What Is ‘Startup Thamizha’? – TN Govt Launched Entrepreneurship Reality Show Inspired By Shark Tank

What is Startup Thamizha? TN Govt Launched Entrepreneurship Reality Show Inspired By Shark Tank

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a very great initiative in order to boost entrepreneurship in the state, and encourage and help budding entrepreneurs by providing them financial support and guidance. What is ‘Startup Thamizha’? Tamil Nadu Government has announced a business reality show named ‘Startup Thamizha’ inspired by the very popular entrepreneur reality show Shark Tank.

So here I am to share all the details about ‘Startup Thamizha’ and what you are going to experience with this initiative.

What is ‘Startup Thamizha’?

Startup TN, a nodal agency of the Tamil Nadu Government launched an entrepreneurship reality show named ‘Startup Thamizha’. This decision has been taken by T M Anbarasan, the Minister of MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in order to boost entrepreneurship in the state to meet the CM vision of Prosperous Tamil Nadu.

What Is 'Startup Thamizha'? - TN Govt Launched Entrepreneurship Reality Show Inspired By Shark Tank

So the production of the first installment of ‘Startup Thamizha’ is set to start in February 2024 and it will be conducted and managed by Brand Avatar, Blue Koi, and Refex Capital. As per the planning of the show, a total of 50 startups will be shortlisted from all the applicants for pitching after going through a 5-stage screening process and then they will be able to present their ideas and business on the mainstream of Television show ‘Startup Thamizha’.

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Where To Watch ‘Startup Thamizha’?

‘Startup Thamizha’ is a government initiative and the responsibility of production and management is handed over to Brand Avatar, Blue Koi, and Refex Capital. Apart from that, the production of the show is also set to begin in February 2024. You will be able to watch Startup Tamizha live streaming during prime time on the Tamil TV channel.

MSME minister Anbarasan is playing a key role in the implementation of this great idea to boost entrepreneurship in the state and many other dignitaries have also equally participated in the event with the same intention.

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‘Startup Thamizha’ Other Things

You might have understood now what is ‘Startup Thamizha’ and what are the intentions of the Government behind this initiative. Startup TN, the maker of the show has promised 3 seasons of the show and the production for season 1 will start in February 2024.

I would also like to tell you about the ‘Startup Thamizha’ promising investors. As of now, the show has got a Rs 200 Crore investment from different entrepreneurs and angel investors. Rs 100 Crore is pledged by Refex Group, Rs 50 Crore by Dr Velumani (Founder of Thyrocare), Rs 25 Crore by Pontaq (VC), Rs 10 Crore by Native Lead Angels, and others.

Final Words

We are hoping for the success of ‘Startup Thamizha’ just like Shark Tank India. The Tamil Nadu Government has taken a great initiative and it will give a chance of blooming to the young and innovative minds.

Hope this What is ‘Startup Thamizha’ write-up was informative enough for you. If you too are looking forward to the show and want to be an applicant, keep an eye on the registration and selection process. We wish you the very best of luck. Thanks for reading.

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