Sharing 8 Awesome Shiba Inu facts, You may not know.

A coin uses its own blockchain, whereas a token is based on existing blockchains

Shiba Inu is not a coin, but a token.

Like Bitcoin, Nobody knows who is the founder of Shiba Inu.

Anonymous founder

Shiba Inu token is supported by the Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Supports

Shiba Inu token uses the same dog theme as Doge Coin.

Doge Killer

The Shiba Inu ecosystem consists of three tokens: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Leash (LEASH), and Bone (BONE).

Multi-Token Ecosystem

The Shiba Inu supports Smart Contracts.
This meme token is not useless.

Supports Smart Contracts

The ecosystem actually supports a number of useful utilities, including NFTs and a Defi-platform in ShibaSwap.

Awesome Ecosystem

Crypto is volatile, does not matter it is Shiba, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Invest Wisely.

Volatile System

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