Senco Gold IPO Review – GMP, Price, Launch Date, & Financials

Senco Gold IPO Review

Senco Gold Limited is ready to launch its IPO this week. So here I am sharing the Senco Gold IPO Review so that you can learn every aspect of the company. I will also share general information about the company and IPO-related details.

About Senco Gold Ltd

Senco Gold Limited is one of the biggest players in expensive stone jewelry manufacturers including gold, diamond, silver, platinum, etc. The company was launched in 1994 and turned into a public limited in August 2007 with the aim to expand the business.

Currently, Senco has 136 showrooms spread over 96 cities in 13 states of the country. If sources are to be believed Senco offers more than 1,20,000 designs in Gold jewelry while 69,000 designs in Diamond Jewelry.

Senco Gold IPO Review

Here I am sharing some key information related to the Senco Gold IPO. The Senco Gold IPO launching date is set for 4 July 2023 while the closing date is 6 July. The size of the IPO is being told Rs 405 Crores out of which Rs 270 Crores are for Fresh Issue and Rs 135 Crores are for Offer for Sale.

Senco Gold IPO Review - GMP, Price, Launch Date, & Financials

The price band for Senco IPO is set between Rs 301 to Rs 317 per share while the lot size is fixed for 47 shares which means if anyone wants to bid for Senco Gold share they can not bid for one share or any other number except 1 lot (47 shares), 2 lot (94 shares), etc. The maximum lot size is also decided and that is 13.

Senco Gold will be listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Country Stock Exchange on 14 July 2023

In this Senco Gold IPO review, I will also share Senco Gold GMP details. In the Grey Market Premium, the trading of Senco Gold shares has been started on 30th June 2023.

Senco Gold Financials

In this Senco Gold IPO review, it is necessary to know the number related to the company’s financial details. In FY 2021 company’s revenue was Rs 2,674.92 Crores which increased to Rs 4,108.54 Crores in FY 2023. While company’s net profit was Rs 61.48 Crores which apparently increased to Rs 158.48 Crores in FY 2023.

Not only has revenue and net worth increased but the borrowing of the company also increased from Rs 532.44 Crores in FY 2021 to Rs 1,177.17 Crores in FY 2023.

Final Words

In this write-up, I have tried to give you an account of Senco Gold Limited and also shared the Senco Gold IPO review by sharing all the necessary details related to the same. Hope the content was useful and informative enough for you. Thanks for reading.

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