Why Sharks Get Ready To Give Blank Checks To PadCare??

PadCare is a company building the World's first sanitary pad recycling ecosystem.

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Ajinkya Dhariya is the founder of PadCare Labs which he founded in 2018.

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PadCare is working with a vision to dignify womanhood and offer an eco-friendly menstruation.

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Basically, PadCare provides menstrual PadCare bins so that we can control pollution geared by menstrual pads.

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A total of 1% of menstrual pads are recycled overall; the rest remain on Earth for at least 800 years.

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So PadCare follows these 4 steps to recycle pads and helps in controlling pollution spread by menstrual plastic waste.

1. Menstruators will dispose of their pads in the PadCare bin. 2. Then PadCares service staff collect those pads once a month. 3. Then pads are recycled by using the  5G technology PadCare. 4. Then PadCare makes papers and plastic bags through recycled pads.

PadCare is acknowledged by various big organizations and individuals.

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Ajinkya Dhariya, founder of PadCare also come to Shark Tank India and pitch their business.

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Ajinkya Dhariya asked for 50 lakhs rupees but Peyush get ready to give him 1 Cr, 2 Cr, and even a blank check.

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