Sri Lanka is suffering from a huge economic crisis.

in April 2019 about 3 churches and 3 hotels became the target of bomb blasts in different cities.

These blasts affected Sri Lanka tourism a lot.

#01Bomb Blast

Sri Lanka's new President reduced VAT by 50% to improve GDP.

But COVID ruined everything.

#02 Wrong Decision

He suddenly banned the use of chemical fertilizers completely in agriculture.

Because of this sudden decision the yield of crops like tea, coconut, and rice gets reduced. 

#03 Ban On Fertilizers

 The Hambantota International Port was built in November 2010 at the cost of $1.3 billion that was taken from China.

Then China takeover the port.

#04 Role of China

Sri Lanka emergency that was announced on the 2nd of April 2022 and the social media ban and the curfew because of the protests by the Sri Lankans against their government.

Current Situation

It had become very hard to buy even rice which was the most easily available good before some time. Inflation on all the goods and services is now very high.

impact on the public

Civilians of Sri Lanka are suffering very badly, and because of this, they are trying to escape from the nation at any cost

About 2000 refugees are expected to come to India within the next one month

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