Richa Kar Biography – Zivame, Age, Career, Net Worth, & 7 Interesting Facts

Richa Kar Biography - Zivame, Age, Career, Net Worth, & Interesting Facts

Today I will share the success story of one such woman entrepreneur who is not just successful but one of the most inspiring and influential as well. Here I am talking about the Zivame Founder and CEO Richa Kar. So in this Richa Kar success story, I will share her whole journey of success from the beginning so that you too can learn from her life perspectives. So let’s start this Richa Kar Biography.

Key Points

  • Richa Kar was born in a traditional family in Jharkhand and later they moved to the US but she completed her higher education in India.
  • Richa clicked an idea to create an online women’s lingerie platform in order to provide a comfortable intimate wear shopping option to women in India.
  • Richa Kar’s parents did not support this idea but the stubborn entrepreneur inside her led him to plan, execute, and successfully build Zivame.
  • She stepped down from her post of CEO at Zivame and now she serves the brand as a Board member.

Richa Kar Biography

Richa Kar was born on 17 July 1980 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and later she moved to the United States with her parents. Richa belong to a heavily culture-steeped background where women were not even allowed to think about their careers, even her mother was a homemaker and did not pursue her career. It was difficult for her to convince her parents as she was thinking of creating an online women’s lingerie platform.

Richa Kar Biography - Zivame, Age, Career, Net Worth, & 7 Interesting Facts

The reason was, that women’s lingerie is a very sensitive topic in India and her parents were afraid of the shame they have to face if Richa could do so. Richa was never going to change her ideas and plan because of all this. She stood firm. And today, Richa Kar is the Founder and CEO of Zivame – India’s most popular women’s lingerie brand. As of 2023, Richa Kar age is 43 years and she has successfully built her all dreams even without her parent’s support.

Full NameRicha Kar
Date of Birth17 July 1980
Age32 Years (As of 2023)
BirthplaceJamshedpur, Jharkhand
ResidenceJamshedpur, Jharkhand
Father’s NameMr. Kar (Worked at the Tata Steel)
Mother’s NameMrs. Kar (Homemaker)
Husband NameKedar Gavane
QualificationBE & Masters In Business Management
College NameBE – BITS, Pilani & Business Management – Harvard Business School SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
Business NameZivame
Current PositionFounder & Board Member (ex-CEO)
Net WorthRs 750 Crore
Richa Kar Biography

Richa Kar Education

Richa went to the United States with her parents and thus she has also completed her early education there. After that, in 1998, Richa enrolled at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani to pursue a bachelor’s Degree in in Civil Engineering which she completed in 2002.

After that, she enrolled in the SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) to pursue her Management studies in 2005 which she completed in 2007.

Richa Kar Family

In Richa Kar family, there are her parents but unfortunately, she has not shared their names, so whenever I come to know her parent’s names, I will immediately inform you. Richa Kar father used to work at the Tata Steel while her mother was a homemaker.

Apart from that, Richa Kar husband’s name is Kedar Gavane and he is a Vice President at comScore, Inc. Their marriage date is also not known as of now.

Richa Kar Career

Right after completing her engineering at the BIS, Pilani, she Joined Intergraph as a software analyst and worked for around 1 year. The next year in 2004, she joined i-flex Solutions as an associate consultant which she left in 2005 in order to pursue her Masters in Business Management.

After completing her Master’s, she joined Spencer’s in 2007 as a Manager for Brand Communications and worked in this post for 1 year and later became the Area Manager. In March 2010, Richa left Spencer’s to join SAP as a consultant for retail business processes. She worked at SAP for around 1 year and 4 months and left the company to pursue her own entrepreneurial journey with Zivame.

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Richa Kar Zivame

Richa Kar Zivame Success Story

Richa Kar founded Zivame in July 2011 and served the company as a Chief Executive Officer. Being a girl who belonged to a heavily culture-steeped background, it was never an easy journey to plan and execute Zivame as a women’s lingerie brand in a country like India, where women’s lingerie is a piece of shame. Even her parents did not support her with the idea of Zivame.

But the stubborn Richa Kar had confidence that she could do it and her idea has the potential. Richa Kar Zivame, actual idea was to provide women with lingerie online in every shape and size so that any woman who feels uncomfortable purchasing undergarments for them can now purchase them from any remote place.

When she launched Zivame, her traditional family was against her but when it got some success, they gradually accepted it. Now, Richa Kar Zivame is one of the most successful and demanded intimate wear brands in India with a presence in over 35+ cities across the nation. Shri Ratan Tata has also invested in Richa Kar Zivame.

However, in 2017, Richa Kar resigned from her position as CEO at Zivame but is still connected with the company as a Board Member.

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Richa Kar Net Worth 2023

The estimated, Richa Kar net worth in 2023 is approximately Rs 750 Crore and possibly more than that.

Richa Kar Social Media

In Zivame founder Richa Kar biography, I have shared all the details about the entrepreneurs and you might be interested in following her as she is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where you can follow her and can stay connected with her.

Richa Kar Instagram username is @richakar and she has more than 1,535 followers on Instagram. Her LinkedIn username is Richa Kar and she has more than 18,680 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

Richa Kar Zivame Instagram username is @officialzivame and the company has more than 427K followers on Instagram. Zivame’s Twitter handle name is @Zivame and it has more than 9,152 Followers.

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Interesting Facts About Richa Kar

Through this Zivame Founder Richa Kar biography, I have tried my best to provide you with all the crucial details about her and thus you must have read up on these facts about Richa Kar. So here I am sharing some interesting and lesser-known facts about Richa Kar below.

  • She completed her Graduation at BITS, Pilani, and her Master’s at NMIMS.
  • Richa Kar parents did not support her idea of selling women’s lingerie online.
  • Indian Business Tycoon Ratan Tata is also an investor in Richa Kar Zivame.
  • In 2017, Richa stepped down from her position of CEO in Zivame but is still serving the brand as a Board Member. Currently, Zivame’s CEO is Amisha Jain.
  • Richa Kar Zivame’s brand name is created by combining to words ‘Ziva’ and ‘Me’, Ziva is a Hebrew word that means Radiance, and me is added for a personal touch. So Richa Kar Zivame means ‘Radiant Me’
  • She loves traveling, you can see her Instagram posts of various countries and places she has visited.
  • Richa is a fitness freak who loves to do Yoga and other types of exercises in natural places. She also knows surfing

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Final Words

Through this Zivame founder Richa Kar success story, we have learned that when you have a real idea and potential, no power can defeat you even if you are standing alone. Just believe in yourself and keep working on your idea if you are not harming anyone, whether your loved ones support you or not.

In this Richa Kar biography, I have shared all the details about the entrepreneur including Richa Kar date of birth, Richa Kar age, Richa Kar education, Richa Kar family, Richa Kar parents, Richa Kar husband, Richa Kar career, Richa Kar Zivame, Richa Kar net worth 2023, Richa Kar social media, some interesting facts about Richa Kar, etc.

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Hope this Richa Kar Zivame success story was inspirational for you and the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.


Who is Richa Kar?

Richa Kar is the founder and ex-CEO of India’s top women’s lingerie brand Zivame.

What is Richa Kar age?

As of 2023, Zivame founder Richa Kar age is 43 years. She was born on 17 July 1980 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

Who is the current CEO of Zivame?

Amisha Jain is the current CEO of Zivame since May 2018.

What is Richa Kar net worth 2023?

Zivame founder and ex-CEO Richa Kar net worth 2023 is approximately Rs 750 Crore.

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