We often notice celebrities wearing weird clothes in MET GALA.

Let Me Tell You Why??

But do you know, Why they wear weird clothes there?

They wear clothes that you can not even imagine wearing at any function.

Well, MET Gala is a charity event so it has a theme every year.

Celebrities who are invited there have to wear clothes according to the theme.

It is organized to raise money for Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City.

The theme tells a story every time and teaches a lesson from the past.

So the main reason behind wearing weird clothes is the theme of the year.

Now  you must be wondering why weirdness? They also can dress normally?

The reason behind the weirdness is to draw attention of media and audience.

If you wear weird dresses, you will definitely get attention of the people.

MET GALA is considered Oscar of fashion.

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