National Parents Day 2023 – Theme, History, & Interesting Facts

National Parents Day 2023 - Theme, History, & Interesting Facts

Parents play a vitally important role in every child’s life because of their guidance and nurturing. To honor their role in our life, we are going to celebrate National Parents Day 2023 this year. How difficult it gets to grow and the children who grew up in orphanages are the best example to figure out how lucky we are who have our parents for support and guidance.

So in this write-up, I am going to share some crucial information about National Parents Day 2023 dedicated to our parents who dedicate their whole life to us.

National Parents Day 2023

National Parents Day is commemorated on the Fourth Sunday of July every year and this year we will celebrate Parents Day on 23 July 2023. Mother’s Day is celebrated in May and Father’s Day is celebrated in June, following this, to bring our parents together once in a year, we celebrate Parents Day in July.

National Parents Day 2023 - Theme, History, & Interesting Facts

Somewhere, along with celebrating the support and care from our parents, the other objective of this day is also to promote responsible parenting.

National Parents Day 2023 Theme

The National Parents Day 2023 theme is “The power of parenting: raising happy, healthy, and hopeful children.” while the theme for last year’s Parents Day was “Appreciate all parents throughout the world.”

History of National Parents Day

We were already celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandpa Day but there were no days dedicated to our parents. So in 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution – “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in bringing up their children.” and introduced the bill to celebrate National Parents Day on the fourth Sunday of July every year in the United States.

Thus, we are going to celebrate the 29th National Parents Day this year on 23 July.

National Parents Day In Other Countries

In the United States, the inaugural Parents Day was observed in 1994 and the day decided was the fourth Sunday in the July months, while many other countries celebrate this day on different dates. So here I am sharing the National Parents Day dates in other countries.

  • India (Parents Worship Day) – 14th February
  • In South Korea – 8 May
  • In the Philippines – the first Monday of December

Final Words

Parents Day is the best day to show some gratitude towards our parents for what they have done in raising us, to highlight the role of parents in a child’s development, and to promote responsible parenting. Happy national parents day, here are 7 Creative Ways To Celebrate Parents Day.

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