Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3 – World’s Best Kashmir Willow Bats

Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3 - World's Best Kashmir Willow Bats

Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3: Indian youngsters are not behind in the race of entrepreneurship and to prove this, Tramboo founders appeared on Shark Tank to share their vision and mission of delivering premium quality bats made from grade 1 Kashmir Willow wood. To learn more about these young minds stay tuned with us till the end.

Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3

Tramboo Sports is a bat manufacturing company that handcrafts the world’s best Kashmir Willow bats and this Willow wood is not found anywhere in India except in Kashmir. The founders are below the age of 20 and they are selling dreams to many kids of their age. Saad and Hamaad presented their Tramboo to the Sharks and all of them loved their bats as they were high quality and handcrafted.

Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3 - World's Best Kashmir Willow Bats

Tramboo delivers its products at free shipping all over India and is also delivering its bats globally. The founders of Tramboo are going to inspire a lot of youngsters with their zeal for entrepreneurship at a very young age.

Founders of Tramboo

Saad Tramboo and Hamaad Tramboo are the founders of Tramboo Sports. Saad is 20 years old and Hamaad is 18 years old. They have chosen Kashmir Willow to handcraft their bats because this wood is lightweight, high quality, and extremely durable.

Saad completed his schooling at the Delhi Public School, Srinagar in 2022 and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Christ University, Bangalore which he will complete by the year 2025.

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Tramboo Shark Tank Business Deal

Tramboo on Shark Tank India Season 3 episode aired on 30 January 2024. The young boys presented their business and products to the Sharks and all of them liked their products and entrepreneurial zeal. Saad and Hamaad asked for Rs 30 Lakh in exchange for 3% equity. The first offer is given by Rs 30 lakh for 10% equity which was also made by Anupam thus he joined her.

Aman offered them 30 lakh for 6% equity, and Ritesh for 4% which he later revised to 3% when Peyush offered 3% equity. When all these offered them so low equity, Anupam and Vineeta decided to be out of the deal. Saad and Hamaad took a minute and presented a counteroffer that was Rs 30 lakh in exchange for 4% equity for Peyush and Aman and the deal is locked.

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Final Words

In this write-up, I have shared everything about Tramboo Shark Tank India Season 3 including about the founders of Tramboo who are on a mission to sell the best quality Kashmir Willow bats which are handcrafted to meet the expectations of the user.

Hope this Tramboo Shark Tank business deal was learnable for you and the content I have shared was also useful for you. To get instant updates about Shark Tank India Season 3, stay connected with us. Thanks for reading.

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Who is the owner of Tramboo Sports?

Saad Tramboo is the founder and Director of Tramboo Sports, a sports bat-making company that handcrafts each bat from the Kashmir Willow premium quality wood.

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