Shantanu Naidu Biography – How He Became Ratan Tata’s Friends

Shantanu Naidu Biography

Some people are born entrepreneurs. They have leading qualities by birth and there are multiple examples of such entrepreneurs in India and the world. What makes an entrepreneur successful? The leading qualities, lots of determination, hard work, ideas, and most important a good heart, full of humanity.

When these all qualities get together then they form one entrepreneur like Shantanu Naidu. This write-up is written up to introduce a young entrepreneur Shantanu Naidu biography. So in this Shantanu Naidu biography, we will tell you about Shantanu Naidu education, Shantanu Naidu early life, Shantanu Naidu with Ratan Tata, Shantanu Naidu career, Shantanu Naidu journey with Ratan Tata, Shantanu Naidu startups, Shantanu Naidu net worth etc. 

Before going into the thorough story of Shantanu Naidu biography let’s have a look at the collected data about Shantanu Naidu in the tabulated fashion.

Full NameShantanu Naidu
Birthday Date 1993
Age29 years
Birth PlacePune
Fathers NameNot Known
Mothers NameNot Known
Siblings Not Known
School NameNot Known
College NameSavitribai Phule Pune University (Mechanical Engineering),Cornell University 
Qualifications MBA
Occupation Entrepreneur, Engineer, Social media influencer, and Author
Startups NameMotoPaws, On Your Sparks, Goodfellows
Networth 6 crore

Shantanu Naidu age is very young and he is doing great for as an entrepreneur. He has absolutely very soft heart that will not be need to describe after reading this Shantanu Naidu biography. You will agree with me that Shantanu Naidu has a heart like Ratan Tata after reading this article.

Shantanu Naidu Biography 

Shantanu Naidu was born in the year 1993 somewhere in India, his exact birthplace and birth date is not disclosed yet. But later he was brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. Due to the lack of information available on the internet, we could not find Shantanu Naidu’s parents’ names as well as Shantanu Naidu’s siblings’ names.

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Shantanu Naidu is an Indian entrepreneur, engineer, social media influencer, and author as well. Currently, Shantanu Naidu is working as the Deputy General Manager of Tata Trust and as the personal assistant of Ratan Tata

Apart from Shantanu Naidus family details, we will also look at Shantanu Naidus education, Shantanu Naidu early life, Shantanu Naidu relation with Ratan Tata, Shantanu Naidu career, Shantanu Naidu journey with Ratan Tata, Shantanu Naidu startups, etc. so tuned to know everything about this cold-hearted, young entrepreneur. 

Shantanu Naidu Education

There is no information available regarding Shantanu Naidu’s early education. But  Shantanu had completed his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University in the year 2016. 

After the completion of BE, he went to New York, US for master degree. Where he enrolled at Cornell University. At Cornell University Shantanu Naidu pursued MBA in the college Johnson Graduate School of Management  which he completed in the year 2018 and get back to India. 

So this was the journey of Shantanu Naidu education which he completed in the year 2018.

Shantanu Naidu Career

Shartanu was a sharp student from the very beginning and just as he build up his career by remembering the good causes and initiated startups like Motopaws, On Your Sparks, and GoodFellows. So we will look at the steps of Shantanu Naidu’s career one by one.

Shantanu Naidu Startups

Shantanu Naidu’s first startup was launched when he was only 22 years old. From this, we can sum up his spirit to do something. Shantanu Naidu has introduced three startups and we will have look at them one by one.  

Shantanu Naidu net worth


In the year 2015, Shantanu initiated this startup with the name MotoPaws. MotoPaws is a non-profit organization to protect animals like dogs from night vehicle accidents. The founder of MotoPaws Shantanu Naidu started this NGO when he was in college.

Shantanu decided to make collars for the dogs with reflectors. As he was in college and did not get enough funding so he choose raw material that was easy to access. So they collected denim jeans and clothes made up of denim and designed over 500 luminous collars.  

These luminous collars were tied to the neck of the dogs so that even in the absence of light drivers could see the dogs and can slow down the speed of their vehicle hence stray dogs can be saved from accidents.

On Your Sparks

On Your Sparks was founded by Shantanu Naidu in the year 2020. This platform is completely attached to Motopaws. In On Your Sparks, they provide courses at a very price of 500 rupees only and teach to make luminous collars and much more that are relevant to the Motopaws. And this is why On Your Sparks is also known as the sister initiative of Motopaws.


Goodfellows is also founded by Shantanu Naidu and of course, Ratan Tata helped him by investing an undisclosed amount in it. Goodfellows helps elderly people who are living alone to bring joy and happiness to their life. In this, some college graduate students who are called goodfellows accompanied their clients who are called grandpals. Goodfellows spent time with grandpals and do different-different activities to fresh their mood like a grandchild. So this is also a good causing foundation. To know more about Goodfellows click here.

How Shantanu Naidu Met Ratan Tata

As we have discussed Shantanu Naidu made around 500 reflector collars and put them on dogs. After some time this effort was featured in the Tata group of companies newsletter. Because of this, the demand for luminous collars increased. And as we know at that time Shantanu was just a young college student so he did not have enough funding to make collars.

Shantanu Naidu’s father suggested him to write a letter directly to Ratan Tata and he did exactly the same and a handwritten letter posted to Sir Ratan Tata.

After two months Ratan Tata self wrote a letter to Shantanu and tell him to meet up. Shantanu met Ratan Tata in Mumbai, after this meeting Ratan Tata agreed to fund Shantanu’s startup MotoPaws.

After this deal, Shantanu Naidu went to the USA for further studies. And in the year 2018, he came back to India and joined Tata Group as an intern of Business strategy. After an internship of two years, he later became the Deputy General Manager of Tata Trust. So Shantanu Naidu is working with Ratan Tata for the last 2 years.

This was the complete story of Shantanu with Ratan Tata. From the Motopaws startup to becoming the assistant of Ratan Tata.

Shantanu Naidu Networth

In this Shantanu Naidu biography, we have discussed about Shantanu Naidu education to Shantanu Naidu career and how he met Ratan Tata. So now let’s have a look at the Shantanu Naidu networth. Shantanu Naidu networth is around 5-6 crore.

Shantanu Naidu Social Media Profiles

Along with being an entrepreneur and engineer Shantanu Naidu is also a social media influencer. He is an active member of various social media platforms. So here we are sharing Shantanu Naidu Instagram profile.

Shantanu Naidu Instagram@suitcase_full_of_sparks
Shantanu Naidu FacebookNot Available 
Shantanu Naidu TwitterNot Available
Shantanu Naidu Linked In Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu Books 

Shantanu Naidu Books

Shantanu Naidu also worked with HarperCollins Publishers India and authored a book. Shantanu Naidu book name is I Came Upon a Lighthouse, published in the year 2021. In this book, Shantanu Naidu has shared his experience with Ratan Tata. What he learned and what he experienced with sir Ratan Tata is explained in this Shantanu Naidu book. 

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Final Words

In this Shantanu Naidu biography, we have learned that there is no age to think good and also for a friendship. Shantanu Naidu is just 29 years old and Ratan Tata is 85 years old, and these both are very close friends as they always used to be together. So the Goodfellows startup will definitely work and help millions of senior citizens get rid of loneliness.  


What is the qualification of Shantanu Naidu?

Shantanu Naidu is an MBA holder (From Cornell University). He did B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Who is the best friend of Ratan Tata?

Shantanu Naidu is the best friend of Ratan Tata. Shantanu is also the assistant of Ratan Tata.

What is the salary of Ratan Tata’s assistant?

Ratan Tata’s assistant Shantanu Naidu’s estimated salary is ₹11 lakh.

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