The Best Chanakya Niti for Business 2024

Chanakya niti for businesses

To win any competition or war, the greatest weapon is a calm and composed mind.

Radhakrishnan Pillai {modern-day Chanakya}

This write-up will help you to understand Chanakya Niti for Business.

Who was Chanakya?

Chanakya was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor. He was famous for business lessons and strategies. Today in the 21st century his teachings are widely famous.

These are important lessons from a very famous business book Chanakya Neeti for Business written by Radhakrishnan Pillai that will help every businessman/entrepreneur to start or grow their business.


The first step in Chanakya Niti for business Chanakya told Chandragupta to develop his intuition.

As a leader, every businessman/entrepreneur needs to develop intuition about what will happen next in the industry and which step to take to successfully grow the business.

learn from others’ mistakes

Chanakya Niti for business always says if you want to grow rapidly in your life so always learn from other people’s mistakes. So that you will not do those mistakes in your life and become successful early in your life.

Never share your business secrets

Chanakya Niti for business always says if you will share your business secrets with others then soon you will fail in your life and business as well. Even Chandragupta Maurya never shared his empire’s secrets with others. So remember, never share your business secrets with other people who are not your business partners.

Let us understand this with the example- We all know about the brand Coca-Cola which makes a soft drink since 1886 but nobody in the world knows their trade secrets about how they manufacture Coca-Cola. Hence, you can build your business empire with a wonderful idea but never share your business secrets.

Observation skills

Chanakya Niti for business always encourages entrepreneurs and businessmen to develop great observation skills. You need to be a great observer before you start your business.

You must know how to examine and analyze the environment around you to grab the right opportunity available in the environment.

Chanakya Niti for Business 2024

Always work on the weakness of your competitors

Chanakya Niti for business always says no matter how successful your competitors are but always there is a weakness in their product\services. On which you can work and grab the market opportunities and become the market leader in your industries.

For example- When Radhakishan Damani started DMart in 2000 he worked on the weakness of their competitors to provide groceries at a lesser rate by improving their sales.

Influential person

Chanakya Niti for business always to become an Influential person. To run a business you need to have an Influential power in your hand. Chanakya helped Chandragupta Maurya to become an influential person and started the Mauryan dynasty. For example- We all know Dhirubhai Ambani was a great influential person.

Always keep trustful and responsible people around you

Always work with those people who are responsible and trustworthy it is not important whether they are extremely good at their work or not. But they need to be responsible and trustworthy with you.

Vision and Expansion

Chanakya Niti for business focuses on carrying a great vision for your business. Without having vision and expansion you can not build a big business and can’t do something extraordinary.

Never show your weaknesses and strength

Chanakya Niti for business says never tell your weakness and strength to anyone because they will use them against you in business games. Weaknesses and Strengths are the key parameters in a battleground whether it is a war or business rivalry.

Chanakya Niti for Business 2024

Building a high performances team

Chanakya Niti for a business focal point is to run a successful business you need to build a high-performance team without building a good team you can’t create a big business.

Your team is a valuable asset to you. It is not easy to build a good team that will work with you. It takes a lot of time to build a highly successful high-performance team.

Why you are doing the work? What will be the Impact? and outcome?

Chanakya Niti for business always says to ask yourself questions and find out answers to that questions. Chanakya always says to ask yourself this question, again and again, what do you want to create for customers with the help of your business?

Educate yourself

Chanakya Niti for a business always focuses on keeps on educating yourself the day you stop learning you will stop growing.

Fact- Do you know Chanakya is one of the most well-read people in Indian ancient history?

Test and Launch

Chanakya Niti for a business says always first test your product before launching it in the market. You need to test your product at a smaller level before you launch it in the market.

final Words

Chanakya was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor. He gave valuable business teachings which are known as Chanakya Niti for business. These are 14 Important business lessons from Chanakya Niti in this write-up. These lessons include to most important chapters that never share your business secrets and never tell your weaknesses and strengths to anyone.


What is Chanakya Niti for a business?

It is a business teaching from the life of Chanakya.

How Chanakya defeated Dhana Nanda?

Chanakya defeated Dhana Nanda with the help of Chandragupta Maurya and used his army and strategies to kill Dhana Nanda.

Who was Chanakya’s father?

Chanakya’s father was Rishi Canak.

Chanakya belongs to which state?

Chanakya belongs to Takshashila or Taxila City in Pakistan.

Who was Chanakya’s wife?

Chanakya was not married.

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