Will Akshay Kumar Say Yes To Sanjeev Kapoor For His Biopic?

Image Source: Smart Kitchen Summit

Bollywood is now more focused on making films on real stories.

Super Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's biopic is announced and everyone is excited about this.

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Sanjeev Kapoor was seen in Twinkle Khanna's talk show The Icons, where Twinkle asked Sanjeev about his biopic.

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Sanjeev gave hint that he wants Akshay Kumar to play his role in the biopic.

He said that "Where is Akshay Kumar? He also knows how to cook."

Well, Akshay Kumar is currently busy with his upcoming films as always.

There is no confirmation from Akshay Kumar about working in Sanjeev Kapoor's Biopic.

Image Source: Pinterest

Let's see who will play the role of Sanjeev Kapoor in the biopic.

Image Source: Smart Kitchen Summit

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