Can you imagine the strongest guy of WWE Undertaker has a Cucumber Phobia?

Yes, you heard it absolutely right, let us break down the whole story here.

Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool revealed that Undertaker is very afraid of Cucumber.

On the Wives of Wrestling podcast she revealed this secret of Undertaker.

She said that their daughter Kaia,  on every birthday gets cucumbers. She’ll like put them under his pillow, she’ll put them in his car.

Undertaker can not even smell them, can’t even be around them.

You will not believe when you get to know the reason behind Undertaker's fear of Cucumber.

McCool said that “He ate so many cucumbers one day that he got sick. And ever since then, it was just game over.”

Yes, this is the reason behind Undertaker's fear of cucumber.

The real name of Undertaker is "Mark William Calaway."

Undertaker has 10 Ring Names.

1. Kane the Undertaker
2. Commando
3. Mark Callous
4. Mean Mark Callous
5. Mean Mark
6. Dice Morgan
7. The Master of Pain
8. The Punisher
9. Texas Red
10. The Undertaker

Before coming into wrestling, Undertaker was a talented basketball player.

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