How To Sell On ONDC? ONDC Seller Registration Process [Explained]

How To SELL on ONDC Registration Process

Everyone is just excited to know about ONDC and its working mechanism. People want to know how ONDC is different from already existing e-commerce marketplaces. Above all this, small retailers and businesses are confused that how to sell on ONDC. How will they be able to register their businesses on ONDC so that their sales can start quickly? So here I came to give an account of the ONDC Seller Registration Process.

So dear sellers, in this write-up, I am going to share complete details regarding how to register as a seller on ONDC so that you can grow your business in the developing market of e-commerce in India.

If you don’t know about ONDC, then let me tell you that it is an open network system established by DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) for every small and big business in India to enter the e-commerce market and create connections between sellers and buyers.

As I already explained What Is ONDC & How Does ONDC Work? In my previous write-up. Here in this write-up you will understand every aspect of ONDC but if you want to sell your products on ONDC then here I am going to explain to you the complete How to register as a Seller on ONDC. Before learning the ONDC registration process, let’s have a quick check that how ONDC will operate if it is not a software or platform.

How ONDC Works?

The full form of ONDC is Open Network for Digital Commerce and it is established by the  DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) in April 2022. The ONDC is currently in its testing phase and is actively operating in 236 cities in India. Actually, ONDC is not a software or platform but a network that will connect the big players of the e-commerce market and small retailers. By forming a chain network between sellers, buyers, and logistics companies, ONDC is going to boom in the e-commerce sector.

What is ONDC? How does ONDC Work?

Before going to the segment that How to register on ONDC let me explain to you the role of sellers, buyers, and logistics in the network of ONDC.

So there will be some buyer apps for the customers/consumers like your regular shopping apps including Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra, CraftsVilla, IDFC, MyStore, Paytm, etc. from where customers can place their orders. Now you might have thought that if such big companies get listed in ONDC, then how will small businessmen get a chance to get listed?

Now it is the turn of seller apps to deal with this thing. There are some seller apps that have tied up with ONDC including  – Bizom, Diglit, Growth Falcons, MyStore, nStore, Sellerapp, etc. which provide registration services to new vendors for connecting with ONDC. After successful registration, you can list and sell your products.

Now it is the turn of logistics companies, what will be their role in this entire ONDC open network? Just like seller apps and buyer apps give their services, logistics companies will also provide their services. Sellers will be independent to choose any of the listed logistics companies on ONDC to deliver their products and services. Some of the listed logistics companies connected with ONDC are Delhivery, Dunzo, Grab, LoadShare, etc. You can also use your own delivery system, it is not necessary to use ONDC logistic system.

You might have understood how ONDC is operating and what will be the role of different segments in this network. Now let’s come to the point that HOW TO SELL ON ONDC?

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How To Sell On ONDC?

How To SELL on ONDC Registration Process

How To Sell On ONDC? ONDC or Open Network for Digital Commerce is inviting you to sell your products online by using the open network of ONDC and to grow your business and sales. You already know how this will work. The only question remains are the ONDC registration process. Here I am going to explain to you ONDC Seller Registration Process.

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ONDC Registration Process

Being a seller or vendor, you can choose any of the listed seller apps and can start your ONDC registration process. To complete ONDC registration online you have to fill in some details regarding your business in the chosen seller app, whether you choose any app out of Bizom, Digiit, Growth Falcons, MyStore, nStore, Sellerapp, etc.

First of all open the official website of the seller app. You should not have any problem in using any seller app, so here I am giving the links to all the apps.

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When you open any of the seller apps you will be asked for some details about you and your business. Every seller app will have different interphase but they will all ask for some common details. Here I mentioned what those common details could be.

ONDC Seller Registration Process - How to register as a seller on ONDC?
  • Complete Name of Your Business/Company
  • Contact details – Company phone number, email address, etc.
  • Pick up Address
  • Bank Account details
  • Company Logo
  • Website URL
  • Area of Operation (You can choose in which area you want to deliver your products)
  • Logistics (You want to choose ONDCs logistics company or your own system)
  • GST Number
  • FSSAI Number (If you are a food & beverage company)
  • Pan Card details
  • Etc.

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So to complete the ONDC registration process you will be asked at least these details and many more regarding your new e-commerce journey like if you want to place your orders as refundable or cancelable or not, whether you want to operate in a particular city or PAN India, store opening hours, etc.

After the completion of ONDC registration online, you will be able to list your products on the seller app and will get orders that you will deliver by using logistics according to your choice. Hence you can sell on ONDC. So this was the registration process of ONDC.

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In this write-up, I have tried to explain to you How to sell on ONDC? And how to register on ONDC? With the help of ONDC, you can become the part of growing democratic e-commerce sector in India.

By connecting your business to ONDC, Open Network for Digital Commerce, you can cut the problems of limited orders and grow your business with market value. And stop worrying about whether your business will be discovered on the ONDC network among big players as ONDC is an open-source network where everyone will find the ability to be discovered, be it a small company or a large one.

Just complete your ONDC Seller Registration Process and start selling your products asap do not forget to explain to your interested friends, How to sell on ONDC. Hope the content was useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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