Hindi Diwas 2023 – Interesting History, Theme, Quotes, & Unknown Facts

Hindi Diwas 2023 - Interesting History, Theme, Quotes, & Unknown Facts

Hindi is considered the mother language in India and is also the most spoken language in the country. To celebrate the joyfulness and importance of this language, this year we are going to celebrate Hindi Diwas 2023 just like every year. So stay tuned to read the interesting history of Hindi Diwas, Hindi Diwas theme 2023, Hindi Diwas 2023 Quotes and slogans, and some unknown facts about Hindi Diwas that will blow your mind. So let’s get started.

Key Points

  • India has been celebrating Hindi Diwas on 14 September since 1953 while World Hindi Day is commemorated on 10 January.
  • The debate for choosing an official language for the nation happened on 14 September and thus this day is announced as Hindi Diwas.
  • More than 20 countries use Hindi and 176 universities are teaching Hindi as a language/subject.

Hindi Diwas 2023

Hindi Diwas is commemorated on 14 September every year since 1953. The main objective behind this special day in September is to honor and acknowledge the most spoken language in India. Hindi was adopted as the official language during the Constituent Assembly of India.

Hindi Diwas 2023 - Interesting History, Theme, Quotes, & Unknown Facts

History Of Hindi Diwas

The history of Hindi Diwas began when Mahatma Gandhi suggested making Hindi the official language at a Hindi literary conference in 1918. After independence, when the constitution of India was being prepared, there was a debate about what would be the official language of India. This day was 14 September 1949, and after a long conversation, it was concluded that India’s official language would be Hindi and its script would be Devanagari.

To make Hindi the official language of Bharat, many Indian Hindi Litterateurs including Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Seth Govind Das, etc. As this whole incident happened on 14 September, it was announced that this day would be observed as Hindi Diwas in 1953 with the aim of increasing the use of Hindi in every sector.

Hindi Saptah

Apart from just a one-day celebration, we also celebrate Hindi Saptah which starts from 14 September. During this week, people are encouraged to use Hindi for their conversations and they are told about the advantages of using Hindi and the disadvantages of not using Hindi. During Hindi Saptah, many competitions are conducted that are focussed on the increasing use of the Hindi language.

Hindi Diwas Quotes 2023

To promote Hindi Diwas, there are so many effective Hindi Diwas Quotes 2023 available because quotes and slogans have more impact on humans. So here I am sharing some Hindi Diwas Quotes 2023.

Hindi can tie together the country in unity.

– Balkrishna Sharma Navin

A Country that does not take pride in its language and literature can never progress.

– Dr. Rajendra Prasad

A nation is dumb without a national language.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Hindi is a soul of Indian Culture.

– Kamalapati Tripathi

Hindi has always been such a language that it never boycotted any word just because it is of foreign origin.

– Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our nation.

– Sumitra Nandan Pant

I am one of those who think only Hindi can be India’s national language.

– Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Interesting Facts About Hindi Diwas

Here I am sharing some interesting facts about Hindi Diwas that you must have read up on being an Indian.

  • The Debut of the Hindi language on the World Wide Web in 2000, when the first Hindi Journal was published.
  • Hindi word is derived from the Persian word Hind which means the Land of Indus River.
  • In 1977, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji presented a speech in Hindi to the United Nations to show pride in our country’s language.
  • Bihar was the first state to declare Hindi as the state’s official language by replacing Urdu.
  • On 26 January 1950, Hindi became the place’s official language.
  • It is mentioned under Article 343 of the Indian constitution.
  • The world has been celebrating Word Hindi Day on 10 January since 2006.
  • More than 20 nations use Hindi in speaking.
  • Hindi is taught as a subject in more than 176 universities of the world.

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Final Words

Almost the whole world is using Hindi and learning our language but we feel uncomfortable speaking Hindi. This discomfort of ours is gradually destroying the existence of Hindi, which needs to be changed as soon as possible. Therefore, from this Hindi Diwas, increase the use of Hindi and protect its existence.

Hope this write-up of Hindi Diwas 2023 was useful and informative enough for you as I have covered the history of Hindi Diwas, Hindi Diwas Quotes 2023, and some interesting facts about Hindi Diwas as well. Thanks for reading.

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