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WiseLife Shark Tank India Season 3: Yoga is considered one of the most important parts of human life that has the potential to change your whole life from stress to peace and calm. But it is very necessary to have comfortable yoga props that can help enhance our experience instead of distressing while doing Yoga. After experiencing this issue, Prateek Kedia founded WiseLife for Yogis. To learn more about WiseLife Shark Tank India Season 3, stay tuned with us till the end.

WiseLife Shark Tank India Season 3

Wise Life is a handcrafted Yoga Mats & aesthetic Yoga accessories brand that is dedicated to making body-kind and planet-friendly products. The founder of WiseLife presented his business model, products, and vision to the Sharks and they were all very impressed with his products and his instinct of taking action.

The story of Wise Life started when young CA Prateek Kedia started facing a lot of mental and physical health issues due to the stressed corporate where he overworked and underslept. To sort out this problem, he took the help of YOGA which changed his life completely. During this journey of transformation, he could not find a perfect Yoga mat for him which forced him to think about what he could add to provide perfect Yoga accessories to people and hence he started WISE LIFE.

The rise of WiseLife was in November 2020 and as of now, the brand is manufacturing handcrafter yoga mats and other Yoga accessories. They have acquired 4 steps to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet that are – Eco-friendly products, Eco-friendly packaging, Zero Waste Policy, and Promise of Sustainability.

Founder Of WiseLife

Prateek Kedia is the founder of WiseLife, a handcrafted Yoga Mats & aesthetic Yoga accessories brand in India. He also appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3 to promote his brand and raise some funds to grow his business.

Prateek Kedia completed his schooling at OP Jindal Modern School in 2014 and then enrolled at the Delhi College Of Arts and Commerce to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in 2014 but dropped it in 2016 to pursue Chartered Accountancy. He did a CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from 2014 to 2019. He completed all the levels of CA on his first attempt.

Prateek Kedia started his articleship at PwC in 2016. After becoming a CA, he started working as a Senior Associate at PwC in April 2019. He worked here till September 2020 and then left to start Wise Life.

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WiseLife Shark Tank Business Deal

WiseLife on Shark Tank India Season 3 episode aired on 29 February 2024. The founders of WiseLife presented their business model and products to the Sharks and asked for Rs 60 Lakh for 2% equity. All the Sharks were too impressed with the founders and their products.

The first offer was given by Anupam Mittal which was Rs 90 Lakh for 4% and later he reduced equity to 3%. Another offer was made by Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta which was Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity and Ritesh Agarwal matched both the offers. Amit Jain also gave them a deal which was Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity along with 5% royalty until 60 lakh is regained.

After much discussion, the deal was finally locked with Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, and Ritesh Agarwal which was Rs 1.2 Crore for 4% equity.

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Final Words

In this write-up, I have shared all the crucial details about WiseLife Shark Tank India Season 3 including the pitch, business, products, and founder. The founder of WiseLife is an amazing entrepreneur. He understood the problem through his own experience and is on a mission to solve it by creating solutions for it. He is a commendable man with a vision who left his CA job to pursue entrepreneurship just because he wanted to solve a very hard problem. He has inspired all of us.

Hope this WiseLife Shark Tank business deal was learnable for you and the content I have shared was also useful for you. To get instant updates about Shark Tank India Season 3, stay connected with us. Thanks for reading.

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Who is the founder of WiseLife?

Prateek Kedia is the founder of WiseLife, a handcrafted Yoga Mats & aesthetic Yoga accessories brand in India.

Who is the owner of Wise Life?

Prateek Kedia is the owner and founder of Wise Life which is a yoga mats and yoga accessories manufacturing brand.

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