Turms Shark Tank India Season 3- India’s First Intelligent Apparel

Turms Shark Tank India Season 3- India's 1st Intelligent Apparel

Turms On Shark Tank India Season 3: This season, we are going to watch so many innovative brands and one such brand is Turms which has crafted its clothes with technology and thus has lots of unique qualities I have mentioned ahead. To learn everything about Turms Shark Tank India Season 3 stay tuned with us till the end.

Turms Shark Tank India Season 3

Turms is a technology-driven apparel brand that has crafted innovative clothes that are high quality, sustainable, and unique properties. Turms Shark Tank has integrated green nanotechnology to create innovative apparel and has also used the unique properties of Red Aloe Vera. You might be thinking, about which kind of clothes Turms is making, so let me tell you some of the properties Turms apparels have.

Turms Shark Tank India Season 3- India's 1st Intelligent Apparel
  • Water or liquid proof.
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-odour
  • No need to wash for 30 days
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

When all the sharks enter, Peyush says that Turms is giving his money back, while Anupam makes fun by saying to Peyush that – ”Tune kapda dekha, Technology suna, Kapde mein Technology!” 

When the Turms founder Surender Singh Rajpurohit showed the qualities of his products everyone was quite fascinated while Peyush said – ”Mein bhi ese hi fasa tha.”

Founder of Turms

Surender Singh Rajpurohit is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Turms. He is from Pune and thus has also completed his early education in Pune. he attended Ness Wadia College of Commerce, University of Pune to pursue his Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Management Science.

Surender has also worked for many automobile manufacturers including Honda and Hyundai. He also worked with Volvo Group for a long time and also served the company as the CEO.

In April 2022, Surender founded Unwind Minds whose flagship brand is Turms which is a highly innovative apparel with unique properties.

MS Dhoni Uses Turms Apparel

The captain cool of India, MS Dhoni is also spotted wearing Turms anti-Coffee stain and anti-odour Polo t-shirt, for which the brand Thanked by writing on LinkedIn – 

”We are thrilled to see our favorite star MS Dhoni rocking our TURMS -Intelligent apparel! He looks absolutely stunning in this ANTI COFFEE STAIN and ANTI ODOUR polo T-shirt (Patented Tech with Aleo vera). A BIG Thank you for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER and a fan of our brand.”

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Turms Shark Tank Business Deal

Turms Shark Tank India Season 3 episode aired on 25 January 2024. Surender represented his products to the sharks and all of them just loved that. He asked for Rs 1.2 Crore in exchange for 2% equity. Peyush was out of the deal while Aman Gupta made the first offer of Rs 1.2 Crore for 4% equity along with 5% royalty until 1.2 Cr is recouped.

Anupam Mittal also offered him Rs 1.2 Crore for 4% equity along with 2% royalty until 1.8 Cr is recouped while Azhar made his first offer on the Shark Tank, he offered Rs 1.2 Crore in exchange for 4% equity.

Vineeta Singh was also making an offer but after listening to Azhar’s offer she had to drop the idea as she could not make it better than him. Surender was not ready to take royalty deals thus, Aman and Anupam also got out and finally, Surender took the deal from Azhar Iqubal by diluting 4% equity in his company for Rs 1.2 Crore.

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Final Words

In this write-up, we have learned everything about Turms Shark Tank India Season 3. We have also talked a beat about the founder of Turms, Surender Singh Rajpurohit. He has integrated technology with fashion and turned Turms into an innovative fashion brand moving toward sustainability.

Hope this Turms Shark Tank business deal was learnable for you and the content I have shared was also useful for you. To get instant updates about Shark Tank India Season 3, stay connected with us. Thanks for reading.

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Who is the owner of Turms Intelligent Apparel?

Surender Singh Rajpurohit is the founder and CEO of Turms Intelligent Apparel.

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