Best Ghee Brand In India –, 100% Natural A2 Cow Ghee

Best Ghee brand in India -, 100% Natural A2 Cow Ghee

Ghee is popularly known as one of the most nutritious products we get from cows but people forget that modernized mechanization processes have sucked up all the nutrients from a thing like Ghee. So here is presenting the best Ghee brand in India – which offers nutrient-rich Ghee traditionally made with the Bilona Method so the good qualities can be conserved.

There is a lot to know about the 100% pure A2 cow ghee brand as their offerings will touch your heart. In this era of just business, Ghree has promised to provide you with complete adulteration and preservative-free Ghee.

What Is | Best Ghee Brand In India

Founded in November 2023, is dedicated to serving the country with 100% pure and natural A2 cow ghee so that the people of our country can again meet with the real quality and health potential of cow ghee. In India, we consider cow’s ghee as nectar and people adulterate it and destroy all its properties. That’s why gives you a synonym of purity with its Ghee.

Best Ghee brand in India -, 100% Natural A2 Cow Ghee

They follow the traditional method of Ghee making which conserves its nutrition and most importantly Ghee is completely adulteration and preservative-free, these qualities make India’s best ghee brand.

Qualities of Ghee

Here I am presenting some qualities of Ghee so that you can also establish trust with this ultimate brand.

  • Crafted exclusively from 100% Shuddh Desi A2 Cow Milk.
  • Traditional Bilona Method ensures unparalleled purity.
  • A ghee that embodies centuries of tradition.
  • Experience the authentic taste of traditional Indian cooking.
  • Promotes better digestion and boosts immunity.
  • A source of good fats that fits seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle.
  • Our ghee contains important nutrients that keep you healthy.
  • Put an end to the endless search for authentic A2 cow ghee.
  • Our Desi Cow A2 ghee is the definitive solution you’ve been seeking.
  • We prioritize your satisfaction and well-being.
  • Dedicated customer support for any queries or assistance.

These are some promises has made to its customers and thus we consider that is the best Ghee brand in India.

What Is A2 Cow Ghee?

India's best ghee brand -

So there are two types of Casein Protein in the milk of cows, solely known as A1 and A2. A1 cow milk contains beta-casein protein which is considered to be avoided as it is too low in nutrients and hard to digest while A2 Cow Milk lacks this beta-casein protein which ultimately makes it more healthy and nutritious.

There are certain breeds of cows in India that lactate A2 milk like Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Deoni, etc. also offering A2 cow ghee which is 100% desi, pure, and natural. Hope now you have understood what A2 Cow Ghee is and how it is more beneficial for your health. provides you with 100% pure A2 cow ghee which is so healthy for you in comparison to other ghee brands that market them as pure but still use preservatives and adulterated ghee. We consider as India’s best ghee brand for selling its products in completely pure form and especially for selling A 2 cow ghee which is more healthy and nutritious than A1 cow ghee.

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What Is Bilona Method In

What Is Bilona Method In

The Bilona method is an ancient process of separating butter and buttermilk from the curd which is made from cow milk. In this method, a wooden churner called ”Bilona” is used and that is why called the Bilona Method of Ghee making. Let me explain to you the whole process of the Bilona Method in

So the curd is transferred into a clay or metal pitcher then Bilona is placed in this pot and rotated with the help of a rope. By rotating it for a long time, the curd gets separated into buttermilk and butter.

This butter is transferred into another utensil and then heated on firewood at a low flame, slowly this butter is converted into Ghee which is so aromatic, nutritious, and tasty. If we specifically consider A2 cow ghee here, then it is granular and yellowish in color.

So, if you are being promised that the ghee sold to you is pure desi cow ghee but it is not yellow and grainy in appearance, then understand that you have been sold adulterated ghee.

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Final Words

In this write-up, I have told you about What is and how it is the best ghee brand in India. The reason behind the nutritional value of ghee offered by is the Bilona process they follow, it helps to conserve and protect vital nutrients in the Ghee and thus its appearance also proves its purity (can be defined by its yellow color and granular texture).

Hope this write-up, containing information about the best ghee brand in India, was useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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