Kanika Tekriwal is a 32 years old entrepreneur who owns 10 private jets, Her journey was not that easy.

Kanika Tekriwal is the founder of JetSet Go, before she started the business she had to fight Cancer.

She had the idea of starting the business and she came to know that she has cancer.

The treatment continues for a year and she beats cancer and gets back to the work.

It took Kanika 20 months to complete her research for her dream business and then..

Kanika started JetSet Go with her friend Sudhir Perla, let us tell you the idea behind her business.

Now let us explain to you What is JetSetGo? How does it work?

JetSet Go is an aviation-based startup that manages, operates, and flies chartered planes and helicopters for owners.

In one sentence JetSet Go works same as the Uber work on the surface.

The main aim behind this startup is to provide a hustle-free flight with the plane.

Kanika Tekriwal has started his business in 2012 and now she is successful and owns 10 Jet.

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