A man became a real Dog! Really?

A video of a Japanese man went viral who is seeming exactly like a dog.

Here is the whole story of that man behind the dog face.

The name of this Japanese man is Toko-San.

We all love certain animals and sometimes we wish how cool it would be if we were cute animals.

Like this, Toko-san always wanted to be a dog.

And to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a dog…

Toko-san has made such a realistic dog costume.

This collie dog costume is worth $15709 or 12L INR.

It took about 40 days to make such a realistic costume.

This costume has been completed after multiple attempts.

This Collie dog costume is designed and made by Zeppet.

So Toko-San, a Japanese man spent Rs.12 lakh to fulfil his dream.

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