ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs UPI

ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs E-commerce

There are lots of e-commerce dominant platforms in India that are the king of their own categories like Zomato and Swiggy in food, Flipkart and Amazon in multiple categories, etc. but India has now introduced an Open network of e-commerce that will end this dominancy and serve India at the root level. In this write-up, I am going to deliver a fair comparison between ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs E-commerce.

The full of ONDC is Open Network for Digital Commerce and here I will tell you how ONDC will change the story of e-commerce in India. People are excited to experience this network but currently, it is operating in a few cities across the nation for testing. Many are confused about the difference between ONDC and currently operating e-commerce platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. So I brought up a piece of content for you to clear up this confusion.

Before backing this comparison if you do not know What is ONDC and How Does it Work then I have explained it, so you can read it and learn it, apart from that if you are a business person and want to list your company on UNDC then you can also read How to SELL on ONDC

ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy

Zomato and Swiggy are one of the most dominant food delivery platforms in India. Their operating model includes the registration of restaurants. On each order, they charge some commission from the restaurant and also delivery fees from the customers. 

ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs E-commerce

ONDC will cut this system and will connect the restaurants to the customers directly, so this middle commission will be cut out which will result ultimately in cheaper prices. Apart from that, delivery charges will be the choice of the restaurant itself according to their convenience. If you overall check the prices between ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy then you will find ONDC cheaper than Zomato and Swiggy.

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ONDC Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon

Whenever we think to shop online, most of us choose Flipkart and Amazon, but do you know these platforms charge a huge commission from the sellers and an extra delivery charge that ultimately increases the price of your product?

Sellers have to pay 18-40% commission as the selling price of their products on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, in exchange the platform provides the technology and system. But if we compare this selling price between ONDC Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon then, the sellers will get access to the ONDC network at only 8-10% selling price. The delivery charge that the platform used to take from the customer earlier, on ONDC the seller can take that delivery fee directly from the customer and can also remove the delivery charges if not required.

Government officials have also said that they are not interested in the fixed commission, it will be only decided by the market forces.

Between ONDC vs Flipkart vs Amazon, ONDC has more advantages from the point of view of buyers and sellers, as sellers have to pay less selling prices for products and buyers will get cheaper products than other platforms. The most important thing is sellers can connect with their customers directly.

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While explaining What is ONDC and How Does it Work, everyone takes the example of UPI. UPI or Unified Payment Interface was also a Government backed technology like ONDC. UPI is known for its instant payment method and the best part is it does need any specific platform, you can transfer money from one account to another by using any Payment app. Even there is no need to use the same Payment Gateway while transferring money.

This technology is now acquired in e-commerce by the Government but still, there are some differences between ONDc Vs UPI because they are developed for different purposes. Whether the technology behind ONDC Vs UPI networks same, somewhere their operating systems are different.

While paying through UPI, it takes a second to complete the transaction whereas, ONDC takes time to complete the order as the process follows the order, shipping, delivery, and sometimes return as well. Although we can order online, the parcel will be delivered offline, which usually takes 5-7 working days.

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National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is connected with ONDC to link agriculture with e-commerce. ONDC and NABARD partnership is the first-ever step to the innovative idea toward the development of the agriculture domain in the nation. In this ONDC and NABARD grand challenge, there are more than 400 entities are registered. 

Apart from this, NABARD is one of the early investors in ONDC. ONDC and NABARD have taken a very futuristic and crucial step toward the development of the agriculture segment in the nation.

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ONDC And Beckn

ONDC and Beckn are togetherly operating through the Beckn protocol. Let me explain the role of Beckn here. Actually, while using ONDC Network for shopping and transaction somewhere your data will run on the network but could not be stored by any authority because the Beckn protocol will provide a decentralized ecosystem to the whole process. So ONDC and Beckn have togetherly formed a decentralized, and open-source system to end the dominance of some e-commerce platforms.

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Final Words

ONDC has revolutionized the e-commerce market in India. People are confused about ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs E-commerce, some are thinking that when ONDC will be in operational in Pan India and will complete its testing phases successfully, the role of other e-commerce platforms will end. Here you need to understand that UPI was also a revolutionized technology but still, other payment platforms are surviving this will also happen with ONDC.

Hope now you got the difference between ONDC Vs Zomato Vs Swiggy, ONDC Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon, ONDC Vs UPI, etc. Here I have also explained to you the connection between ONDC and NABARD, and ONDC and Beckn.

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