Father’s Day 2023 – The Shocking History!

Happy Father's Day 2023 - History & Significances

Fathers are the Heroes of our life but whenever it comes to the emotional side, they are behind somewhere. The perfect opportunity to show this emotional love and affection for our fathers is Father’s Day which we are going to celebrate on 18 June this year. Stay tuned to learn thoroughly about Father’s Day 2023: theme, significance, history, and many more.

Happy Father's Day 2023 - History & Significances

Father’s Day 2023

Father’s Day 2023 will be commemorated on 18 June 2023 globally to show gratitude towards the paternal love and support we get each and every moment we need. It is observed on the third Sunday of June every year. The main objective behind celebrating this pure and affectionate occasion is to honor the love, support, care, and sacrifice of our Father.

Father’s Day History

The history of Father’s Day begins with the sacrifice of a father and the day is commemorated as the efforts of a daughter. Let me tell the story of the history of Father’s Day. Sonora Smart Dodd was one of the daughters of an American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart. Sonora lost her mother during the birth of her 5th sibling. So Sonora and her father raised all the 5 kids but Sonora also lost her father during Civil War.

Sonora wanted to recognize her father’s efforts and sacrifices so she decided to celebrate her father’s birthday – 5 June as Father’s Day alongside Mother’s Day. after making lots of efforts for this objective, finally on it was decided to celebrate Father’s Day with the approval of local religious leaders but not on 5th June.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 June 1910. Later in the year 1966, it was officially declared by the then President of the US – Lyndon B. Johnson that the Third Sunday of June will be observed as Father’s Day every year.

Father’s Day 2023 Significances

There are uncountable Father’s Day 2023 significances as this is the day when a child and a father come in an emotional frame. Children got the courage to explain their feeling for their fathers on this special occasion. We can show gratitude by making special efforts to the mentor, protector, and provider of our life – Our FATHERS!

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