Ravi Modi Manyavar – Success Story of India’s Best Ethnic Wear Brand & 7 Facts

Ravi Modi Manyavar - Success Story of India's Best Ethnic Wear Brand

Manyavar is one of the most loved and admired clothing brands for ethnic wear in India but all we know is about the reputation of this brand but no one has any idea about the struggle and journey of its founder behind this success. Today we are going to talk about Ravi Modi Manyavar biography to learn about this first-generation entrepreneur who single-handedly built such an amazing empire.

So let’s start Manyavar Founder Ravi Modi success story from the beginning and learn about the different aspects of his life.

Ravi Modi Manyavar Biography

Ravi Modi was born in 1977 in Kolkata, India. He was exposed to business from an early age as his father had a small menswear shop in Kolkata where he used to go sometimes. This shop has played a key role in establishing such a big brand today. As of 2024, Ravi Modi age is 46 years.

Ravi Modi Manyavar - Success Story of India's Best Ethnic Wear Brand

Ravi Modi is the founder of Manyavar which is popularly known for traditional clothes in India including kurtas, sherwanis, and jackets in the men’s collection and lehengas, sarees, and gowns in the women’s collection. Let’s move forward to this Ravi Modi Manyavar educational journey.

Full NameRavi Modi
Date of Birth1977
Age46 Years (As of 2024)
BirthplaceKolkata, India
ResidenceKolkata, India
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameNot Known
College NameSt. Xaviers College, Kolkata University
Business NameManyavar (Parent Company Vedant Fashions)
Current PositionFounder
Net WorthRs 26,600 Crore
Ravi Modi Manyavar Biography

Ravi Modi Education

Ravi was born and raised in Kolkata and thus has also completed his early education in Kolkata. After schooling in Kolkata, he attended St. Xaviers College to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

Ravi Modi Family

Ravi Modi parent’s names are not available as of now. Ravi Modi’s wife’s name is Shilpi Modi and the duo has one son named Vedant Modi. Ravi, Shilpi, and Vedant are the core members of the business and leading the brand.

Ravi Modi Career

Ravi Modi Net Worth 2024 & 7 Interesting Facts

Today, we all know Manyavar as one of the largest ethnic and traditional wear brands not only in India but it is an international brand now. You might be surprised after knowing how it actually started.

Ravi used to visit his father’s men’s wear shop where he sold t-shirts, jeans, trousers, shorts, etc, when he was young. He suggested his father include men’s traditional clothes in the shop’s portfolio as he was observing the increasing demand but his father refused and did not consider him.

In 1996, when Ravi was 19 years old, his father went out of the city, he borrowed Rs 10,000 from her mother and purchased 100 Kurtas. When his father came back and knew about this he got angry with him so much, but eventually, he got happy when came to know that Ravi had sold 80 out of 100 within a week.

In 1999, Ravi established Manyavar as an ethnic wear brand for men in India and then in 2002, he founded Vedant Fashion Private Limited as a parent company for his brands. He named his company after his only son Vedant Modi.

Ravi Modi Vedant Fashions has several brands including Manyavar (Men’s Ethnic Wear), Mohey (Women’s Ethnic Wear), Mebaz, Twamev, etc.

Ravi Modi Net Worth

The estimated Ravi Modi net worth is approximately 320 crores USD or Rs 26,600 Crore as of 2024. Ravi Modi Manyavar is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India.

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Ravi Modi Manyavar Awards

Ravi Modi Manyavar is the flagship brand of Vedant Fashions and thus it has been accoladed by various firms and organizations. So here I am sharing the link of Ravi Modi Manyavar where you can find all the Manyavar accolades.

Ravi Modi Social Media

In this Ravi Modi Manyavar biography, I have shared his life journey with you and you might be interested in following him as he is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where you follow and stay connected.

Ravi Modi Manyavar Instagram username is @manyavar and it has more than 214K followers, its Facebook username is Manyavar and has 1.4 Million followers, and its Twitter handle name is @Manyavar_ with 5,792 Followers.

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Interesting Facts About Ravi Modi

In this Ravi Modi Manyavar success story, I have shared all the details about his life thoroughly and thus you must have read up on these facts about Ravi Modi. so here I am presenting some interesting and lesser-known facts about Ravi Modi below.

  • Ravi’s father had a small menswear shop in Kolkata.
  • He told his father to include men’s traditional wear in his shop’s portfolio but he reduced it.
  • Once his father was out of town and he purchased 100 Kurtas and sold 80 in a week before he came.
  • In 1999, Ravi founded Manyavar when he was just 22 years old.
  • In 2002, he established a parent company for all his brands and named it Vedant Fashions Private Limited after his only son’s name.
  • Ravi Modi’s son Vedant Modi serves the company as a Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Ravi Modi’s wife Shilpi is one of the board members in the company.

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Final Words

Through this Manyavar founder Ravi Modi life story, we have learned that if you are confident about your product as you can find the market gap then you must try. A true entrepreneur is never afraid to try his idea and product. One day you will be successful anyhow.

In this Manyavar founder Ravi Modi biography, I have shared all the details about the entrepreneur including Ravi Modi birthday, Ravi Modi age, Ravi Modi education, Ravi Modi family, Ravi Modi wife, Ravi Modi son, Ravi Modi career, Ravi Modi business, Ravi Modi net worth, Ravi Modi social media, some interesting facts about Ravi Modi Manyavar, etc.

Hope this Manyavar founder Ravi Modi biography was inspirational for you and that the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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Who is Ravi Modi?

Ravi Modi is the founder and Chairman of Manyavar, India’s most admired ethnic and traditional wear brand.

What is Ravi Modi net worth?

The estimated Ravi Modi net worth is approximately 320 crores USD or Rs 26,600 Crore as of 2024.

Who is the brand ambassador of Manyavar?

As of December 2023, South Indian star Ram Charan is the brand ambassador of Manyavar.

What is the name of the company of Ravi Modi?

Ravi Modi’s company name is Vedant Fashions Private Limited whose flagship brand is Manyavar.

What is the qualification of Ravi Modi?

Ravi is a graduate of Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University.

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