Aretto On Shark Tank India Season 3 – Kidswear Shoes Brand

Aretto On Shark Tank India Season 3

Aretto On Shark Tank India Season 3: Indian entrepreneurs are never behind in innovations anymore and to prove this, Aretto founders have innovated shoes for kids that grow with their age. Sounds surprising but it’s true. To learn more about Aretto Shark Tank India, stay tuned with us till the end.

Aretto On Shark Tank India Season 3

Aretto is a kidswear shoe brand that enabled technology in the manufacturing of shoes, thus these shoes expand when kids’ feet grow with age. Aretto has patented this technology which makes it the first brand to do so. 

Aretto On Shark Tank India Season 3

The founder of Aretto, Satyajit Mittal presented his products to the Sharks. They have innovated great technology so that parents do not have to worry about the right fit shoes for their kids.

Founder of Aretto

Satyajit Mittal is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aretto. He completed his early education at the Delhi Public School. He has studied Industrial and Product Design at the MIT Institute of Design.

Satyajit Mittal Aretto is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses. He started his career as a freelance product designer in 2013. He has also worked at Whirpool of India Limited.

Satyajit Mittal founded SquatEASE in 2015 which is aimed to provide squat toilets that are easy to clean and maintain, his second startup he established in 2018, Sanotion where he serves as a Director.

Aretto founder is also featured on the 30 Under 30 list of Asia by Forbes.

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Aretto Shark Tank Business Deal

Aretto on Shark Tank India Season 3 episode aired on 29 January 2024. Satyajit presented his business and products to the Sharks. He asked for Rs 80 lakh in exchange for 1% equity. There was a quite misunderstanding between the founder and the sharks that ultimately led to out all the sharks of the deal.

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Final Words

In this write-up, I have shared everything about Aretto Shark Tank India Season 3 and also about the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder of Aretto. Satyajit Mittal is really an inspirational entrepreneur, dedicated to his zeal for designing innovative products. 

Hope this Aretto Shark Tank business deal was learnable for you and the content I have shared was also useful for you. To get instant updates about Shark Tank India Season 3, stay connected with us. Thanks for reading.

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Who is the founder of Aretto?

Satyajit Mittal and Krutika Lal are the founders of Aretto. Satyajit is the CEO while Krutika is the CMO of Aretto.

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