WALK Shark Tank India Season 3 – Parkinson’s World-Class Solution

WALK Shark Tank India Season 3 - Parkinson's World-Class Solution

WALK Shark Tank India Season 3: Shark Tank India has given wings to many startups by funding them and it has also given hope to the budding entrepreneurs. Lifespark Technologies is one such startup by a young entrepreneur who is on a mission to solve the problem of Parkinson’s through his innovative product WALK. To learn more about Lifespark Technologies Shark Tank India Season 3, stay tuned with us till the end.

WALK Shark Tank India Season 3

WALK is an innovative wearable device by Lifespark Technologies that helps people dealing with Parkinson’s Disease to walk properly and increase gait, balance, and mobility. The founder of Lifespark presented his innovative wearable device WALK to the Sharks and they were all too impressed with it.

WALK Shark Tank India Season 3 - Parkinson's World-Class Solution

As of the WALK founder Amey Desai, it is the only device of this kind in the world he has innovated with the help of experts and his own expertise. Amey founded Lifespark in 2018 as a health tech company that focuses on solutions to problems around chronic neurological conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal cord injury, etc.

Amey Desai on Shark Tank presented his vision of creating innovative solutions for these conditions and WALK Shark Tank India Season 3 is one such solution for Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Devendra Desai is the head of the research team and Dr. Samit Chakrabarty is the chief scientific advisor and mentor.

Founder of Lifespark Technologies

Amey Desai is the founder and chief executive Officer of Lifespark Technologies and he has presented WALK on Shark Tank which is an innovative wearable assistive device for mobility and gait.

Amey completed his Bachelor of Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, and gained knowledge around subjects like AI, Electrical & Electronics, and Digital Signal Processing.

In December 2018, Amey founded Lifespark Technologies, a health tech company focusing on chronic neurological conditions. WALK is the latest device of Amey Desai Lifespark designed for Parkinson’s patients that improves mobility and reduces falls. Click here to learn through about WALK.

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Lifespark Technologies Shark Tank Business Deal

Lifespark Technologies Shark Tank Season 3 episode was streamed on 8 February 2024. Amey Desai on Shark Tank India Season 3 presented their innovative device WALK to the Sharks. He asked for Rs 50 lakh in exchange for 1.5% equity. The first offer was given by Amit Jain which was Rs 50 Lakh for 5% equity and Vineeta also matched this offer. Aman and Anupam also offered the same.

When Vineeta revised her offer to 4% equity Aman and Anupam also matched this while Amit offered 3.5% equity and Aman & Anupam matched this offer again. Amey took a minute and made a counteroffer for all the Sharks which was 2.3% equity. Except for Vineeta, both offers were ready to match this, so Amey decided to deal with Aman and Anupam and raised Rs 50 Lakh in diluted 2.3% equity.

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Final Words

In this write-up, I have shared all the crucial details about Lifespark Shark Tank India Season 3 including the product WALK, business, and founder. WALK founder Amey Desai is on a mission to solve these chronic diseases at an early stage with the help of technology and intelligence. Amey Desai Shark Tank has inspired so many youngsters.

Hope this Raja Rani Coaching Shark Tank business deal was learnable for you and the content I have shared was also useful for you. To get instant updates about Shark Tank India Season 3, stay connected with us. Thanks for reading.

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Who is the CEO of Lifespark Technologies?

Amey Desai is the founder and CEO of Lifespark Technologies.

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