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Sharan Hedge Biography - Age, Career, Businesses, Facts

Sometimes destiny leads our future and chooses the best for us. Sharan Hedge life story is something similar to this statement. In this write-up, we are going to talk the journey of Sharan Hedge who used to be an associate consultant, and nobody knew him and now he has millions of followers. What happened with him exactly, let’s figure out Sharan Hedge Biography.

In this Sharan Hedge success story, I will tell you the most encouraging and inspirational life journey of the entrepreneur by talking about various aspects of his life including Sharan Hedge date of birth, Sharan Hedge age, Sharan Hedge education, Sharan Hedge career, Sharan Hedge history, Sharan Hedge The 1% Club, Sharan Hedge net worth, Sharan Hedge social media, Sharan Hedge YouTube Channel, Sharan Hedge wife, Sharan Hedge Book, Sharan Hedge family, some interesting facts about Sharan Hedge, etc.

So let’s dive into the Sharan Hedge biography or can say Sharan Hedge success story and understand his journey.

Sharan Hedge Biography

Sharan Hedge is an entrepreneur, author, content creator, and the founder of The 1% Club which is India’s largest Finance Community with over 20,000 members. Sharan Hedge was born on 15 July 1995, in Mangalore, Karnataka. Being an entrepreneur, Sharan is also an author. He is known for his ultimate finance knowledge. As of 2023, Sharan Hedge age is 28 years.

Sharan Hedge Biography - YouTuber,  Age, Career, Businesses, Facts
Full NameSharan Hedge
Date of Birth15 July 1995
Age28 Years (As of 2023)
BirthplaceMangalore, Karnataka
ResidenceBanglore, India
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameNot Known
Sister’s NameShreya
EducationB. E. & MBA
College NameRV College Of Engineering & Columbia Business School
OccupationEntrepreneur, Author, & Content Creator
Business NamesFinance With Sharan & The 1% Club
Net WorthNot Known
Sharan Hedge Biography

Sharan Hedge Education

Sharan completed his early education in his hometown and then he moved to Banglore to pursue his graduation. He enrolled himself in the RV College Of Engineering for a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 which he completed in 2018.

In 2022, Sharan has completed his Master of Business Administration from the Columbia Business School, in New York City. He wanted to pursue MBA before but got busy building his venture.

Sharan Hedge Family

In Sharan Hedge family, there are his parents and sister. Currently, Sharan Hedge’s father’s name and mother’s name are not available but it is known his father owns a restaurant in Mysore. Sharan Hedge sister can be seen in his videos on social media and her name is Shreya. Sharan Hedge is not married yet and there is no information available about his girlfriend.

Sharan Hedge Career

Sharan Hedge Net Worth, Businesses, & Facts

Sharan Hedge started his professional career as an Analyst right after completing his engineering in 2018 at KPMG India. He worked there for 2 years and months and then left the company to join PwC in April 2021 as a full-time Associate Consultant. He worked here for 10 months. While working here, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and he started Finance With Sharan – a social media platform for personal finance (as an educational platform).

By using YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc as content publishing platforms he uploaded content on various finance-related topics including investment, taxation, insurance, real estate, money psychology, etc.

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Finance With Sharan

Currently, Finance With Sharan is one of the biggest personal finance learning platform as his content is just outstanding. He uses Bollywood and Hollywood movie characters while shooting videos and thus makes his content more creative and attractive. His sister also appears in his videos.

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The 1% Club Sharan

In April 2022, Sharan Hedge founded The 1% Club with the aim to provide financial knowledge to its members and help them to achieve financial independence. The 1% Club has 8 modules and 88 lessons of 12 hours of content. They also guaranteed a full refund even without asking you the reason if you do not find their lessons valuable.

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Sharan Hedge YouTube Channel

Sharan Hedge YouTube channel has over 1.89M subscribers and he has uploaded 324 videos at the time I am writing this Sharan Hedge biography. Here he teaches financial lessons in a comedic way and has also done Podcasts with India’s Top 1% Personalities.

Sharan Hedge Social Media

The content he posts on his social media profiles is also very much valuable and thus you must be interested in following him as he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc where you can stay connected with him.

Sharan Hedge has two Instagram accounts, his personal account username is @sharan.hegde and he has more than 23.6K followers on his this account while his other account is for finance content with the username @financewithsharan and he has 2.2M followers on this page.

Finance With Sharan Facebook username is Finance With Sharan and he has more than 228K followers on Facebook.

Sharan Hedge Twitter handle name is @financewsharan and he has more than 61.6K Followers on Twitter.

Sharan Hedge LinkedIn username is Sharan Hedge and he has more than 263,163 followers and 500+ connections LinkedIn.

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Sharan Hedge Book

Sharan Hedge book name is Zero To Viral. He published the book in March 2020. The title came from his journey as he was nothing before he started content creation during the lockdown and when he started creating content on finances his life and identity changed completely.

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Sharan Hedge Net Worth

The estimated Sharan Hedge net worth can not be considered exactly yet but in a post, he called himself a Millionaire. Sharan has multiple sources of earning and is the owner of massive wealth as he is excellent in finance.

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Facts About Sharan Hedge

In this Sharan Hedge biography, I have shared all the crucial details about the entrepreneur and you must be aware of some interesting and lesser-known facts about Sharan Hedge. So here I am sharing some facts about Sharan Hedge

  • Sharan Hedge was named in the List of 30 Under 30 Asia 2023.
  • Sharan was an Associate Consultant at PwC before he started content creation.
  • Sharan has over 2 Million followers on Instagram. He has a massive fan following on every social media platform.
  • Sharan is followed by such a large population because of his content on personal financing.
  • He makes videos of personal financing by using movie characters and makes them fun with learning that’s why he is loved by so many people.
  • Sharan can speak Hindi, English, Kannada, and Tulu languages fluently.

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Final Words

Through this Sharan Hedge success story, my purpose was to tell you that if you turn the trouble into opportunity then your destiny will definitely drive you to success. All you have to do is when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.

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Hope this Sharan Hedge life Story was inspirational and motivational and the content written by me was also useful and informative for you. Thanks for reading.


Who is Sharan Hegde?

Sharan Hedge is a personal finance expert, entrepreneur, author, content creator, and the founder of The 1% Club which is India’s largest Finance Community with over 20,000 members.

How old is Sharan Hegde?

As of 2023, Sharan Hedge age is 28 years.

Is Sharan Hegde a millionaire?

Yes, Sharan Hedge is a millionaire and he was also named in the List of 30 Under 30 Asia 2023.

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