divya Gurnani built a network of laborers, vendors, and freelancers along with listing as many as possible products including categories like customize wallpaper, home decor, 3D PVC, foam panels, wallpaper roll, canvas, self-adhesive stickers, wooden decor, etc.

Divya Gurnani My Indian Things is not offering products only but services as well, like when you place your order, it takes 3-6 working days to deliver the product to your door, then you have to again contact the company for installation and they arrange an installer for you. Now Divya Gurnani My Indian Things have more than 10,000 happy customers.

So this was the tough and struggling journey of Divya Gurnani My Indian Things till she get success in her life. You know what, what an interesting part here, Divya Gurnani’s father now talks to her and supports her when she is successful and even consults his problems with her.

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Divya Gurnani Net Worth

Divya Gurnani My Indian Things was started with zero rupee money and now, in the year 2023, Divya Gurmani company valuation is 6 Crore. On the other hand, he estimated Divya Gurnani net worth is approximately, Rs 1-3 Crore.

Divya Gurnani Social Media

Divya Gurnani is available on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where you can follow her directly.

Divya Gurnani Instagram username is @diva_11.11 and she has around 1,659 followers on Instagram.

My Indian Things Facebook username is My Indian Things and she has around 642 followers on Facebook.

Divya Gurnani Twitter username is @Diva_996 and she has around 121 Followers on Twitter.

Divya Gurnani LinkedIn username is @Divya Gurnani and she has around 10,628 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

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Divya Gurnani Josh Talks

Being an entrepreneur, Divya Gurnani is also a motivational speaker, you can watch her podcasts on Josh Talk & DBC Podcast. Here we have shared Divya Gurnani Josh Talks podcast, which is given below.

Facts About Divya Gurnani

In this Divya Gurnani biography, we have come to know each and every aspect of her life but still, there are some facts about Divya Gurnani that remain to be discussed, so here presenting some lesser-known facts about Divya Gurnani.

  • Divya Gurnani is just the 12th pass out and running a multi-crore business.
  • Divya Gurnani’s father did not support her in pursuing any career option but when she gets successful once, now he is OK with her.
  • When Divya’s whole family was against her, only her mother became the back of her.
  • Divya did her first job at a call center at the age of 16 only.
  • During lockdown Divya learned to make a website, run ads, marketing strategies, etc. and then applied them to build My Indian Things.
  • To support, appreciate, and motivate other girls who want to achieve their dreams and goals, she also shared her views through podcasts on Josh Talk & DBC Podcast.

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In this success story of Divya Gurnani we have shared all the details about her life including Divya Gurnani education, Divya Gurnani family, Divya Gurnani career, Divya Gurnani business, Divya Gurnani My Indian Things, Divya Gurnani company valuation, Divya Gurnani net worth, Divya Gurnani social media, Divya Gurnani Josh Talks, some unknown facts about Divya Gurnani, etc. Hope the content was useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.


Who is the owner of Myindianthings?

Divya Gurnani is the founder and Managing Director of My Indian Things.

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