Adidas and Gucci launched an umbrella whose price will surprise you.

That umbrella went viral on social media and got the attention of 140 million people.

The price of the Adidas Gucci umbrella is $1,644 which is 1,27,746 INR.

This umbrella can not protect you from the rain.

People are criticizing this umbrella in China.

You must be thinking If this Adidas Gucci umbrella can not protect you from rain then what is the use of it?

Let me tell you, you can use this most expensive umbrella for 2 purposes.

1. You can use this Adidas Gucci umbrella as shade from the sun.

2. you can also use this expensive umbrella for fashion purposes.

People are trolling this product on social media, as it is a useless product.

A user has said that "Such products were not intended for “the common folk”.

Another said: "This umbrella is not waterproof."

This is the world of fashion, here you can expect anything.

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