Karishma Mehta Biography – Humans of Bombay, Net Worth, & Interesting Facts

Karishma Mehta Biography - Humans of Bombay, Net Worth, & Interesting Facts

Just start doing what you like to do and stay stick to that because your small move can lead to a vast change in your career and can be the best step ever. This is the story of Karishma Mehta who loves storytelling and started this passion with a Facebook page that is now loved by millions of hearts. Today in this write-up, I will tell you the story of Karishma Mehta who has told us millions of stories.

So welcome to this Karishma Mehta Biography as I will share some crucial aspects from her life including Karishma Mehta date of birth, Karishma Mehta age, Karishma Mehta birthplace, Karishma Mehta education, Karishma Mehta Humans of Bombay, Karishma Mehta book, writer Karishma Mehta, Karishma Mehta net worth, Karishma Mehta website, Karishma Mehta YouTube Channel, Karishma Mehta TEDx Speaker, Karishma Mehta family, Karishma Mehta parents, Karishma Mehta social media, facts about Karishma Mehta, etc.

So let’s start this story of Karishma Mehta who has told us so many untold stories and now it’s my time to tell her story. Let’s begin this Karishma Mehta Biography.

Karishma Mehta Biography

Karishma Mehta is a writer and photographer and is the Founder of a website titled ”Humans of Bombay” that was launched in January 2014 by her. Karishma is known for her brilliant writing skills and passion for photography. Apart from being an excellent writer and photographer, she is also a regular TEDx Speaker who is invited for Inspirational speeches to motivate students at various institutes and events.

Karishma Mehta Biography - Humans of Bombay, Net Worth, & Interesting Facts

Karishma Mehta was born on 5 March 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is a freelance writer and a passionate photographer. As of 2023, Karishma Mehta age is 31 years.

Full NameKarishma Mehta
Date of Birth5 March 1992
Age31 Years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceMumbai, India
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra
Fathers NameMr. Mehta
Mothers NameMrs. Mehta
QualificationBachelor of Science in Economics
College NameUniversity of Nottingham
OccupationWriter, Photographer, Social Media Influencer, TEDx Speaker, and Entrepreneur
Website NameHumans of Bombay
Book NameHumans of Bombay
YouTube Interview Series“How The Hell Did I Do It?”
Net WorthNot Known
Karishma Mehta Biography

Karishma Mehta Education

Karishma Mehta was born and raised in Mumbai, hence she also completed her early education in Mumbai. She attended Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, and was sent to Bangalore for years to study in the Boarding School. 

Right after the completion of her schooling in Bangalore, she went to the United Kingdom to pursue a bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics at the University of Nottingham.

Karishma Mehta Family

In Karishma Mehta family, there are her parents and siblings but unfortunately, there is no information has been revealed by the writer about her family. Whenever I will come to know, I will let you update immediately.

Karishma Mehta Career

When Karishma Mehta come back to India after completing her graduation, she found a Facebook named Humans of New York, she was attracted to the content very much and thud tried to find out if there is such a page available for Mumbai but there was nothing like that.

Karishma Mehta Infographics

So in January 2014, Karishma Mehta created a Facebook Page with the name Humans of Bombay, hired two interns, and started working on it. Soon the page turned into its own website as they were getting attention from the audience. on Karishma Mehta website, she covered the real topics and broke the myth and taboos around them and for that, she talked to the people on the road.

In the journey of 9 years, Karishma Mehta has built a community of 3.2 Million People with over 6000 stories. Apart from that, Karishma Mehta also works as a freelance writer for several publications including National Geographic. She is also a frequent TEDx speaker and she has been invited to the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade multiple times.

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Karishma Mehta Book

With the clear objective to raise some funds for her website Humans of Bombay, she wrote a book with the same title ”Humans of Bombay” and self-published it in the year 2016. It was the first-ever attempt to raise money for her website.

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Karishma Mehta YouTube Channel

Along with blogs, Karishma Mehta also wanted to give video content to her audience and thus last year she started a YouTube Channel for Humans of Bombay. Her YouTube Channel name is also taken from Karishma Mehta website name. At this Karishma Mehta YouTube Channel, she started an Interview series – “How The Hell Did I Do It?” in which she invites celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, politicians, etc, and interviews them that how they successfully accomplished certain goals in their life.

At the time I am writing this Karishma Mehta Biography, the Humans of Bombay YouTube Channel has more than 805K subscribers and 607 videos has been uploaded till now.

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Karishma Mehta Net Worth

The estimated Karishma Mehta net worth can not be determined at this point in time. She has multiple sources of earnings including Karishma Mehta website, YouTube Channel, etc and she is also a freelance writer.

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Karishma Mehta TEDx Speaker

Karishma Mehta Humans of Bombay

Along with being a successful writer, photographer, and entrepreneur, Karishma is also a motivational speaker, she has given several times TEDx talks and has been invited frequently to the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

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Karishma Mehta Social Media

In Karishma Mehta Biography, I have shared all the necessary details about the writer with you and you must be interested in following her as she is available on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc where you can follow her and can stay connected with her.

Karishma Mehta Instagram username is @karimehta05 and he has more than 232K Followers on Instagram.

Karishma Mehta Facebook username is Karishma Mehta Club and she has more than 581 followers on Facebook.

Karishma Mehta Twitter handle name is @Karishma_Mehta5 and she has more than 8,218 Followers on Twitter.

Karishma Mehta LinkedIn username  Karishma Mehta and she has more than 445,010 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

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Facts About Karishma Mehta

In this Karishma Mehta biography, I shared the whole life story of Karishma Mehta and you must be aware of some facts about Karishma Mehta. So here I am sharing some interesting and lesser-known facts about Karishma Mehta that you must have read up on.

  • Karishma Mehta had been in a boarding school in Bangalore for two years.
  • Karishma Mehtas Humans of Bombay is inspired by a Facebook Page Humans of New York by photographer Brandon Stanton.
  • Karishma is a freelance writer, photographer, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur.
  • Karishma Mehta website – ”Humans of Bombay” has fought social problems like abusive marriages, drug habits, etc through its valuable content.
  • She has also written a book with the objective to raise funds for her website. Karishma Mehta book name is also ”Humans of Bombay”.
  • She has also raised Rs 5 Crore to help acid attack victims and sex workers’ daughters.
  • Karishma Mehta also started a YouTube interview series – “How The Hell Did I Do It?” on which she calls entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and sports persons, etc and the most talk is around how did they accomplish certain things in their life?

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Final Words

Through this Karishma Mehta story of success, we have learned that chasing our dreams with full potential can be the key to success. She even interviewed the people on the road and asked their stories. This kind of emotion is necessary for such a profession.

Hope this Karisham Mehta life story was inspirational for you and the content I have provided was also useful and informative enough for you.


Who is Karishma Mehta?

Karishma Mehta is a writer, photographer, and TEDx speaker. She started ”Humans of Bombay” as a Facebook storytelling page which is now a website with millions of visitors.

What is Karishma Mehta age?

The Founder of ”Humans of Bombay” Karishma Mehta age is 31 years as of 2023.

What is the name of Karishma Mehta book?

Karishma Mehta book name is ”Humans of Bombay”. This is a self-published book that was aimed to raise direct funds for her website.

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