Undo In Life

Undo in life

As Life goes on and we imagine our future stories, here I have some of my experiences such that, if you could relate – everything that could happen, might happen or maybe already happening. 

Here are some comments by me :-


Undo in life

I Don’t know if this quote is Positive or Negative. Try sometimes to not have opinions. By that I mean just read things  as it is, if it make sense otherwise “NO OPINION” (Blank). 

Lets make it more complete “Don’t compare”. Don’t try to fit in good or bad. Let things fall as Gravity works. Love Newton and forget. Just opposite to the trend, where you have to give a shit or say opinion for becoming a better stud. “Just simply Dont think about it”.


2.your routine

Undo in life

So  I woke up and realize, I wasn’t the same so much thoughts and worried dreams, Messy eyes. But nevertheless I bathed, I choked toothbrush and done having half-hour bath (Simply – a lot of wastage of time). Then I did what I used to do “Run”  (getting late) and then thinking next time I will come up with much better routine. Then again next day I spoke loud about Who I’m, what I want to achieve and worlds best quotes and thoughts are on my walls. 

This is called Self Talking having memories for what I will achieve.

The problem is with my “Same look towards life”, I wanted to change everything without setting Priorities.

Change your Prospective – try to think in terms of Solution than Problems

3. free will

There is nothing like “Free Will”. Somewhere, somehow you are  influenced. For eg – I started using social media because everyone was using it. It’s not my will, it was created by Purpose ( Influenced).

You may have heard the quote “If you are not paying for the Product, You are the product”. Try not to forget this.

Your reality maybe created by the surrouding. Try to figure out, if it is. And Try to unbecome everything which you are not.

Simplest eg – “Tu chai nhi pitta, kesa insaan hai tu ??” (Relate it with – TV shows, hobbies)                        

The dumb trend we have created. We have unearthly experiences, different point of view, weird upbringing And then we say, Why you are not like me (Seriously ??)

4. existence

Sometimes people exist, because they are born. Try to avoid it.

Now its an Trend to be emotional. People want to put “Sympathy ” in everything. I really don’t know why but for sure it’s pretty dumb.

One example: –  I do teachings because I love sharing knowledge, people want to add (emotional reasoning) like he wants to uplift people or he is doing welfare (No dude) nothing like that. I teach because I love it, don’t try to add sympathy, victim card.

Sometimes avoid sentiments let the things be what they are.

5. rage

Try to explore, for me I want everything Humility, Sin, Respect, dying, bad experiences, choked to death give me anything I will be Sad but anyway they are going to come so it doesn’t matter.

Art comes from engaging doing things, having curiosity. First try to do (the work) and then start complaining which is nicely called feedback (but don’t complain before even starting). 

It is very easy to believe in something out of fear & guilt. Using this fact you can make things workable. Have fear for not doing and guilt for not improving. Play a different genre.

6. Advaita

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Advaita says you are Brahman. And you have created this bramhaand (Universe). We are living in our creation. I’m what I have created by myself ( being conscious or unconscious about it). And why I’m telling you this??

It gives me a Positive sense about my existence. That I may have develop ignorance or ego but they are my part now.

Accept who you are.                                                                                            **In different way (other than Advaita)

Example– So I should stop dreaming about being high up in the sky ?? NO, but dream about being happy then if its Sky or Ground it will be the same.   


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Shreyansh Chouhan

4 thoughts on “Undo In Life”

  1. Shalini shrivastava

    Point no 1 Opinion

    I believe one should have a perspective towards situations or things which will naturally leads to opinion formation . But to classify that opinion into positive or negative is weong. The thing which you believe is positive , it could be negative in other person’s opinion. So do have opinion , but do not categorize them . It’s better than being blank .

    Another point I would like to add is humans has brain . So they have got reasonings unlike animals. So its impossible for some one to be blank . There are direct indirect factors which controls one’s opinion formation system such as tv, news , social media, family , friends etc. They all cumulatively build our opinion about various things .

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